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Corso Silvio Bonomelli 41, 25038 Rovato (BS)

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Stefano Camilucci



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Our products

Product category: Franciacorta

La Valle® “Primum”

La Valle® “Primum”, the first born, the foundation of the La Valle® spirit.

Bottled for the first time in 1993, made from an attentive selection of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Pinot Nero grapes from the winery’s historic vineyards which are vinified separately and then magically reunited in elegant and sublime harmony. Inside the quiet La Valle® cellars, safe from light and at a constant temperature and humidity, time does its work and “Primum” reaches its splendid maturity. It is a strong and decisive brut, well balanced between aromas and freshness, structure and elegance. Intense, complete, refined, and generous in both aroma and taste, it demonstrates its richness in its excellent harmony of lines, bubbles, colors and scents.

It is the heart of the La Valle® line and its unique style remains constant and identifiable over time. “Primum” is the classic Franciacorta wine, perfect for every taste, ideal for every occasion.

Excellent aperitif or perfect to accompany any dish.

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Product category: Franciacorta

La Valle® “Satèn”

La Valle® “Satèn”, a masterpiece of elegance, the definition of Franciacorta.

“Satèn”, a name that evokes the delicacy of silk, a unique wine because it can be made only in Franciacorta, in a marvelous La Valle® interpretation. A brilliant marriage of only white grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco, that is distinguished by its incredible finesse. A brief passage in small oak casks and a quantity of added sugar smaller than that used in any other spumante create, during the secondary fermentation in the bottle, a magical sparkling wine that gently caresses the palate. A seductive and delicious brut, fresh, soft, silky, gently fruity and floral, a perfect poem of scents, a symphony of pleasant notes that embrace the senses like a walk in the moonlight, La Valle®’s “Satèn” provides the most refined and exclusive pleasures of Franciacorta.

Excellent companion for important occasions and a regal aperitif, it is an extraordinary match for delicate dishes and is perfect with shellfish.

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Product category: Franciacorta

La Valle® “Zerum”

La Valle® “Zerum”, a treasure of scents and flavors, provides a fascinating voyage in time.

“Zerum” is the Riserva par excellence; it is one of the extraordinary Franciacorta wines that, only after 60 months of aging, enter a “second life” made of subtleties and rare and uniquely complex scents. “Zerum”, in fact, is left to age in the profound silence of the La Valle® cellars for at least nine years from the harvest, earning a mention as the oldest wine in the line. A produced in very limited quantities and only in exceptional years, “Zerum” is the fruit of a vinification of Chardonnay grapes designed to create a product destined to offer its maximum only with time. “Zerum” takes its name from the zero sugar added, so as not to alter the scents and flavors which its long evolution has created; it is the emotion of perfection and of harmony. It is a truly unique wine, full of character and intense, extremely refined, full and elegant, full of powerful flavors, strength and singular freshness, both in aroma and in flavor.

Ideal for the most exclusive occasions and for accompanying unforgettable moments. 

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About us

Company details

La Valle®, owned by the Pezzola family, is in Rodengo Saiano in the heart of the beautiful hills of Franciacorta. It is located in a region particularly well suited for viticulture, near a famous Olivetan monastery of the 11th century, a few kilometers from Lake Iseo and Brescia in Lombardy.
It takes its name from the winery’s main property, La Valle® (bought by the family’s ancestors in long-ago 1890, as a notary deed of the time demonstrates) which has always been a vineyard.
In 1990 Eugenio and Giulia Pezzola founded the winery known as La Valle® exclusively for the production of prestigious Franciacorta sparkling wines and they dedicated it their father Giovanni and their uncle Innocenzo, who had always been particularly attached to this land.
The historic vineyards of the company, cultivated with love, include La Valle®, Roccolo, Bredina, and Tesa. They enjoy a unique and extraordinary microclimate and they produce high-quality grapes, rich in scent and taste, from noble vines of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero. In 1993 the first 3000 bottles of the millésime (a few bottles of which are still jealously guarded) were produced.
In the years that followed the collaboration of the family’s children, the family’s love for the land and its grapes, and the help of prestigious enologists such as Jeanne Pierre Valade made La Valle® a well-known name, synonymous with quality Franciacorta wines.
Each of the wines has been given a special name in Latin, such as Primum, Naturalis, Regium, and Zerum, reminiscent of the long-ago times when wine was the protagonist of incredible feasts.
The historic wine-cellar, old and evocative, inside the characteristic family manor dating back to the 1400s is a quiet place of peace and tranquility where the prestigious and exclusive bottles of vintage and reserve wines rest and age; it has now also become a place for receiving visitors and organizing tastings, wine events, and guided tours of the winery. In 2010 La Valle® completed work on their new wine cellar, a model of innovative modern technology, dedicated primarily to the winemaking process.
In this way poetry and technique come together and the past and the future meet, each demonstrating its own charms, to create a work of art.
La Valle®: a fascinating world to discover, full of unique and unforgettable sensations.

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