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Our products

Product category: California

Champ de Rêves

Founded:  2010
Location:  Mendocino County, California
Winemaker: Eric Johannsen

Since its founding in 2010, Champ de Rêves has become one of the premier producers of high altitude Pinot Noir in the Anderson Valley — a remote, mountainous, cold-climate AVA in Mendocino County.

The centerpiece of Champ de Rêves is the 85-acre estate Boone Ridge Vineyard. Located just 18 miles from the jagged, weather-beaten Pacific coastline, this beautiful property climbs from 1,400 to 2,000 feet and features a myriad of aspects, soils, exposures and mesoclimates.

To take full advantage of the site’s complex topography, the Boone Ridge Vineyard is divided into a patchwork of small blocks planted to seven different clones of Pinot Noir. Decomposed sandstone provides superb drainage and mineral uptake while naturally restricting vine vigor and yields.

Winemaker Eric Johannsen knows his way around Pinot Noir, having previously worked at La Crema, Cuvaison and Williams Selyem prior to Champ de Rêves. His goal is to showcase the incredible personality of this high-elevation, maritime-influenced site. To that end, the yields are kept low, the grapes are harvested ripe (not overripe), the lots are kept separate until final blending and the influence of new oak is judicious.

Champ de Rêves’ Pinot Noir is a deep, aromatically-charged wine that showcases the high altitude and cold climate of its site.

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Product category: California

Copain Wines

Founded:  1999
Location:  Mendocino County, California
Winemaker: Wells Guthrie
Copain, meaning ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’ in French, embodies our philosophy that wine enhances the good things in life, and is an experience best shared with friends and family. Perched on a hillside overlooking the bucolic Russian River Valley, Copain specializes in vineyard designate Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah.

Founded in 1999, Copain has built a reputation of producing food friendly, balanced and expressive wines in the ‘light-and-bright’ style. Sourced from sustainable vineyard sites in Anderson Valley, Mendocino County and Monterey County, the portfolio consists of three distinct collections — the Tous Ensemble wines, the Les Voisins wines, and the single vineyard designate wines.

Founder and winemaker Wells Guthrie has long been inspired by the wines of France’s Rhône Valley; so much so, that Wells spent two years working in the Rhône Valley an apprentice for Michel Chapoutier. While Guthrie takes his stylistic cues from the French, he has a particular fondness for the California fruit he painstakingly selects for Copain’s blends — this combination of French sensibility and love of California fruit has been well received by consumers and critics alike.

Coaxing lively, energetic wines with bright, fresh flavors and minimum manipulation has become Gutherie’s signature. The pure essence of Copain’s carefully sourced vineyards comes through in each and every bottle produced.

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Product category: California


Founded: 1984
Location:  Mendocino County, California
Winemaker: Ben Salazar

Edmeades is the authentic taste of one of California’s last viticultural frontiers — Mendocino County. The winery’s history began in 1963 when Dr. Donald Edmeades, a cardiologist from Pasadena, planted 24 acres of vines, becoming the first modern-day grape grower in this cool, coastal Mendocino region. He founded his winery and launched the Edmeades brand in 1972. The Jackson family purchased the winery and its vineyards in 1988.

Using grapes grown in Mendocino County’s rugged coastal mountains, Edmeades crafts Zinfandels with distinctive character and personality. The winery prefers a delicate touch in the cellar, allowing each vineyard to be fully expressed in the wines it makes. The simplicity of the winemaking allows the soil and climate of each site, plus the essential character of the variety, to shine through in every wine.

Ben Salazar joined Edmeades as head winemaker in 2012 after working as an enologist and assistant winemaker for other Jackson Family wineries. He is a Zinfandel devotee who appreciates the grape’s historical importance to California. He also loves the wine’s deep, spicy, concentrated, hedonistic fruit character. Edmeades is best known for its limited-edition, single-vineyard Zinfandels from some of the oldest and highest sites in Mendocino County, including Perli (planted in the late 1800s), Piffero (planted in 1930 using blasting powder to clear the side of a mountain), Shamrock (2,800 feet above the Pacific Ocean), and Gianoli (planted at 1,900 feet in the 1880s).

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About us

Company details

Our family–owned vineyards and wineries are both a family business and a family passion. We believe the care that goes into making our wines is as important as the quality of the wine itself. Our multi-generational approach to winegrowing allows us to craft wines according to our values, and to make responsible decisions for the health of our lands and communities.

Inspired by the long-held tenet that great wines can only come from great vineyards, we’ve searched the globe for the best vineyard sites able to produce distinctive wines. Each winery within the Jackson Family Wines portfolio operates independently, characterized by a winegrowing philosophy rooted in good land stewardship and artisan winemaking. Each winery is led by our commitment to source fruit primarily from family-owned vineyards to ensure greater control over each stage of winegrowing, which allows us to make superior quality wines.

When Jess Jackson entered the wine business more than three decades ago, his goal was to create a family business specializing in wines from great vineyards that would stand among the world’s best. Jess understood the importance of farming and a meticulous expression of wine. From the first vintage of Kendall-Jackson, in 1982, it has grown into a premium collection of wineries sourced largely from estate vineyards across California, Oregon, Italy, France, Australia, Chile and South Africa.

Jess’s tenacious focus on quality remains at the heart of everything we do today. We are inspired to build on Jess’ legacy and our founding family’s quest to make great wines. We work hard and consistently strive to do more, to take the risks required to achieve higher quality while pushing the boundaries of innovation in the wine industry.

Since the beginning, our family continues our endless pursuit of making wines that are both meaningful and delicious. Today, under the leadership Chairman and Proprietor Barbara Banke, Jess’s wife of 25 years, our family’s long-term vision has never been stronger. From our vineyards to our wineries, the family is personally involved in every aspect of Jackson Family Wines.

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