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Product category: Decorative bottle stoppers, Trade associations

Taste & Quality

Enjoyment at the Highest Standard
The aluminium closure has become the `hallmark’ for good and consistent quality across a wide range of bottled products.

All over the world, aluminium closures are widely recognised by industry experts, producers, retailers and consumers for their ability to preserve the genuine flavour of the precious contents inside the bottle. 

  • Aluminium’s inherent strength and corrosion resistance guarantees no change in taste
  • All materials used in aluminium closures are perfectly neutral from an organoleptic point of view, helping to preserve the flavours
  • The aroma and flavour are the same, whether opened 10 miles from the producer or 10,000
  • Aluminium closures create a highly effective barrier preventing contamination from micro-organisms, moisture or gas allowing a steady shelf life and safe storage
  • No cork taint or foreign bodies caused by traditional closure disintegration interferes with the precious liquids either!
The perfect example: Quality from grape to glass
Red or white or rosé; still or sparkling – today wine is enjoyed by many. Indeed each year it is estimated that 34 billion bottles of every quality, taste and price and for every kind of occasion are consumed around the world.
Different strengths, flavours and varieties are now available across the world thanks to modern production methods and packaging. Previously much wine was famous – or more accurately infamous – for not ‘travelling well’. Today a huge variety of wine is produced in many different countries and, thanks to technologies such as aluminium closures, is enjoyed globally. The aroma and flavour are the same, whether opened at the vineyard or on the other side of the globe.
Even when the wine is supposed to ‘breathe’ a little after opening, a good closure ensures the consistency of its flavour until it is opened. Too much oxygen in the bottle is something to be avoided; exposure to air can result in the wine eventually ‘turning’.

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Product category: Decorative bottle stoppers, Trade associations

Design Opportunities

Opportunities for creative design
Brand owners and producers strive to differentiate themselves from the competition and to create a ‘personality’ as well as a reputation for their products, with which consumers can identify. With so many varieties and brands produced worldwide each year it is not surprising that, in addition to flavour and aroma, the visual impression, the style of the bottle, label and its closure is of such importance.

For producers and marketers, aluminium closures have the potential to enhance the brand appearance of their products.  Intricate design options include glossy or matt finishes, embossing and even digital printing are readily available.  
There are few technical or practical limits when it comes to giving aluminium closures an individual touch. These can augment the visual experience and enhance the overall impression. Just as the label makes a statement about the product – its origin, heritage and quality – so can the aluminium closure become a major part of its branding and visual impact.

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Product category: Decorative bottle stoppers, Trade associations

Technology & Economic Advantages

A Complete and Cost Effective Solution
Closures made of aluminium offer a number of clear advantages, as they can be manufactured in large numbers in a cost-efficient way, to produce an excellent price/performance ratio. Depending on their design, they can be significantly lower in price than traditional closure systems. 

Aluminium closures are manufactured all over the world and are part of the local value chain. This allows a faster reaction to the customer’s needs. They can be transported economically and sustainably to the producer, whatever the location.

Aluminium closures are the only form of closure suitable for both glass and PET bottles. Single serve PET bottles with aluminium closures are lighter and therefore reduce transportation costs making them ideal for use on airlines and trains and at outdoor events. They also meet possible safety requirements of, for example, airlines, bars, concerts, sporting events and festivals when necessary.

The consumer can easily determine if the content has been tampered with as the bridge line on the cap will have been broken. Thanks to innovative technology different types of tamper evident devices can be included in the aluminium closures – a clear example of technology providing an economic advantage.

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About us

Company details

The “Aluminium Closures – Turn 360°” is a dynamic awareness campaign launched by the leading European manufacturers of aluminium closures, through the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) and supported by the manufactures of aluminium strip and sheet for closures. EAFA’s members represent about 75% of global alu closure production.

The European Aluminium Foil Association is the international body representing companies engaged in the rolling and rewinding of alufoil and in the manufacture of aluminium closures and alufoil containers as well as of all kind of flexible packaging. Its more than 100 member companies are based in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Founded in 1974, it has its roots in associations which date back to the 1920s.

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