Azienda Agricola Terre d'Aglianico di Rillo Libero

Via Mercuri II, 18, 82030 Torrecuso (BN)
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Our range of products

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  •  Campania

Our products

Product category: Campania


Varietal: 100% Aglianico

Production Area: the hills - 250 meters above sea level

Potatura: a spalliera

Breeding: 3000 wines per hectares

Max production per Ha: 80/100 hl

Grape harvest: by hand in the third week of October

Soil: clay/limestone

Exposure: South/East

Winemaking: temperature controlled for 20/25 days

Ageing: in pots Vinario steel for 4/5 months

Sensory Analysis: ruby red color with purple reflections, perfume persistent and very intense fruit and spicy at the same time, full-bodied, warm, velvety tannins.

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Product category: Campania


Species of wine: Falanghina 80% - Trebbiano 10% - Malvasia 10%

Zone of production: hill (250 mt above sea level)

Breeding: with guyot systems with head wth renewable horizontal fruits

Density: 2500 vines for hectares

Max production for Ha: 60/80 ql

Grape harvest: manual in the first decade of october

Soil: clavey-chalky

Exposure: southeast

Vinification: controlled-temperature for 30-35 days

Refining: with steel wine jears for 4/5 months

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Product category: Campania


Varietal: 100% Coda di Volpe

Production area: the hills – 250 meters above sea level

Breeding: Guyot leader in renewable fruit horizontal

Density: 3500 wines per hectares

Max production per Ha: 80/100 hl

Grape harvest: by hand in the first ten days of october

Soil: clay/limestone

Exposure: South/East

Fermentation: temperature – controller for 30/35 days

Refinement: with stainless steel wine vats for 4/5 months

Sensory Analysis: straw yellow color with very fresh scent, with hints of flore and ripe fruit. Of right pleasant and enveloping, with barely perceptible acidit dressed.

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About us

Company details

T erre d’Aglianico is located in the municipality of Torrecuso, province of Benevento, at the foot of the “Slepper of Sannio”. 

Terre d’Aglianico is a farm based on the cultivation of the wine, handed down from father to son.

The company already existed in the early ‘900, it started with the sale of wine and then, with that of bulk wine and grapes, finally, with the sale of bottled wines.

In last years, we have created high-quality wines building a new winery that uses innovative processing systems and with the trasformation of the vineyeards  from pergola trellis.

The vineyeards are situated 250 meters above sea level, the soil is alluvial clay/limestone hills and with perfect sun exposure wich helps to give the wine great body and intense aromas.

The vineyeards are located in the hearth of the Taburno D.O.P.G. with Guyot system with horizontal head and renewable fruit and intensity of plant that reaches 4000 vines per hectare .

The vineyeards are treated according to ancient methods and respect the ecofriendly floor.

The grapes from native grapes are harvested by hand and take with the boxes in the basement as soon as possible to keep intact their features.

Company produces all wines typical of the area and, in fact, is engaged in the bottling and in the sale of

  • Taburno Falanghina del Sannio
  • Aglianico del Taburno
  • Taburno Sannio Coda di Volpe
  • Aglianico del Taburno Rosato.

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