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Product category: Piemont

Canti Wine

Canti Vineyards is the company that manages the 35 hectares owned by CANTI, which produce the brands beloved wines. Eleonora Martini oversees the company personally, not simply as its president, but following with dedication every aspect and detail of the work carried out here, from the agricultural to the development of its unique, fashionable, and unusual - for the world of wines - image. The philosophy that Eleonora has outlined, and the CANTI Vineyards team has wholeheartedly adopted, is that of the “slow approach.” A belief in craftsmanship, slow processes, and harmonic respect for nature’s rhythms. There are no man-made deadlines, and everything follows the natural flow of things, which results in the highest quality of the wines produced. Eleonora, following her experience in the fashion industry in Milan, chose this radical, spontaneous and real approach knowing that only a natural process that begins with the work done in the vineyard, with the grapes, can truly change the experience for the final product. CANTI Vineyards owns two estates, il Saulino and La Burela, alongside the various vineyards dedicated to the production of regional oenological masterpieces and positioned in the best of Piedmontese winemaking areas such as Mango, Castino, Monforte, and Cossano Belbo Il Saulino, in Novi Ligure an area dedicated to the production of great Gavi, counts 10 hectares and a historical farmhouse immersed in a charming and mysterious land where nature has not yet given way to man. It is here that the famous, and loved the world over, Gavi Canti is born. La Burela is a rural farmhouse surrounded by 25 hectares of vineyards at Cossano Belbo, it is here that the yellow gold of the Langhe, Moscato d’Asti, has its deepest roots.

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Product category: Piemont


Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa, known in Italy for the Casa Sant’Orsola winery  is amongst the largest Italian family-run winemakers. Since 1947, the company has demonstrated constant growth, attributed to the twin values on which it was built: innovation without fear coupled with a strong respect and remembrance for tradition. The most modern oenological technology and techniques are adapted to prime materials that are knowledgeably selected from local Piedmontese vineyards or sourced from the best cooperatives from other regions. The final result of this Piedmontese mastery in the art of winemaking is a product that seduces and rewards the senses. 

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Product category: Piemont


When you arrive in Barolo, in the heart of Piedmontese wine, you are completely immersed in the vineyard landscape. Hills till the eye can stretch, designed over the centuries by man, who has got from those rows food and culture. A true masterpiece, like a paint, which has earned recognition in World Heritage in 2014 with the creation of the UNESCO site “Wine Landscapes of Langhe and Roero”
In the Langa region, on the hills on the right bank of the Tanaro river, every clod has given fruits. Here the wine is never just a product, a merchandise, a fashion. Each bottle contains the history of its population and its territory.

Lo Zoccolaio winery, which takes its name from a village located in the Bricco of Barolo, owns 23 hectares of vineyards of which 11.3 planted with Nebbiolo grape from Barolo. The vineyards face southwest, on the coast of the Bricco of Barolo. The wines produced from this farm are real jewels, wine masterpieces to make unforgettable every special moment.

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Product category: Piemont


La Toledana was built in the first half of the 16th century by the noble Genoese Imperiale family; it was then acquired by the Lercari family and later to the Cambiaso family.
The origin of the name Toleda comes from the fact that the towers look like two humps, which in Greek is “Tulon” (gibbous), from which came “Tuledon” later refined in Toleda and finally Toledana.
The structure is that of a country villa, but with a Renaissance harmony and elegance: the solution of the central yard just after the entrance is in fact a typical element of the town palaces, which is rarely found in the countryside.
The building is ample and linear, with two rear symmetrical towers. Until the end of the 19th century there was no second floor, which was built by the Cambiaso family together with the third floor of the towers, respecting the old original project. The left wing towards Gavi, which enjoys a beautiful view, acts as the public area of the house due to the lack of large central reception room.
On the front it is remarkable the marble coat of arms of the Cambiaso family. The chapel, on the right wing, has a baroque altar and a small bell-tower thrusting from the roof: it was once dedicated to the Virgin Mary, at present to Our Lady of Mercy.
La Toledana and the nearby Centuriona had great importance, as it is confirmed by their presence in all the geographical maps from the end of the 16th century to the 18th century.

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Product category: Piemont


La Doria is situated in the commune of San Cristoforo, three kilometers from Gavi. The vineyards are located on the left bank of the Lemme torrent, a viticultural ecosystem that, thanks to the alluvial nature of the soil and the favorable microclimate, allows to get a Gavi docg of constant quality and intense perfumes.
The history of the Gavi district and of its wine was tied until the 19th century to the fortunes of Genoa. The Gavi is therefore a border wine, Piedmontese but with Ligurian roots, appreciated by the Greats in history, from Charles 5th to Napoleon.
The Doria Marquises owned estates near Gavi, where the Cortese wine was produced, as it results from a letter sent by a farmer to the Marquis in 1659: “we are planting everywhere Cortese grapes…” In 1659 75% of the wine production of this area was from white berry vines.
Still in 1782 the Doria Marquis wrote to the farmer to arrange for shipping the Cortese wine to Rome (that at the time was in another state) and to America with the first available vessel, “since the dry wine stands well travelling by sea”.

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Product category: Piemont


Villa Lanata is a farm born to exalt the perfection of Moscato and Chardonnay grapes that ripen on the rolling hills of the Langhe, in Cossano Belbo. The company takes its name from the beautiful Villa overlooking the estate vineyards, on a hill called “The Oak”, once owned by Cardinal Lanata. The passion and dedication of the Martini family, and especially the love for beauty that drives Eleonora Martini, reported the construction to the former glory and brought the grace and the elegance of the Villa in the wines produced.
Villa Lanata estate owns of white Muscat and Chardonnay.

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Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi Spa, one of Italy’s largest, family-run wine producers, exemplifies the Martini family’s success, and its very founding brought about the realization of the family’s great winemaking dream. It was 1947 when Secondo Martini, Gianni’s father, alongside his brother Luigi, decided to transform the passion for their homeland, Le Langhe, into a business and thus founded the company. In the ‘70s with the entrance into the company of Gianni Martini, the president to this day, Fratelli Martini begins its international expansion, which will result in its continued success. An expansion that has gained additional momentum thanks to Eleonora, Gianni’s daughter, who has brought a fresh rush of energy and a feminine touch upon her joining the company in 2011. The company is headquartered in Cossano Belbo, its historic location, and today is engaged in an ambitious modernisation and expansion project in perfect harmony with its surrounding natural beauties. The company’s portfolio includes a number of different brands that see distribution all across the globe: Casa Sant’Orsola in Italy; CANTI, the Italian ambassador in the world; Collezione Marchesini; 35 Parallelo and il Cortigiano.
And it's owner of 4 cellar: Cascina Lo Zoccolaio, Az. Agr. La Toledana, Cascina Doria and Az. Agr. Villa Lanata

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