Az. Agr. Trabucchi di Fernanda Nanni Sparavieri

Loc. Monte Tenda, 37031 Illasi (VR)
Telephone +39 045 7833233
Fax +39 045 6528112

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Our products

Product category: Veneto

Amarone della Valpolicella DOC – Riserva Cent’anni

GRAPES: Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta

PRODUCTION AREA: Fondo Cereolo, Monte Tenda, Castello. The elevation of the plot ranges from 150 to 250 m a.s.l.

CULTIVATION SYSTEM:  pergola veronese, espalier method pruned by Guyot system.

HARVEST: from the second week of September, to the end of October.

DRYING: from September, till early January, with an average decrease in grapes by 50%..

AGEING: in French oak barrels.
FEATURES OF THE WINE: red, garnet and intense colour. At the nose, it is complex, intense and with different layers of scents starting with coffee, then prune, hay, chlorophyll, eucalyptus, black pepper, Marasca cherry, black truffle, graphite. To the palate, it has a flawless balance, and its axis acidity-alcohol-tannins is in perfect harmony. Tannins are sweet, initially silky, then in the final, a little dry. At the first taste impact there is an extremely pleasant and exciting explosion of black truffle and prune that lasts during all the long aromatic persistence.

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Product category: Veneto

Amarone della Valpolicella DOC

GRAPES: Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta.

PRODUCTION AREA: Fondo Galante, Monte Tenda, Castello. The elevation of the plot ranges from 140 to 290 m a.s.l.

CULTIVATION SYSTEM: pergola veronese, espalier method pruned by Guyot system.

HARVEST: second week of September, until the end of October.

DRYING: from the second week of September, until the end of October.

AGEING: in French oak barrels
FEATURES OF THE WINE: intense ruby red colour with faint garnet edge. To the nose, it is explosive with pleasant and intense scents of chocolate, graphite, prune, chlorophyll and black truffle. It continues with coffee, black pepper, nutmeg, laurel and rosemary. It has a long and intense aromatic persistence, with final of black truffle, prune and Marasca cherry.

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Product category: Veneto

IGT Veneto Bianco Biologico Margherita

GRAPES: Garganega with a little addition of aromatic grapes, Moscato and Trebbiano.
PRODUCTION AREA: Fondo San Colombano and Castello. The average elevation of the plot is 220 m a.s.l.
CULTIVATION SYSTEM: pergola and espalier method.
HARVEST: from mid-September.
DRYING: short drying of about 10 days with an average decrease in grapes by 10–15%, in controlled humidity chambers.
AGEING: in steel vats.FEATURES OF THE WINE: shiny golden yellow with grey and sand shades. To the nose, notes of white flowers among which hawthorn, white and green pepper, mint, citrus, tangerine and orange peel. In the final scent of graphite and flint. To the mouth, it is sapid and mineral. It is initially creamy, acid with a discrete initial structure. The tartaric acid dominates the alcohol and gives the wine a good balance and pleasantness.

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About us

Company details

There is a thread linking our ancestors’ vineyard to a common sensitivity: it is the natural calling to combine work and social commitment, by putting professional skills at the service of collectivity.
People who lived coherently, according to the values they believed in, with an intransigence that has often led them to suffer from the consequences of isolation and conflict with the establishment.


In the 1950s, Alberto Trabucchi succeeded to his mother, Maria Zamboni, in the management of the company, founded in 1920 by his father Marco.

Mr Trabucchi was professor for whole generations of law students, judge and lawyer at the Court of Justice of the European Community in Luxembourg, where he gave a crucial personal impulse to the acknowledgement of the direct effectiveness of the EU law of member states. He has also been mayor of Illasi for forty years, where with great far-sightedness he was able to affirm the values of economic growth not dissociated from the safeguard of the territory. In those years, he already realized how the economic progress should not conflict with the respect for nature and the protection of the identifying elements of the territory, which in turn, ingrain character in the residing community.

He was creator and supporter of the application to all the territory of Valpolicella of the denomination of controlled origin, a measure that fostered the promotion of wines from Valpolicella, whose celebrity is lasting even now. This culture and these sensitivities have become the most precious heritage of our company, which is now further enhanced by the commitment of Giuseppe, Raffaella and all their co-workers.


There is a story, a tradition, linking the Trabucchi family from Illasi to vineyard cultivation, to the love for nature and to the dedication to the neighbour. These values are confirmed in their life-long commitment, in the natural calling to combine work and social commitment.

The Trabucchi family has constantly oriented the intellectual activity towards higher values, by always paying attention to the collectivity in their working, teaching, public administration and business activities.

Therefore, in the activity of production and transformation of agricultural products, the family has paid the utmost attention to the respect of human health, healthiness and beauty of the environment, and was able to innovate with solutions capable of transferring to the fruit all the substances contained in the land.

Hence the decision to convert the production to the organic method, certified since 1993. Thus, wine meets the body and becomes strength and vigour, in the right balance.

If it is not possible to separate the wine from the land, from the coordinates of the sun and the moon that influence the vineyard. It is not possible either to separate it from human beings, from the character of the person who takes care of its production and transformation.

These wines bear the mark of the Trabucchi family and of all the passionate people who daily work in our company.

A team of young people who loves working in the nature and with nature, because what they learn every day from the land is the foundation of tomorrow’s knowledge; because professionalism and technical knowledge are the muscles and the brain that bring tradition to life.

Aristide Piovan coordinates the work in the wine cellar; Matteo Merzari coordinates the work in the countryside.

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