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Schloss Wachenheim AG

Niederkircher Str. 27, 54294 Trier

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Sylvie Marcoux

Export Director

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Thomas Kohler

Sales Director

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
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Wine-based drinks

  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
  • 01.07  OTHER WINES
  • 01.07.09  Alcohol-free wines and spirits
  • 02.01  Fruit-flavoured sparkling wine

Fruit-flavoured sparkling wine

  • 02.03  Pearl wine with added carbon-dioxide

Pearl wine with added carbon-dioxide

  • 02.06  Quality sparkling wine/Sekt
  • 02.06.01  Quality sparkling wine/Sekt without more precise indication of origin

Quality sparkling wine/Sekt without more precise indication of origin

Our products

Product category: Quality sparkling wine/Sekt without more precise indication of origin


A feeling of Bella Italia, beautiful Italy. The land with a zest for life, gloriously sunny days, and clear blue skies.
The association with Italy – the country that has made an art out of turning everyday life into la dolce vita
(sweet life). Conviviality and gusto are par for the course – as are those day-to-day moments when you clink
glasses and drink to life. A refreshing sparkling wine is always a welcome addition whenever friends and
family come together. Salute!
A uniquely differentiating product concept for an authentic sparkling wine.

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Product category: Alcohol-free wines and spirits

LIGHT live - Enjoy life without alcohol

Well-being Is Always In Vogue
Wellness, fitness and body awareness are vitally important for most people these days.
Therefore alcohol-free drinks are perfect for:
• Calorie-minded diets
• Motorists
• Business people
• Diabetics
50% fewer calories than alcoholic sparkling wines, but full of flavour.

Quality You Can Taste
Our wine de-alcoholising facility is the world’s first processing plant
constructed entirely of glass, and has the capacity to produce more than
10 million litres of de-alcoholised wine a year.
• Only selected wines are used
• Gentle vacuum distillation procedure at low temperature (approx. 33 °C)
• Preserves the wine flavours for authentic wine character
• Full-bodied flavour

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Product category: Alcohol-free wines and spirits

Robby Bubble - Party for Kids

Robby Bubble is THE party cult drink for kids. It’s a thoroughly successful product which
is always in tune with the times with its cool, unmistakable comic-strip design.
Loads of action with Robby Bubble and his friends
• Cool fashions and theme accessories
• Real eye-catchers with exciting action
• Ideal for children’s parties at home
Simply irresistible: three delicious flavours full of fruity zest. These party hits are loved
by kids and appreciated by their parents, thus guaranteeing successful sales.

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Product category: Quality sparkling wine/Sekt without more precise indication of origin

FABER Sparkling Wines

Faber Sekt is still our must important brand – classical as a sparkling wine, and since some years as Frizzante, that addresses younger customers as well as the already existing Faber-friends.

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About us

Company details

Since almost 130 years the name „Schloss Wachenheim“ is a synonyme for the production of high quality sparkling wines. 1888 it was founded as “Deutsche Schaumweinfabrik in Wachenheim” and merged with Sektkellerei Faber, located in Trier and affiliates in France, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to one of the major producers of sparkling wines in Europe and worldwide.

Together with the consolidation went a product diversification of the company group, that provides not only sparkling wines and wine, but also de-alchoholised wines and sparklings, wermut, cider, spirits as well as other wine containing beverages, which is a broad variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on wine-basis. Moreover the company group also provides kids beverages.

Today the Schloss Wachenheim group maintains three operating parts in Germany, France and East-Mid-Europe.

In Germany Schloss Wachenheim AG, holding company of the Schloss Wachenheim group, predominantly produces sparkling wines in 3 different production sites:

·         Winery Trier, with a production volume of more than 100 millions of bottles per year – one of the most modern productions in the sector of sparkling wine in Europe and worldwide.

·         Sektschloss Wachenheim at the German „Weinstraße“ (wine route) holds one of Germanys largest and most modern production sites regarding traditional bottle conditioning.

·         Hanse Sektkellerei Wismar, the northernmost winery of Germany, is a “manufacturers workshop” that only produces small quantities per year for distribution in the region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, but welcomes roundabout 15.000 visitors per year who come from all over Germany and the joining countries.

Another settlement is located at München-Haar.

Moreover the traditional vineyard Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt (VdP), belonging to the group, possesses a wide range of first class vineyards at the rivers Moselle, Saar and Ruwer and produces Riesling-wines that are amongst the best in their provenance.

The most distinguished brands of the German group part are Faber, LIGHT live (alcohol-free sparklings and wines), Rebling, Kleine Reblaus, Blû Prosecco and Robby Bubble – the party drink for kids.
Other important brands are Schloss Wachenheim, Nymphenburg Sekt, Schweriner Burggarten, Feist, Schloss Böchingen und Schwansee. The products sales – with exception on the wines of Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt - are mainly effected in the food retail sector. Furthermore the products of the group are exported to roundabout 40 countries worldwide; distribution takes place via local sales partners and salesmen. Schloss Wachenheims most important exporting regions are Great Britain, the Benelux countries, Austria, China, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries.

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Company data

Sales volume

200-499 Mio US $

Number of employees