Valle dell' Acate Coop. Agr.

Contrada Bidini s.n., 97011 Acate (RG)
Telephone +39 0932 874166
Fax +39 0932 1865149

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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Sicilia

Tanè-Nero d'Avola Vittoria D.O.C.

Chalky soil combines with a high proportion of sand to make this terrain smooth and light. The soil’s unique characteristics find their best expression in Nero d’Avola grapes, and Valle dell’Acate has a small vineyard here that produces no more than 800 grams of grape per plant. The wine produced here is Valle dell’Acate’s Tané, or “Gaetana” in Sicilian dialect.

Produced in: C. da Bidini - Acate (RG) - eastern Sicily
Soil type: Ochre soil
Appellation: Vittoria D.O.C. Nero d'Avola
Grape Variety: Nero d’Avola
Methods of growth: espaliers and cord, 5,000 plants/hectare
Production per hectare: 4,000 kg
Harvest period: October
Aging process: 10-12 months in new French barriques; bottle-aged for 12-14 months
Alcohol level: 14%
Color: deep ruby red
Aroma: full-bodied and complex, small, ripe red and black fruits, vanilla, spices, chocolate, mahogany
Flavor: full bodied, with round soft tannins, and a long-lasting finish
Best paired with: Red meats, roasted game, stews, wild game meats, aged cheeses. Highly recommended with aged, 13-month D.O.P. Ragusano cheese, Nebrodi provola cheese and pecorino.
Serve at: 16º-18º C (60°- 65º F)

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Product category: Sicilia

Il Moro - Nero d'Avola Sicilia D.O.C.

These vineyards are located roughly 120 meters above sea level, where the soil is extremely dark, almost black in color. The soil has a medium density tending toward compact, with a fair proportion of small, dark stones. These vines are roughly 20 years old, and produce a Nero d’Avola wine called Il Moro, which is well-structured and marked by strong hints of small red fruits like blackberries, raspberries and black cherries, as well as dark chocolate tannins that are at once powerful and enjoyable.

Produced in:
C. da Bidini - Acate (RG) - eastern Sicily
Soil type: Black soil
Appellation: Sicilia D.O.C. Nero d’Avola
Methods of growth: espaliers and cord, 5,000 plants/hectare
Production per hectare: 5,800 kg
Harvest period: the second half of September
Aging process: wood and steel vats and bottle-aged for at least 9-12 months
Alcohol level: 13.5%
Color: intense ruby red
Aroma: cherry and raspberry fruits and a spicy background; nicely balanced
Flavor: full, warm and elegant, very persistent, with typically austere, but polite,
Best paired with: meat dishes, Nebrodi suckling pig, game meats and roasts, grilled
meats and filets. Highly recommended with aged D.O.P. Ragusano cheese.
Serve at: 16°-18º C (60°- 65º F)

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Product category: Sicilia

Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Classico

These vineyards are located on what is known as the “Bidini Soprano” plateau. The soil structure is divided between clear red sand and dark, medium density earth with good depth. The grapevines planted in dark red soil produce Nero d’Avola, while the vines planted in clear red soil produce Frappato. The Nero d’Avola and Frappato grapes are blended together to obtain the famous Cerasuolo di Vittoria (60% Nero d’Avola and 40% Frappato). This red wine is Valle dell’Acate’s crown jewel, and has earned Italy’s vaunted DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) status.

Produced in: C. da Bidini - Acate (RG) - eastern Sicily
Soil type: Red soil
Appellation: D.O.C.G Cerasuolo di Vittoria “Classico”
Grape Variety: 60% Nero d’Avola; 40% Frappato
Methods of growth: espaliers and cord, approx. 5,000 plants/hectare
Production per hectare: 6,700 kg
Harvest period: the first half of September
Aging process: barrels and tonneaux for 12 months; bottle-aged for at least 9 months.
Alcohol level: 13.5%
Color: intense cherry red
Aroma: ripe hints of red fruits, blackberries, raspberries and cherries; hints of spices
including vanilla, licorice and cocoa.
Flavor: soft, full, velvety tannins, persistent and aromatic
Best paired with: aged D.O.P. Ragusano cheese, complicated and spiced dishes like
chicken curry, game pâté, lamb, rabbit.
Serve at: 16°-18º C (60°- 65º F)

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Product category: Sicilia

Il Frappato Vittoria D.O.C.

These vineyards are located in low-lying soil at roughly 100 meters above sea level. The soil is black, relatively compact and riddled with white stones. The soil structure makes it possible for roots to oxygenate freely, extending down deep into the ground.
The company produces a red wine here, Il Frappato, which draws complex perfumes and a decent acidity from the characteristics of the terrain.

Produced in:
C. da Bidini - Acate (RG) - eastern Sicily
Soil type: Black soil with white pebbles
Appellation: Vittoria D.O.C Il Frappato
Grape Variety: 100% Frappato
Methods of growth: espaliers and cord, 5,000 plants/hectare
Production per hectare: 7,400 kg
Harvest period: early September
Aging process: steel vats for 6 months; bottle-aged for at least 3 months
Alcohol level: 13%
Color: very clear ruby red
Aroma: fragrant, fresh and overpowering; hints of red fruits, blueberries, raspberries and
blackberries, violet flowers and sage
Flavor: very vivacious and fresh, particularly aromatic because of red fruit and rosebuds, a dry
pleasant and persistent finish
Best paired with: appetizers including fresh and aged cheeses, salamis, Sicilian red tuna, fish
soup, mullet, sushi and sashimi.
Serve at: 14º-15º C (57º-59º F), slightly fresher than the usual temperature for reds.

