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Other European wine cultivation areas

Our products

Product category: Other European wine cultivation areas

Emilio 1 dry

With a delicate melon bouquet and harmonious taste. It was created by combining the French-American Seyval Blanc and the German Solaris varieties. It is characterised by a higher level of acidity and an aroma of green apples, citrus fruit and wild flowers.

Variety: Seyval Blanc 60% + Solaris 40%
Taste: dry
2015, alc.: 11.5%
2016, alc: 11%

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Product category: Other European wine cultivation areas

Julius 1 semi-dry

White semi-dry wine with slight hints of residual sugar, which is a result of arrested fermentation. In terms of taste, clear citrus fruit aromas come to the forefront. It is characterised by an intense bouquet and rich taste. It tastes best when accompanying desserts and seafood. Perfect as an aperitif.

Silver medal at the New York International Wine Competition 2017
Variety: Johanniter
Taste: semi-dry
2015, alc: 10%
2016, alc: 11,5%

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Product category: Other European wine cultivation areas

Ronda dry

With a characteristic, delicately tart, very tannic taste and strongly saturated violet-graphite colour. It owes its original “rough” flavour to the German Rondo variety. The bouquet features prominent forest and spicy aromas. It perfectly complements red meat.

Bronze medal at the TuchoViniContest 2016 international competition

Silver medal at the Berlin International Wine Competition 2017

Silver medal at the New York International Wine Competition 2017
Variety: Rondo 100%
Taste: dry
Year: 2015, alc: 13%

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About us

Company details

A long, long time ago, a young countess lived in a beautiful, green land. She dreamed of extraordinary adventures and long journeys.
The girl liked to walk around the surrounding fields and groves, imagining that she was visiting far away lands and beautiful, lush gardens full of exotic plants. One day the little countess met a mysterious wanderer. She told him about her dreams. He turned out to be a great traveller with a kind heart and gave the girl an unusual basket full of paper bags and mysterious packages. The countess rushed to her friend, an old gardener, and showed him this wonderful gift. It turned out that the basket held seedlings and seeds of exotic plants. The little countess was happy beyond words. Together with the gardener they planted and sowed all the plants in a sunny corner.

The little countess grew up and beautiful, lush exotic trees grew with her, including her favourite peaches and fruit bushes. This way, the land of Countess M. was filled every year with the extraordinary aroma of fruits, whose taste became famous in the whole region. All the trees and bushes from distant lands have been growing beautifully and blessing us with fruit ever since that day.
Even now you can meet the spirit of Countess M. wandering around the vineyard, caring for the harvest, quality and unique taste of our wines… from Słoneczny Zakątek.

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