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Our products

Product category: Branded wines, Champagne


The vineyards cultivated by our winemakers cover 2,400 ha spread over sixty crus, that is to say, sixty villages throughout the Champagne area – what a mosaic!

It’s within this large range of sites in Champagne that our winemaker draws together the different shades through careful assemblage, creating a cuvée that is ethereal and which seduces lovers of JACQUART.

Brut Mosaïque is a wine for all times, sharing the pleasures of daily life, celebrating good news, and friends that pop round unexpectedly – this is the champagne you always have in the fridge.

«Our Brut Mosaïque elegantly shows the uniqueness of our style, expressing the result of selection and choices without compromise.» 
Floriane Eznack

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Product category: Branded wines, Champagne


The varied origins of our Chardonnays are one of the components of the Jacquart signature. This very singular 100% Chardonnay cuvée is the fruit of a blend of a variety of nuances, selected with lavish care and attention.

A single variety, an outstanding harvest. Our Blanc de Blancs allies the nobility of Chardonnay of fine origins with the quality of an exceptional vintage.

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Product category: Branded wines, Champagne


“The cuvee Alpha Brut vintage 2010 immediately attracts the eye with its satiny sheen constellated with fine, lively bubbles which rise to form a delicate string. A visual sensation that heralds a champagne all in freshness and nuance.
The Chardonnay first offers the delicacy of floral notes, a nose of fragrant acacia, honeysuckle and poppy flower intermingled with orchard fruit, with hints of biscuit and toasted notes. After airing, it develops delicious aromas of cherry, red apple and honey.
The sensation on the palate is one of long-lasting finesse leading through to salty chalk notes in the finish.
A luscious fruitiness then emerges, underlined with a nuance of grapefruit. A superb minerality confers breadth, elegance and length to the palate, with an ulti­mate sensation of salinity and chalkiness that persists in an endless finish.”

60% Chardonnay (Avize - Vertus)
40% Pinot Noir (Chigny-les-Roses - Mailly - Aÿ)

6 years maturing on lees.

5 g/L

Cellaring: 5 to 8 years
Serving Temperature: 12°C

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About us

Company details

2,400 hectares, a mosaic of crus, 7% of the Champagne appellation, a unique style.

The identity of our House is profoundly rooted in the land of Champagne, in its hilly landscapes, its chalk and its villages. Young as it may be in Champagne history terms, thanks to its 1,800 winegrowers, Jacquart boasts a terroir as vast as it is unique, covering 2,400 ha, to shape its wines with a very contemporary elegance. For over 10 years, the Alliance Champagne Group has been committed to sustainable vinegrowing, an innovation in Champagne. It is a choice guided by the need to preserve our environment and the determination to cultivate our vines with the highest possible quality standards. Sustainable winegrowing operates on a voluntary basis and aims to meet quality and environmental requirements while protecting the future of the vineyards. To consolidate this determined and respectful position, the Alliance Champagne Group has been ISO 9001 certified since February 2013 for "customer satisfaction" and "continuous improvement", and ISO 22000 registered for "food safety". We carry out awareness-raising with our winegrowers and advise them on how to enhance their vine-growing practices and optimise grape quality. The vines enjoy specific, attentive care from our 1,800 winegrowing partners. Each and every one of them has a passion for their work on the vines and follows the rhythm of the Champagne seasons. They work the soil, remove weeds and handle fertilisation in the course of the seasons: pruning, tying in, bud reoval, training, trimming, leaf stripping and finally harvesting the grapes.

From vine to wine… making Champagne requires know-how combining respect, genius and humility. When the grapes are fully ripe, they are picked carefully by hand and transported quickly in to the press. Once the best of the juice has been obtained and clarified, strictly-selected natural yeast is added. The first fermentation, or alcoholic fermentation, is carried out in temperature-controlled vats, specially designed to preserve all the aromatic freshness and riches. The second or malolactic fermentation contributes to the Champagne Jacquart style and reduces the acidity of the wines naturally. With all due respect for the crus and their typical character, and for the unrivalled quality of the Champagne grapes, Floriane Eznack, the Maison Jacquart oenologist, selects the very best for the blend to form a harmonious champagne. The wine is then bottled and starts its second alcoholic fermentation. It then rests on the lees. This ageing period is exceptionally long at Jacquart to bring out the very best in the wines: 3 years for the Cuvée Brut Mosaïque, between 5 and 6 years for the vintage wines and our prestige Cuvée Alpha.

Since the day it was founded, Champagne Jacquart has boasted sophisticated winemaking equipment and research facilities, and it owes it to itself to keep up with cutting-edge techniques insofar as they can serve to reveal all the excellence and diversity of the terroirs cultivated by our growers. The meticulous gestures of our craftsmen of the vine are followed by the latest technology in the winery, guided by scsientific progress and the greatest respect for the sensorial expression of our wines.

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