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Our products

Product category: Puglia

White Gazza Ladra Fiano

Wine obtained by the soft pressing of 100% white Fiano grapes planted with a density of 5.000 plants per hectare, farmed using the single guyot system. The Fiano vine, famous for its vigour and strength and already successfully planted in Apulia, starting from the 2001 vintage is at the fi rst regional test in quality bottles. The high acidity, typical of this grape, allows the plants to overcome the summer in the Murge hills preserving completely its genetic endowment. This does not always happen with the others indigenous grapes. Intense yellow, with a persistent aroma of ripe citrus fruits, lemon jam, white fl owers, white fruit and caramel. Alcohol 13%, and elegant salinity which is well balanced with the structure and the body of this wine. The dry taste, the richness of the structure, and the intensity of the aroma make this wine almost unique in the panorama of white wines produced inside Apulia borders. It’s good with appetizers, perfect with summer Mediterranean dishes, particularly raw sea-food, calamari, cuttlefi sh, mussels, octopus and generally with fi sh. Drink it young, within three years after vintage, at about 12°C. Uncork a few minutes before tasting.

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Product category: Puglia

Red Gazza Nera Negroamaro

Gazza Nera is produced exclusively from Negroamaro grapes, grown at 250 mt. above sea level on less than 2 hectars in Apulia, the heel of Italy. The training system is single spurred cordon with a density of 5,500 plants per ha. Late harvest, quality of grapes and meticulous care allows Gazza Nera to combine power with balance. Fermentation of the must takes place in rotary fermentors, followed by 8 months aging in glassed vats and few further months in bottle. Black cherries taste.
The production is limited to 6,000 bottles each vintage.

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Product category: Puglia

Red Gazza Rubina Aleatico

A deep ruby red, powerful, with the sent of roses, jam and riped apricots. Sweet and smooth; the wine holds 5% residual sugar and 13,5% alcohol. It is made by fermenting a small quantity of Aleatico grapes left to dry indoor for no more than 30 days in stainless steel containers. The wine is fined in steel vats for 6 months and in bottle for further 3 months. It is ready 9 months after vintage. A red wine for meditation, perfect with pastry, dessert, and cigar. Aleatico has been famous since the Greek/Roman periods of history. More recently Napoleon favored Aleatico to encourage his spirits during exile on the island of Elba; one of the few places, like the Murgia hills in Apulia, where this same grape is successfully cultivated to this day.
Recommended temperature 10° C.

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About us

Company details

The Santa Lucia winery has been producing wines exclusively from its own predominantly indigenous vineyards since its foundation; it does not buy grapes or wine from outside suppliers or growers.
The company's philosophy revolves around producing individual wines with meticulous care. This begins with preparing the soil, followed by the selection, reproduction and planting of the best clones using a bio-dynamic approach in the fields.
The controlled use of French oak Allier and TronÇais barrels and the abolition of stabilization and fi ltration practices makes for wines that are the highest expression of artisan tradition and respect the best qualities of its territory: wines that are typical, recognizable and well-structured with a mature and fruity taste.

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