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Vinedos de Alfaro, S.A.

Camino de los Agudos S/N, 26559 Aldeanueva de Ebro

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ana Fernandez Ferrer

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Product category: Rioja

Reserva White Viura RODILES 2013

Made from Viura grapes obtained from an 11-hectares goblet-trained vineyard planted in 1980. Manual harvest and selection of grapes by hand from small bunches. Must-wine in new barrels where the alcoholic fermentation process is completed. 500 bottles is the volume of wine produced. TASTING: Pale gold colour. Marked legs. Aniseed, fine wood, balsamic, honey, acacia flower and peach apricot aromas. Honey, peach compote and apple flavours. Smooth on the palate with evolving volume and creaminess on the palate, mild tannicity and citric and balsamic notes. Fine and elegant finish in the mouth. Consume at a temperature between 6 and 8°C. The nature of this wine, resulting from the process to which it has been subjected, means that it may present slight precipitations, characteristic of its natural evolution.Relevant accolades to this reserva white elegant wine. 

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Product category: Rioja

VA! Carbonic Maceration Tempranillo 2017

This wine is produced with grapes from our Tempranillo vineyards at Las Planas by means of carbonic maceration, an old procedure based on fermentation that is achieved inside whole grape seeds. During the splitting of the must-wine, it is in contact with the grape skins that enhance its colour and aromas, giving the wine personality. Soft, fresh, tender and tasty. Rapid sparkling sensation and striking bright red-purple in colour. This combination, coupled with a gentle handling, can produce the sensation of grape seeds in the mouth. Consume young and cold (8 to 10 ºC). 
TASTING. Intense bright red-purple colour. Raspberry and blackberry aromas. With a sparkly touch. Fresh and glycerine flavour in the mouth. Hints of raspberry, blackberry and touches of liquorice. 
Sediments may appear as a consequence of natural evolution in the wine making process, without affecting its quality.

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Product category: Rioja

RODILES premium 2007

Prepared with selected ripe grapes growing in a natural way in the pago vines the family owns around the winery. Harvested by hand and selection of grapes in the small bunches of of Graciano, Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Garnacha . Aging in specially toasted new American and French Oak barrels for 18 months. Not filtered, long life in bottle, made 100% by hand.Due to its distinctive structure, nice pairing with red meats, barbecued blue fish, various cooked game dishes and strong food. Explosion of fruit, concentrated in ripe grapes, high coloured, well balanced, soft, velvet and elegant in your throat, complex wine awarded by Wine Enthusiast USA among the best wines, as well as dozens of international accolades. Recognized by main palates due to the best Value for Money.

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Product category: Rioja


This wine is made with carefully selected ripe Garnacha Tinta grapes. After a brief maceration in the tanks at low temperature, the must, initially colourless, spends 14 hours in contact with the skin, which lends it its colour. It is then bled by gravity from certain tanks specially prepared for this kind of wine. Best served at a temperature of 8 - 10 º C, it combines with creative pastas, pizzas or salads, sausage meats, various green salads, poultry roasts and white fish. Ideal for aperitifs and early evening drinks. Winner of too many international medals, being the Best wine for TAPAS competition, sold in Monopolies and being recognized by main wine experts in main markets due to the best Value for Money. 

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Product category: Rioja


This wine is made with Garnacha, Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo grapes from our own family 43 years old vineyards. It is aged for 18 months in American and French oak barrels, maturing for a long time in bottle till getting a long life. Fine, elegant, balanced, powerful wine with a long future ahead of it, in which it can be enjoyed at any time. Worldwide awarded, sold in Monopolies, regognized by main wine experts for the best value for money. Gold medals all over the world and available in different continents. We achieve aromatic sensations and a strong level of colour, offering an outstanding wine pairing perfectly with different dishes. Recommended, once opened, to be allowed to breathe to improve its qualities. Great combination with grilled or barbecued red meats, dishes based on duck and also with meat or bean stews. 

