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Our products

Product category: Puglia


The trademark De Feudis proves the ancient Apulian origin of Fabiano Family. From Sergio De Feudis, at the end of the XVII Century, was born in Trani Antonietta De Feudis, married to Francesco Fabiano, founder of the homonymous winery.

Initially built up in the South, particularly in the bulk wine market, moved later to Veneto. First settled in Venezia, where in 1912 Francesco Fabiano, Nicola Fabiano’s son and Francesco and Antonietta’s grandson, opened a wine shop just a few steps from Saint Marco’s Cathedral, carrying on the bulk wine commerce from Puglia; later in Veorna, where he engaged himself in the production and distribution of bottled wine, buying a small estate in the region of the Garda Lake.

After more than 100 years of wine making Fabiano decided to come back to its origin and create a new brand of Apulian wines, called indeed De Feudis. This project has been carried out with the help of an old friend who can in turn rely on a long tradition in wine growing and making in Puglia.

The De Feudis wines grow out from the cooperation of Fabiano, wine producer since more than one hundred years, and Varvaglione, estimated friend and well-kwon winemaker in Apulien. They celebrate more than one century of history, matching together tradition and experience.

Their selection of wines includes a Verdeca and a Negramaro Rosato IGT Salento, wines with a delicate bouquet, a full richness and pleasant freshness, underlined by a young and clear packaging. There is also Primitivo IGT Puglia, with an intense, fruity bouquet, full bodied but with a pleasant softness suitable for all the courses of a meal.

We find the two wines of the LOUNGE line, a Negramaro and a Primitive IGT with a volume of 12.5%, both full-bodied and pleasantly drinkable, thanks to their smooth and velvety flavor.

Finally, there is OTTOCENTO, a Primitive DOC from Manduria, made from grapes harvested by hand and put in crates, whose 14% volume and strong, elegant body make it an excellent quality wine. It has an exclusive label and comes in a rather heavy bottle sold in 3-bottle gift case. It is produced in limited number and will only be sold in the best specialty shops to whom Viver will offer it in the coming months.

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Product category: Veneto


FABIANO FAMILY: Renowned producers of Veronese wines since 1912. Counting on this tradition our aim is focused on enhancing the image of our company and that of the people who work in it. Great attention to the quality of our wines, added to the professionalism, good service and efficiency of the whole company, allows the Fabiano brand to achieve a position in the top range of the market. This strategy means a daily involvement in the vineyards and cellars where our technicians skillfully work to obtain the best results. These professionals enable us to make each and every one of our wines a quality product as can be seen by their success in markets worldwide.

THE HISTORY of Fabiano Family in the wine making industry started in 1912, when Francesco Fabiano, Nicola's son, opened a wine store in Venice, just a few steps from St. Marco's Cathedral. His son Sergio, having made his store very popular in the whole city, started a wine trade throughout the Veneto region. A clever merchant and a charismatic character, in 1955 he engaged himself in the production and distribution of bottled wine, buying a small estate in Lazise, on the Veronese shore of Garda lake, for that purpose. The business flourished at a very rapid pace and in 1968 the plant was moved to its current location in Sona, to an area uniquely suited for wine growing, half way between the city of Verona and Garda lake. Since the '70s and Fabiano is committed to enter in the most important wine markets in the world. During the period between the nineties the early years of 2000 the Fabiano has developed its own wine production which reached now over 50 hectares of controlled vineyard. We had also inaugurated the cellar in San Pietro in Cariano for the fermentation, drying and aging of the wine of Valpolicella wines. All the most prestigious Fabiano production, which includes all the wines with Controlled of Denomination of Origin of the Verona province, is directly overseen from the vineyard to the bottle, in order to ensure authenticity, continuity and high quality level.

CELEBRATING WITH VAJO: In 2002 Fabiano was celebrating its 90 anniversary of foundation which occurred way back in 1912. For this event wanted to create a new, flagship wine. We took partly dried Corvina grapes to guarantee body and structure and blended these with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to give a touch of modernity to this "Super Veronese" wine. Ten years later, in March 2012, the Fabiano Family celebrated a hundred years of activity, thanking the generations who preceded, as well as the people who are close to the company now. Nicola Fabiano wanted to pay a tribute to the Winegrower with an everlasting work of art. On 24th of March a sculpture was inaugurated and placed at the entrance of the Cellar in Sona. The “Rosso Veronese Vajo” was called “Cent’anni” . Whit this addition to the name the new Vajo Cent’anni will be forever testimony of the story of the Winery.

THE WINES: Fabiano production includes all the Verona DOC (denomination of geographical origin). The cellar in the Valpolicella Classical Area is dedicated to the vinification of the well-known high quality wines like Amarone , Ripasso and Recioto, while in the cellar near the Garda Lake takes place the vinification of Lugana DOC “Argillaia” together with Bardolino and Custoza. The range also includes the Soave and Prosecco Castello.

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Product category: Veneto


Ornella Molon Traverso is born from the unconditional passion and constant care for vineyards and wines of a couple of managers. A story made of commitment, small gestures and daily attentions, love towards their own territory and their own job. A story that brings to a present where every sacrifice becomes unique wine, characterized by a strong and delicate personality.

From 1982 till today, Ornella Molon Traverso has become an important company getting larger and lager market shares and winning prestigious national and international rewards.

The philosophy at the basis of any company action is “love for excellence”. An excellence reachable thanks to an unbreakable union between ground and man, made of respect and patience.

A room dedicated exclusively to barriques: inside barriques built with french rovere (capacity 225 ltrs) our selected wines get old.

Here, as once, wines are kept inside wood: in this room with air conditioning, where temperature and humidity are controlled 12 month per year,

is the refinement of the red and white wines that stand there even for two years.

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About us

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Starting in 2009, after developing distribution in and around Verona, Viver Distribuzione has expanded its business into foreign markets of central Europe, particularly Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. As agreed by suppliers, the entire product range is available to markets outside of Europe that request them.

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