Amador Garcia Bodegas Amador Garcia S.L.

Avda. Rio Ebro 68-70, 01307 Banos de Ebro

This company is co-exhibitor of
Rioja Alavesa & Txakoli Basque Government - Fundacion Hazi

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Iñigo García Blanco

Export Manager

Avda. del Rio Ebro 68/70
01370 Baños de Ebro (Alava), Spain

+34 651704388



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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Rioja


Amador García White  2017

The Regulatory Council of the D.O.C Rioja
named this wine as the best white wine of Rioja Viura (100%).

Made entirely from the Viura variety (100%)

We have to be in an ideal room with the lighting natural and neutral that it has a temperature between 5-7º and with absence of smells.
Also is very important that we have a table with white background, have the glasswine correct and one spittoon.
Now we have all of elements for to taste perfect the first wine: the white wine.
Amador Garcia white wine is a young wine that is made entirely from the Viura variety 100%, The white wines are more consumed in all the world and is a product that is of fashion in the actuality.
Now we can start the wine tasting, the first have to look the colour of the wine, we incline the glass on the table with the white background and at sight first we see that is a very clean a yellow, greenish colour. If we move in circle the glass we can see the tears of the wine, that  it indicates the degree of the wine.

We recommend serving at about 5-7ºC

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Product category: Rioja


Amador García Young 2017

Made with the Tempranillo (90%) and Viura (10%) varieties.

This is a young wine made according to the traditional destemmed fermentation method, with a violet red colour and a crystal clear, bright, clean appearance.

Intense, lingering, fruity aromas. On the mouth, it is a floral, fruity wine with a smooth, velvety flavour. Its fruity aroma and full flavoured palate make it unmistakably Rioja Alavesa.

 We recommend serving at about 12-14ºC

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Product category: Rioja


Amador García Rosé  2017

Made with the Tempranillo (85%) and Viura (15%) varieties.

This is a clean, very bright wine. It has fruity, slightly sparky aromas. A fruity taste with body and balanced by its acidity. On the mouth, it is fresh with a young elegant character.

We recommend serving at about 8ºC

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Product category: Rioja


Amador García Cask- Fermented White 2017

Varieties: Viura 100%

This white wine is fermented in casks on its lees with regular stirring.

Colour: Pale golden colour with green edges, and a clean, bright appearance.
Aroma: Aromas of fresh fruit, light sparkles of citric fruits, peach, vanilla and toasted aromas from the wood.
Mouth: Pleasant passage though the mouth with a fruity character and subtle acidity. Good retronasal passage and slightly sticky sweet.

We recommend serving at about 8-10ºC

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Product category: Rioja


Amador García Crianza 2015

Made with the Tempranillo (95%), Graciano (2%) and Garnacha (3%) varieties.

This wine is the result of very hard work and careful selection of the grapes. It has a clean, crystal clear appearance.
Great harmony between the fresh tones, on top of light fines hints of vanilla. Smooth sticky flavor on entry with balanced, powerful, fruity tannin passage though the mouth and a long, flavorsome finish with pleasant echoes of the sweetness of the fruit.
We recommend serving at about 16-18ºC

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Product category: Rioja


9 Nine Grandchildren of Amador García 2015

A red wine made with grapes selected from old Tempranillo (100%) vines aged in French oak casks for six months.

A wine that stands out for its potency made with great care and all the affection that the third generation devotes to the founder, their “grandad”.
Intense cherry colour with violet edges and a bright, clean appearance with plenty of tears. An intense penetrating aroma, a complex wine with fruity notes, a balsamic aroma (liquorice) and the smell of different spices due to the toasting of the barrel.
This is a balanced wine, which is both powerful and harmonious. It enters the mouth smoothly, showing a firm, pleasant tannin together with the warmth of the alcohol.

We recommend serving at about 18ºC

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Product category: Rioja


Amador García Selected Harvest 2015

Varieties: Tempranillo 95% and Garnacha and Mazuelo 5%

This wine has its own personality and a modern design that is guaranteed to surprise. It is made with our own grapes from old vines with a limited production and an average age of 40 years.
Colour: Cherry red with high intensity.
Aroma: Aromas of red fruits, liquorice and vanilla.
Mouth: Its tannin provides a velvety passage through the mouth, which culminates in an elegant touch of bitterness and hints of the sweetness of the fruit.

We recommend serving at about 18ºC

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About us

Company details

The area in which the Amador García winery is situated has been blessed by nature with excellent characteristics for growing vines.

It has also forged the spirit of this winery founded in 1969 and of a family which cossets this privileged land with the wisdom passed on from one generation to the next.

Bodegas Amador García offers you our family of wines, rich in essence and tradition and made with the best, most modern winemaking techniques.

After passing through vats in which it undergoes two fermentation processes, the wine slumbers gently in the belly of oak casks, which piece together its flavours and aromas with the fruity subtleties provided by the grapes, remaining in this state for months.

Silence and patience age and round off the wine in French oak barrels, reflecting the regular measured work of our people. The last stage takes place in the bottle room, culminating a lengthy patient process that reaffirms our commitment to tradition and quality.

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