Az. Agr. Begali Lorenzo di Begali Lorenzo e Giordano soc. agr. s. s.

Via Cengia 10, 37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR)
Telephone +39 045 7725148
Fax +39 045 7725148

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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Veneto

Valpolicella DOC Classico

Owes its name to the area in which it is produced.
It is a young wine suitable for all occasion.

  • GRAPES: Corvina 65%, Rondinella 30%, others autochthonous grapes 5%.
  • COLOUR: ruby red, cherry red.
  • AROMA: fresh, sweet, gentle, full of fruit, it is reminiscent of cherries.
  • FLAVOUR: light and soft, with a hint of bitterness on swallowing when the wine is young.
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: perfect with almost any main course, ideal with starters (if they contains meat) boiled and white meats.
  • SERVING CONDITIONS: at a temperature of 18/20° C.
  • ALCOHOL:12,5% vol.

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Product category: Veneto

Tigiolo Igt

Tigiolo is an Igt red wine (Tipical Geografic Identification),
obtained from the drying of grapes that have been left to rest during the months of September and October.
Is the new generation’s wine and owes its name to its producers (Tiliana Giordano Lorenzo). It is refined for about 24 month in tonneaux and then in bottles.

  • GRAPES: Corvina 45% Cabernet s. 45% Rondinella 5% Merlot 5%.
  • COLOUR: dark ruby red (garnet when it is matured).
  • AROMA: intense and spicy.
  • FLAVOUR: soft and dry.
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: ideal with many mains expecially if they contain red meat.
  • SERVING CONDITIONS: at a temperature of about 18/20° C.
  • ALCOHOL: 14,5% vol.

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Product category: Veneto

Amarone Classico Monte Ca’ Bianca

This wine is obtained from the drying of grapes that have
been left to rest during the months of September and
October, after a first careful selection in the Monte Cà
Bianca‘s vineyards and a second in the fruithouse and
they remain here until January/February. It is refined for
about four years in big casks of wood and barriques and
then in the bottle for about eight months.

  • GRAPES: Corvina 40%, Corvinone 35%, Rondinella 20%, Oseleta 5%.
  • COLOUR: garnet red.
  • AROMA: intense, ethereal, spicy.
  • FLAVOUR: soft, dry, “warm”, solid and robust.
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: ideal with second courses such as roasts, game, grilled meats and red meats in general.
  • SERVING CONDITIONS: at a temperature of about 18/20° C.
  • ALCOHOL: 15,5% vol.

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About us

Company details

The Begali Estate is situated in the charming Valpolicella area, between Pedemonte and the hills of Castelrotto,near Verona and Garda lake.
Since the beginning of the 20th century the Begali has passed from the tradition and love of the land and its work from father to son.
Our vineyards (12 hectares) are set amongst cherry orchards covering hills and slopes in a small hamlet called Cengia. This name comes
from the name of the rocks dotted around on the facing hill. This is why the wines we produce are so rich in aromas
and typical flavours of the fertile land and reflect the harmony and the singular characteristics of this area. We are very determined and
take great care in our winemaking process, from the vineyard to the cellar. This promotes our on going efforts to improve
quality while respecting tradition.

We use a blend of the most important grapes of Valpolicella:
Corvina (and Corvinone), Rondinella and other autochthonous varieties.

Giordano, the father of the present owner at the wanery began production of the and Second World War.
The second-generation couple Lorenzo and his wife Adriana, sold the first bottle of Begali in 1986.
Now the tradition continues with the son and daughter of Lorenzo
and Adriana, Giordano and Tiliana.

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