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Product category: Rioja


Wine made in our Garnacha, Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano grapes from the family vineyards growing in a natural way in the 43 years old single estate. Harvests by hand, selection of grapes from small bunches and traditional winemaking processes, together with the excellence in the fruit we daily care, result into this aromatic full of sensations wine. A  high level colour, elegant complexity and refined style develop into a worldwide awarded wine, with too many gold medals and accolades in different continents due to the best Value for money. Aging of 12 months in American and French Oak barrels, during which it is racked every 4/6 months, it is bottled to begin the ageing process, during which its main qualities are obtained. Great pairing with game stews, grilled red meats, blue fish and hearty bean stews. Long life and soft feelings in your mouth ,together with an unforgettable remind in your nose. Bottle sizes are available in 0.5 L, 1.5 L, 3 L, 5 and 6 Litres. 

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Product category: Rioja


Rresult of a combination of Garnacha+Tempranillo grapes growing in the 43 years old single estate the family owns. Daily cared, the vines are cared in a natural way. Fruity sensations of raspberry, liquorice and strawberry, both in its bouquet and on the palate. It is the product of a tried and tested gentle wine-making process performed at our own facilities in the single estate, which is specially designed to extract the special qualities of the fruit and the local earth from the grapes. Fresh, smooth, well-structured wine that is in no way aggressive and is easy to drink. Winner of too many gold medals in international markets, the most amazing recognizition is the best value for money wine. Perfect as an aperitif or by itself purely for pleasure. It combines with pasta dishes, different kinds of sauce, the whole wide range of pizzas, game birds, grilled white meats and mild cheeses.

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Product category: Rioja


This white wine is made with ripe white VIURA grapes, selectively handpicked in our 43 years old vineyards in Las Planas  and Lobera. Best consumed  as an aperitif or together with rice dishes, paella, salads, fish, seafood and white meats. Internationally awarded due to the special qualities of this outstanding wine, sold in the most exigent countries where only different wines have a special place. Its accolades make this wine is sold out in just some months. Yellow colour, with slightly steely, lemon tones, pale, clean and shiny. Aromas of peach skin and tropical fruit, smooth notes of pineapple, fresh hay and grass, hints of plants and nuances of bakery aromas.Fresh on the mouth, dry and slightly bitter, citrus sensations. Delicate, with body and a long refreshing finish. 

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Product category: Rioja

RODILES 2007 100% Graciano Selected Vintage

SELECTIVE VINTAGE as we are working with an excellent harvest,2007, being the grapes of particularly high quality.
The vineyard must be in its prime, be well cared for and have low production and must have been planted with a distinguished grape variety.The pickers must select the fruit very carefully because only small, limited quantities are collected.
The wines obtained are the product of a meticulous process. Grapes growing in the family single estate, daily cared in a natural way. Elegant yet powerful, with a great deal of contrast and personality, prepared for a long life. This wine is made exclusively with Graciano grapes from our pago vineyard. The vine has small, relatively few bunches with small grapes, which are dressed with a “white powder” typical of the Graciano variety due to the wax that covers the berry during ripening. Aged in new barrels made with half American and half French oak. It remains in the barrel for 18 months and is racked every 4 months. Once in the bottle, it is a long-lasting wine that benefits from careful rest. It is a well-structured, layered wine and be allowed to breathe.

It combines well with big-game dishes, sirloin or entrecote steaks; and with old, aged cheeses from both goat’s and sheep’s milk. It also goes well with different dishes. It is a wine best drunk slowly. Selected in Australia among the Best Wines of the wold. Too many accolades, regonized by the famous Spanish Master of Wines and various medals in different countries. 

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Viñedos de Alfaro is a family single estate managed by our own, groging in a natural method 100 Hectares of tempranillo, graciano, garnacha, viura and mazuelo grapes, 43 years old, extremely daily cared to produce Boutique Premium wines in limited collections. We pick up the grapes by hand, selecting grape by grapes in bunches and pressing later the wines by feet in some cases. Traditional winemaking process, by hand, to get outstanding wines exported to international markets with the best Value for money. Main features are : full bodied wines, high coloured, strongly well balanced, high intensity, concentration of ripe fruit, soft and attractive for all palates, adapted to any market and pairing  with any dish. Aging in new French and American barrels, remaining in bottle for years with a long life. Not filtered wines, multiple accolades make them to be present in the most important tastings. 

      Elegant labels, detailed website ( , the best corks, technical sheets and tasting notes make easier for customers to understand why these Premium Boutique Rioja wines are well appreciated and recommended. 

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