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Conte Spagnoletti Zeuli Az. Agr.

C.DA San Domenico S.P. 231 km, 60, 76123 Andria

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The Noble taste of the Tradition
The love for the land of Counts Spagnoletti Zeuli has ancient roots. Certain information, stored in the secular archives of the House, dates back to the 1600s and documents the ownership of the land surrounding the Castel del Monte, the majestic octagonal castle which dominates the town of Andria. Built in the thirteenth century by Frederick II of Swabia, Castel del Monte was ruled in 600 by Sebastian Spagnoletti who was the last inhabitant of the castle.
The history of the family, which also includes the illustrious men of law and church, coincides with the works and events that have patiently transformed the originally wooded area in a lush countryside. We are in the southern peninsula of Italy, which faces east, the sea of Ulysses. Plowing through it many centuries before the Christian era, the Greek settlers brought here, along with their civilization, the culture of wine and oil. The olive tree is the symbol of this land, which has always been the main manufacturing hub of extravirgin olive oil of Italy, and probably in the world. In the heart of this land, Onofrio Spagnoletti Zeuli, Count of Andria, continue, with an air of modern business and investment, as well as with technology and research, the traditions of a family that for centuries dedicated a genuine passion to the olive and the vine.

The Authentic Gift of the Earth
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in the Spagnoletti Zeuli Estates is certified DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), which, along with the brand name “Terra di Bari”, is guaranteed by cultivation, production and bottling in the area of origin. Membership in the Consortium “Terrautentica” is an additional certification of controlled quality and origin.
The extra virgin olive oil, obtained primarily from olives of the Coratina variety, is appreciated for its intense and natural from
a dense e opaque appearance. Strengths arising from the presence of suspended constituents noble and precious antioxidants
that preserve naturally and longer the product from the alterations. The top quality is distinguished by the label “Selezione del Conte”, a true statement of excellence in taste and nutritional virtues.
Product obtained from noble traditions, the Extravirgin Olive Oil, Coratina variety is particularly digestible and deserves a place of absolute importance as a condiment of the most typical Mediterranean recipes. Clinical test allow us to affirm that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil - is a great protector of the gastric and intestinal mucosa, active for the prevention of free radicals and - according to recent research - excellent source of energy for heart patients. Low acidity and total absence of pesticide residues make it one of the most healthful and wholesome products of a land that still preserves the old values.

Culture is also wine and good food
Onofrio Spagnoletti Zeuli is passionately dedicated to the promotion of the whole tradition of local agrifood industry.
In fact personally care a selection of products in the territory of Andria, starting with the famous Castel del Monte wine with denomination of origin, produced from grapes grown in the vineyards of the estate of the family.
The flavor is dry harmonious, with a full body, well balanced and lively fragrance of fruit, Castel del Monte is vinified in rosè and
red wine. Served chilled, the first is a superb wine appetizer, at room temperature, the second is a classic wine throughout the
meal, with an inviting ruby color. The “Selezione del Conte” includes handrolled pasta in the traditional formats Orecchiette and Cavatelli, oil products (dried tomatoes, green olives), the classic sauces such as tomato sauce, cream pepper, olive paste, artichokes, peas and lentils.
These are the most authentic tastes and flavors of traditional lands Andria, produced according to ancient rules, selected with the wisdom of one who loves his country and respects the natural rhythms.

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