Champagne Dom Caudron SCV

Rue Jean York, 51700 Passy-Grigny
Telephone +33 326 524517
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Bastien Jacques

Passy-Grigny, France

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Our products

Product category: Champagne

Prédiction - Le Meunier au Singulier

Blending : 100% Meunier 

The famous 100% Meunier ! The first sips of 100% Meunier combine these talented winegrower's expertise. It now embodies our village, Passy-Grigny, and each tasting, you will find the generosity of those joy of time with friends. Its Full-body and fruity flavour are perfect for any occasion, espacially social ones ! 

Food & Wine Pairings
This wine is wonderful anytime although, naturally, it is perfect match for a salmon steak in sauce. Venture off the beaten track and serve with lemon meringue pie... Delightful!

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Product category: Champagne

Epicurienne - Le Meunier conjugué aux Vieilles Vignes

Blending : 100% Meunier from Old Vines (+50 years)

A word to the wise : the soul of the village of Passy-Grigny exudes from the Epicurienne. Winemakers have selected the delicious mature Meunier grapes made from vines aged over 50 years old ! This vintage toasts food lovers' every day pleasure. 

Food and Wine Pairings : 
Experiment and pair this champagne with a seafood or sushi platter. It is surprisingly delicious with rasted pineapple !

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Product category: Champagne

Fascinante - Le Meunier conjugué en Rosé

Blending : 80% Meunier, 10% Chardonnay, 10% Meunier vinified into red wine.

Discover the fruity flavour of Meunier vinified into white & red wine. The subtle blend with Chardonnay aged in oak barrels adds refreshing and complex notes. This rosé is delicious served as an aperitif, during a meal or at night.

Food & Wine Pairings : 
A gourmet rosé to pair with local cheeses. As a desser, it is the perfect match to clafoutis or strawberry crumble.

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Product category: Champagne

Cornalyne - Le Meunier conjugué au Fût de Chêne

Blending : 100% Meunier (vinification in oak barrels).

Cornalyne is a real gem! Refined, racy, an unexpected ode to Meunier unveiled by being 50% vinified in oak barrels. The Meunier flavour here is fresh delicate & complex. It is stunningly special ! Originally, champagne was always made in barrels so it has returned to its winemaking & Marne Valley roots. This original Blanc de Noirs is only for the most refined palates ! 

Food & Wine Pairings :
Get the full effect of Cornalyne and dedicate your time to relishing the flavour. Enjoy it with fatted chicken and morel or venison fillet with pepper sauce. Serve it with mature parmesan or morbier to elevate your cheese course.

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Product category: Champagne

Sublimité 50/50 - Le Meunier conjugué au Chardonnay - 2008


Blending : 50% Meunier / 50% Chardonnay (ageing in oak barrels - 6 month)

Meunier joins forces with barrel aged Chardonnay to elevate & showcase the excellence of its vintage. The time spent in barrels underlines the unique features of the village's Chardonnay : it is round, delicate & delicious. A vintage like this worthy of biggest celebrations to delight guests and create a memorable event... 

Food & Wine Pairings :
Treat your palate and pair Sublimité with sophisticated dishes such as pan-fried foie gras or lobster!

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About us

Company details

The roots of Champagne Dom Caudron are in Passy-Grigny, a village in the Marne Valley where a famous priest, Aimé Caudron, had a visionary and promising idea… The generous epicurean was an iconic vine growing figure in this Marne Valley’s village. He loved eating in the village vine growers’ homes and brightened up banquets with his passion. Dom Caudron knew that the wine they served at mealtimes to enjoy every day had a bright future...

Vine growers of Passy-Grigny lived off the sales of their grapes without reaping their rewards so Dom Caudron gave them the idea of joining forces in 1929: « Let’s combine our skills ! ».

One meeting, a few gatherings and a generous donation later, 23 vine growers each made their own contribution and brought their knowledge together with the support of Priest Dom Caudron. The movement had begun!

They obtained a production site, tools and pressing equipment to tap into, produce and showcase the fruit of their shared passion : the Meunier.

They have since brought together their expertise to elaborate a gourmet Champagne which everyone enjoys. The Priest Caudron became the embodiment of their Champagne so he could continue to enjoy wine made entirely of Meunier and by the vine growers.

Meunier remained these vine growers’ signature grape. In-depth knowledge of the original grape variety has given rise to a range of champagnes which unveil its fruity personality in all its forms, from the simplest to the most complex. The vineyard originally covered 12 hectares. It now covers more than 130 hectares on the Marne Valley’s hillsides.

More than 60 vine growers have since joined the movement to keep the spirit of cooperation and promotion begun by Dom Caudron in 1929 alive. They fuel their passion and combine their skills to everyone’s delight!!

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