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Our products

Product category: Armenia, Armagnac / Cognac

Grand Sargis

Amazing taste, smell, unique softness- features which are characteristic of cognac “Grand Sargis”. Carefully kept in oak barrels according to the traditions of modern Armenia, the unique bouquet of cognac includes flora flavor and taste of dried fruits. The aftertaste keeps long and affluent.

“Grand Sargis” inherits its name from a popular commander and preacher St. Sargis. Under his propaganda many soldiers adopted Christianity.

According to the national legend St. Sargis helped many lovers to reunite after many difficulties and pains.

Since then he was classified as a Saint and the patron of all lovers. In Armenia people used to celebrate St. Sargis Day as the Lover’s Day, in the same way as is being celebrated  Valentine's Day in the world.

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Product category: Armenia, Armagnac / Cognac

Legend of Armenia

Deep amber color. Bouquet of tastes appears slowly, casting with its elegance and refinement.

Tastes of dried fruits are complemented by light hints of chocolate and vanilla. Honey, fruits and oak wood add a pleasant taste to it. Aftertaste is various and long.

”Legend of Armenia'' is named in honor of great Armenian legend. This cognac is produced by classic technology in the very heart of sunny Armenia- in the Ararat Valley. Its bright golden color and mild flavor balanced with elegant hints of chocolate and vanilla tones, is typical for high-quality vintage cognacs.

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Product category: Armenia, Armagnac / Cognac

Sun of Armenia

Armenia is a country of Sun! Enlightened from the ancient traditions Armenians have for centuries called themselves “sons of the Sun” and brought first crops to the church as a sign of gratitude to the Sun – the Creator.

In Armenia the Sun is shining 300 days in a year. Thanks to unique climate grape grown in Ararat is more like a product of the Sun than the earth. As a result even one and the same sort of grape can have diverse tints. That's why the cognac ''Sun of Armenia'' distinguishes with its diversity and with more broad spectrum of flavors. The  cognac ''Sun of Armenia''  is a token to the traditions of our ancestors.

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Product category: Armenia, Armagnac / Cognac


Cognac “Arine” is produced by the classical technology in the heart of sunny Armenia: in Ararat Valley. The soft taste of “Arine” is balanced with the elegant flavor of chocolate and vanilla tones and is full of energy and sunshine of  the Ararat Valley.

“Arine” is named in honor of the city-fortress in ancient Armenia. Built in 8th century B.C. it was a witness of heroic struggles of Armenians for independence.

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About us

Company details

The main purpose of  “Ararat Cognac Factory “A.K.Z.” Ltd. has become the high quality and prestige of Armenian cognac. Our vision is to convey the extraordinary soft, special, unique and fascinating taste of Armenian cognac to the hearts of the true connoisseurs of cognac  all over the world!
The president of  “ Ararat  Cognac Factory “A.K.Z.” Ltd.”  is Mr.Sargis Varzhapetyan.

”Ararat Cognac Factory  A.K.Z.”  has more than 123 years of history of wine, cognac and spirits manufacturing. In 50’s of 20-th century it was one of the leading companies of cognac spirits manufacture and storage in Armenia.

The whole production cycle of cognac, wine and strong spirits is produced by classic technology, from receiving  grape to bottling. Grape for spirits is mainly cultivated in factory own vineyards and is only partially bought.

The factory has its own vineyards with an area of 255 hectares, rigged with modern European equipments, traditional technologies and strong oversight on the quality of product. Owing to these factors  “Ararat Cognac Factory  A.K.Z”   has become popular in many countries of  the world. The cognacs of Ararat Cognac Factory have been awarded gold medals in many international winemakers competitions in England, Russia, and etc.

The product meets world standards and is also appreciated for its unique taste.

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