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Fattoria Uccelliera di Poggianti M. Elena

Via Pontita, 26, 56043 Fauglia

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Herb liqueurs

Our products

Product category: Toscana

Ginepraia white

Production Area: Tuscany – Center Italy
Place: Fauglia (Pisa)
Altitude: 150m a.s.l
Exposure: south - west
Position: hilly
Grapes: White Pinot and Viognier
Classification: Indicazione Geografica Tipica
After bottling: left maturing minimum one month
Alcohol: 12,5°
Colour: white with light green shades.
Fragrance: fine, delicate, sharp, fruity, floral
Flavour: dry, lively, fresh with a lasting leaving-taste.
Gastronomy: excellent as aperitif, it goes well with fish and white meat dishes or with not particulary elaborated meal.
Service temperature: 10°-12°
Longevity: not over eighteen months to maintain the original freshness.

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Product category: Toscana

Syrah 7 Dieci

Production Area: Tuscany
Place: Fauglia (Pisa)
Altitude: 200 m a.s.l.
Exposure: South-East
Position: hilly
Soil composition: medium mixture with calcareous fossils
Vitigni: Syrah 100%
Culture: pruned-spur cordon-trained
Vine density: 5500 plants/hectare
Average age of the vines: 20 years
Yield per hectare: 70 quintals
Yield per plant: 0.8 kg
Summer thinnings: a passage, in mid-July
Harvest: manual into boxes, in mid-October
Vinification: fermentation into stainless steel tanks in contact with the skins for about 7 days, pumping over and punching down. Break and dipping of the cap.
Fermentation temperature: about 28 °C
Malolactic fermentation: Yes
Maturation: a part of the wine is aged in French oak barrels for 12 months.
Bottle aging: at least six months.
Alcohol: 13%

Colour: Deep ruby red with violet hues.
Fragrance: Notes of red fruit, coffee and pepper in harmony; hints of vanilla.
Flavour: Elegant and well-structured, with fine tannins and a long finish.
Gastronomy: It perfectly goes with game, roasts and mature cheeses.
How to serve: We recommend to uncork at least 30 minutes before serving it.
Service temperature: serve at 18-20 °C
Quantity and size: 3,300 Bottles (0.75L)

The unusual name “7Dieci” recalls the date of birth of the founder of the company, our Dr. Antonio Bulleri. It is to him that we owe a lot and it is him who taught us to get till here. To remember him, we have decided to dedicate to him this pure syrah grape variety, which he particularly loved.

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Product category: Herb liqueurs


Our Amordamaro was born at the beginning of XX century, wher our grandmother Isola prepared this liqueur for friends who visited her durino Christmastime. Fortunally she left us the precious recipe and we went on with a serious production.

Unlike the other Amaro, our Amordamaro is not so bitter, but quite sweet. Thi is the reason of its name: in italian AMORE means LOVE and our Amaro is sweet as love.

Obtained by maceration of aromatic herbs.

Colour: very dark.
Fragrance: it remembers the bitter orange, the whitethorn, the bergamot and some toasted coffeee notes. Very original and scheming, it let think to old flavours, nowadays forgotten.
Flavour: warm, yellow, armonic and velvety, sweet
Alcohol: 38%.
Gastronomy: It can be used as digestive liqueur, as lacing in the coffee without using sugar or put on ice-cream or on fresh cakes like panna cotta, crème caramel etc. During hot seasons, it can be drunk cold (5°)
Left maturino after bottling: three months

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About us

Company details

The estate is situated between Fauglia and Lorenzana municipalities, in the province of Pisa.
We invite you to cross the farm gate to get to know the different types of white and red wine, traditional Vin Santo, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Here you will also find other products such as grappa, brandy, the fragrant Amaro, the various types of honey and the tasty jellies, all high quality products and original taste, we'll be happy to let you taste.

If you have never been here it's hard to believe that such a peaceful place as Fattoria Uccelliera lies among towns and thickly populated areas.
Crossing the threshold of this place is enough to feel that everything has changed both inside and outside ourselves. This is what happens at the farm, that is still as it was centuries and centuries ago.

The ancient farmhouses, that have been fondly restored are nowadays perfectly integrated in the wholly intact landscape and represent both an agricultural resource and a farm holidays resort.

The strong presence of local wild animals, which has always chosen this area as their habitat, tells us a great naturalistic value of the estate.
How could we explain the sudden impression of being in peace with ourselves that we get on our arrival here? It's very difficult to explain it in simple language. And what about colours, sounds and smells? The only way to give an answer to all is to cross the border of Fattoria Uccelliera.

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