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Product category: Sicilia

Bidis-Chardonnay Sicilia D.O.C.

This vineyard is located atop a small plateau standing 250 meters above sea level, with poor calcareous soil that guarantees excellent depth. The grapevines suffer a little here, failing to grow vigorously. This condition makes it possible to obtain an excellent fruit concentration which, thanks to ventilation, does not over-mature. The Bidis wine is produced here: a powerful, intense yet delicate white.

Produced in
: C. da Bidini - Acate (RG) - eastern Sicily
Soil type: White soil
Appellation: Sicilia D.O.C Chardonnay
Grape Variety: Chardonnay
Methods of growth: espaliers and cord, 5,000 plants/hectare
Production per hectare: 6,300 kg
Harvest period: August
Aging process: new barriques for 12 months; bottle-aged for 4-6 months
Alcohol level: 14%
Color: golden yellow with greenish reflections
Aroma: complex and intense, full of sensations typical of ripe fruit enhanced by
hints of vanilla, dried fruit and spices
Flavor: complex and persistent, strong personality, good structure, harmonious,
elegant and very persistent
Best paired with: complex fish dishes, seafood, vegetable dishes, quiche Lorraine,
bottarga, broad bean “macco.”
Serve at: 10º-12º C (50°- 54° F)

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Product category: Sicilia

Zagra-Grillo Sicilia D.O.C.

These vineyards are located along the coast, where the soil has a sandy-clay structure and characteristic yellow color. The soil is relatively light, imbuing the wines with freshness and complex scents.
Wine produced here includes Zagra, and is savory and mineral, achieving the fullest possible expression of the three elements inherent to yellow soil, proximity to the sea and well-ventilated slopes.

Produced in:
C. da Bidini - Acate (RG) - eastern Sicily
Soil type: Yellow soil
Appellation: Sicilia D.O.C Grillo
Grape Variety: Grillo
Methods of growth: espaliers and cord, 5,000 plants/hectare
Production per hectare: 6,800 kg
Harvest period: mid/late August
Aging process: steel vats for 4 months and bottle-aged for 4 months
Alcohol level: 13.0%
Color: bright, straw-colored yellow
Aroma: complex with distinctive aromas of white flowers and minerals
Flavor: large, velvety but alive, with great structure and persistence boasting strong flavor and minerality.
Best paired with: seafood, fried fish and vegetables, tempura, vegetable caponata, marinades.
Serve at: 10°-12° C (50°- 54° F)

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About us

Company details

“Wine has accompanied mankind throughout history. Wine is culture, a thread winding its way uninterrupted throughout history.
It is something to be handed down, something to take from the past and carry into the future”.
Gaetana Jacono


Valle dell’Acate (literally “Acate Valley”) is located in the historic Bidini domain, amid the winding hills of Valle del Dirillo (Dirillo Valley).
Giuseppe Jacono founded the cantina in the late 19th century, though the Jacono family had been active in vine growing and winemaking ever since Vittoria became Sicily’s epicenter for exporting wine to France during the 1800s. Since then, this familial vocation has been safeguarded and handed down over generations, driven by a shared desire to establish a name for the family’s wines on an international level. Valle dell’Acate has continued this tradition, specializing in the cultivation of the most prized and productive autochthonous vines, creating superior wines, including the crown jewel of Sicilian winemaking: the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG. Over time the company’s spirit has become an authentic expression of the way it makes wine. Our longstanding winemaking tradition dovetails harmoniously with nature, resulting in wines of extraordinary quality and character.
Today Valle dell’Acate, run by the latest generation of the Jacono family together with the Ferreri family, is one of the most important winemaking realities in southeastern Sicily, committed to further ennobling the longstanding vineyard traditions of the Ragusa province, within the Acate-Comiso-Vittoria triangle.


Valle dell’Acate is one of the most well-known and active vineyards in southeastern Sicily. The company is run by Gaetana Jacono, a member of the family’s sixth generation of winemakers.
The company is committed to local territory, to bringing its traditional winemaking culture and products to the rest of the world, and to the use of eco-sustainable winemaking techniques.
The vineyards extend over 100 hectares, most of which have been replanted from 2001 to the present day with prized local and international vines. By cultivating the most highly-prized autochthonous vines, utilizing technologically advanced systems and taking advantage of winemaking skills that have been handed down generation after generation across two centuries, today Valle dell’Acate can offer its clients a series of undeniably important wines that are at once radiant, dynamic and aromatic. These include its famous D.O.C.G Cerasuolo di Vittoria, D.O.C wines like Il Frappato, Bidis-Chardonnay, Zagra-Grillo, plus I.G.Ts like Il Moro-Nero d’Avola and Tané, which are obtained by combining a selection of the best grapes from the company’s most important harvests. Valle dell’Acate wines have earned important recognition on an international level.
With total annual production of approximately 400,000 bottles, Valle dell’Acate wines are successfully exported around the world, and can be found on sale in the US, Europe and Canada, as well as emerging markets in Asia from Japan to China, Russia and India. The wines are well known and appreciated in Italy, and in Sicily in particular.

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