Alibrianza S.r.l. Cantine Andreas Mazzei

Via Teodoro Moneta, 23, 23876 Monticello (LC)
Telephone +39 039 9202121
Fax +39 039 9206543

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Our range of products

Product categories

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  •  Abruzzo


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  •  Piemont
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  • 01.01.09  Italy
  •  Puglia


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  •  Sicilia


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  • 01.01.09  Italy
  •  Umbria

Our products

Product category: Piemont


Wine Type: red wine
Wine: Barbera d`Asti DOC Superiore
Alc. Vol%: 13,5
Grape: Barbera 100%
Total production: 40.000 bt
Production zone: vineyards in the area of Moasca - Province of Asti - Piedmont. This small village
of 400 inhabitants is situated in the heart of Piedmont, at a distance of 5km from the town of
Canelli. The Barbera grape is mostly grown here at an altitude of 200m above sea level. The grapes
of this wine originate from the borderland of the Moasca and Agliano Terme, also known as the region
"San Martino".
Vintage period: beginning of October
Fermentation: classical must fermentation followed by a peel maceration of 10-12 days.
Aging: 16 months in oak barrels (3000lt.) of French oak from Allier, then at least 6 months in the

Colour: brilliant and deep red
Bouquet: intensive and rich with notes of plums and chocolate
Flavour: round and full, strong and fruity
Pairing: with red meat, noodle dishes and spicy cheeses

Tasting Temperature: 18-20°

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Product category: Umbria


Wine type: rosé wine

Wine: Rosato Umbria igt
Alc. Vol%: 12,5
Grape: Merlot 100%
Total production: 20 000 bt
Production zone: area around Bastia Umbra - Province Perugia - Umbria.
Vintage Period: beginning of September
Fermentation: light pressing and a short peel maceration at a controlled temperature of 14/16°C.
Aging: until bottling the wine is stored in steel tanks.

Technical specifications:
screw cap, front and back label.
1case = 6bottles

Colour: bright, lively rosé
Bouquet: fresh and fruity
Flavour: well balanced, pleasant and harmonic
Pairing: with appetizer, soups, white meat and grilled fish
Tasting Temperature: 8-12°C

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Product category: Piemont


Wine type: white wine
Wine: Piemonte DOC Cortese
Alc. Vol%: 12
Grape: Cortese 100%
Total production: 100 000 bt
Production zone: vineyards in the area of Mombaruzzo and Fontanile - Province of
Asti – Piedmont.
Vintage period: beginning of September
Fermentation: after a soft pressing, fermentation in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of
16/18°C for 10 days.
Aging: once the fermentation is over the wine is conserved in steel tanks at a controlled
temperature of 16°C till bottling.

Colour: straw-yellow
Bouquet: fresh and lively with essences of field flowers
Flavour: dry, subtle, harmonious
Pairing: best to fish, seafood and light starters

Tasting Temperature: 8-10°

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About us

Company details

Roberto Mazzei’s passion for viticulture and his keen sense to press a good drop of wine led to the founding of the family business Alibrianza srl in 1981.

In the beginning of our history we used to choose exceptional wines from the most important wine regions in Italy for our international clients. But soon we developed the wish to produce our own wine.

Our family realized the long-desired wish to grow our own wines in the 90’s with the takeover of the Cascina Radice estate in Moasca, in the province of Asti in Piedmont. In this region, with its nutritious soils and the ideal climate flourish the grapevines that provide outstanding wines year after year.

These exquisite drops live up to our expectations and the ones of our customers.

The modern manufacturing facility and the extension of the barrique cellar were important steps for the further development of our company.

Vineyards in Southern Italy and long-standing partnerships with wine farmers in Central Italy and Veneto guarantee a wide range of products.

The quality-conscious selection of grapes, many years of experience and the responsible use of modern technologies help us to produce finest wines.

Today we are glad to be able to offer a large repertoire of expressive and balanced wines and to surprise you time and time again.

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