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Product category: Ecological Wines


Location On the Madonie mountain slopes, at an altitude of 700-900 m. above sea level. Grape variety Catarratto. Growing method espaller and sapling. Average Age of vineyard 20 years. Pruning method guyot and spur-pruning. Yield of grapes per hectare 80/100 qls.. Soil half sandy and clay with alkyl reaction due to the limestone. Grape harvest in October. Wine production making white vinification method. Fermentation temperature controlled at 16°C. Malolactic fermentation not done. Secondary fermentation kept in stainless steel tanks for three months and in bottles for two months. Tipology DOC - Sicilia. Alcoholic strength 13% vol.

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Product category: Ecological Wines

Shiarà Vintage

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
Marcel Proust

Guess the existence of a new possibility to use the Catarratto, discover hidden qualities, just perceived, grown and protected from extreme territory for geo-climatic characteristics that expresses.
A wine-producing patrominy to be protected and devolped, “alberello” style vineyards allocated at 1,050 metres above sea level, with an average age of 40 years. A careful selection of grape varieties, the slow passing of time, and ancient farming rituals accompany the harvest well into october.
From these unique conditions, comes shiarà, a white mineral of grand energy. It tells of its extreme and fascinating territory with elegance and longevity.
Shiarà vintages is a sensational journey through the history of diverse moments, a gripping mini-vertical tasting for those who loves to cultivate their emotions.

Location On the Madonie mountain slopes, at an altitude of 900-1.000 m. above sea level. Grape varietyCatarratto. Growing method sapling. Pruning method spur and guyot. Average Age of vineyard 30/40 years. Soil half sandy and clay with alkyl reaction due to the limestone. Grape harvest in october. Wine production making white vinification method. Fermentation temperature controlled. Malolactic fermentation not done. Secondary fermentation kept in steel ponds for 6 months and in bottles for 4 months. Tipology IGT- Sicilia. Alcoholic strength 13,5% vol.

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Product category: Ecological Wines

Nero D'Avola

Location On the Madonie mountain slopes, at an altitude of 500 and 900 m. above sea level. Grape variety Nero d’Avola. Growing method espalier. Pruning method guyot. Average Age of vineyard 30/40 years. Soil half sandy and clay with alkyl reaction due to the limestone. Grape harvest in october. Wine production making red vinification method. Fermentation temperature controlled. Malolactic fermentation processed. Secondary fermentation kept in steel ponds in small oak barrels for 10 months and in the bottle for 2 months more. Tipology Terre Siciliane. Alcoholic strength 14,0% vol.

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About us

Company details

The courage of being different was where we started from to study the territory, understand its secrets and discover the hidden qualities of the two vineyards.

The origins of viticulture in the Valle dell’Olmo estate date back to 1570, with vineyards that extended up to 530 hectares in the mid 1800’s, produced wine that was sold in the surrounding towns.

The history of Castelluccimiano began with our origins. We studied and recovered the old bush vineyards from the old expansion, making them a unique example of biodiversity in the Valledolmo territory. Our production philosophy started while recovering this heritage. The wines produced from these grapes represent a rare example of the territory’s identity. The success of our wines is a definitive confirmation of the land’s value. 75 hectares of vineyards distributed on the cliffs and valleys of the mountains surrounding Valledolmo, representing the heritage of the local viticulture with a unique history. The old bush and more recent espalier vineyards are a rare example of the territory’s value.

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