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Our products

Product category: Georgia


White dry wine

Variety of grape: 100% Rkatsiteli
Origin: Kakheti Region
Harvest Year: 2015
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol: 11-14%

Wine made with kakhetian traditional rule in kvevri (clay vessel) and has dark straw color, rich varieties aroma and it is characterized by fresh fruits tones: peach, quince and other ripe yellow fruits. On the taste wine is harmony, full bodied, with long aftertaste and perfecty balanced tannins.  

It comes well with white meat, seafood goods and vegetables.
Enjoy it, cooled up to the 12-16˚C

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Product category: Georgia


Denomination of origin protected high quality Red Dry Wine 

Type of Grape: Saperavi
Origin: Kakheti Region, Mukuzani Specified Zone
Harvest Year: 2014
Volume: 750ml
Alcohol : 11-13%

Wine is characterized with dark ruby colored, sharply expressed varietal aromas, ripe forest fruit soft bouquet, in which is excreted raspberry tones. On the taste wine is harmony, soft and velvety, that is a perfect balanced with tannins.

Wine is delicious with fried meat, steak and  with an average aging cheese. 
It’s mote better to cool it before drink up to the 17-19˚C

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Product category: Georgia

Vaziani Rosé

Semi-dry Rose Wine

Type of Grape: 40% Sira, 40% Montepulciano  and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon
Origin: Kakheti Region
Harvest Year: 2014
Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 10.5-13%

The wine is pink, and it has sharply expressed bouquet of peach and apricot. Wine is harmonious, velvety taste that will remain long after tasting. Wine is distinguished by velvety taste and after tasting it remains pleasant sensation of the sweetness. 

Wine is delicious with sweets and fruit
Enjoy it cooled up to the 17-19˚C

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About us

Company details

“Vaziani Company” was established in 1982 and it is Georgian winemaking traditions worthy successor . In 2012, due to reorganization it was transformed into Limited Liability Company and was built a new, modern Factory in Telavi, in Kakheti - The country's oldest winemaking region, where the different climate and fertile ground gives a special aroma and the flavor to the grape, by which is famous for Georgian wine. Factory was equipped with modern facilities and equipment immediately after construction. This is a unique enterprise with entirely a closed cycle of production, starting with the selection of grapes, upon with the final product, in addition, the company owns 120 hectares of vineyards, which allows us to track all stages of the production of wine from the vineyard to the consumer, which is completely consistent with international standards of ISO22000-2015.

Noteworthy, that the company produces wine not only the latest technology, but also the oldest method. The different method of Kakhetian Georgian wine production is considered as one of the most common and are currently the most traditional methods. It includes the winemaking and wine storage in a unique clay vessel – Kvevri (pitcher), which is a kind of general calling card of Georgian wines and Georgian culture. 

The company has its own wine cellar, whose history began in the 2nd half of the XV century,  from Makashvili Noble, emerged in Kakheti. Massive construction of cellars in Georgia was in the 20ies of XIX century, when the all Prince began its wine production  with a different manner of them. The Vaziani Company is the successor and follower of exceptional technology  of winemaking in Pitcher (Kvevri) of Prince Makashvili and you will definitely find the famous Georgian wines such as "Rkatsiteli", "Saperavi", "Kisi", "Green", etc. , whose are made in this rule.   

"Vaziani Company" LTD is a rapidly developing company. Its symbol is the Peacock. According to the legend,  high-ranking official who was visiting in Georgia, the process of Beautiful peacock tail opening compared with the Georgian wine flavor: ,,Opening also as  slowly and gently and feel exciting pleasure, which want to keep sensations". 

Since 1982 the company has steadily strengthened its position in the market. It produces almost all types of famous Georgian wine, besides this the company has its own brand of wine: ,, Vaziani” ,, Saojakho” and ,,Georgian Traditional” and it’s productions have been awarded with 5 golden, 7 silver and 4 bronze medals at International Exhibitions and different diplomas, and grand-prix

After the tasting of our wines, we hope and believe that you will become a true amateur, and will make sure that the "Vaziani Company" is a guarantee of the highest quality!

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