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Bodega Les Useres, S.A.T.

Carretera Vall D'alba s/n, 12118 Les Useres (Castellón)

Telephone +34 964 964760033
Fax +34 964 388526

This company is co-exhibitor of
Conselleria de Agricultura Generalitat Valenciana

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Protected Geographical Indications / Wines from the Region

Our products

Product category: Protected Geographical Indications / Wines from the Region


The Hoopoe, an inseparable icon of our land and our people, works together with winegrowers, the wind, the rain and the sun in the care of the vineyards. The elders say that when the Hoopoe returns from Africa to Les Useres it brings along good weather.

Hoopoes visit our land twice a year, a presence that has become a characteristic of our village. The hoopoe in fact contributes in the care of the vineyards, and it is a commonly said that when it arrives from Africa, it brings along good weather. For these reasons, we have decided to pay it tribute in “L’Alcalatén”, a wine that represents the essence of our land, as it does this beautiful bird.

Our village’s soils grow the grapes of the Tempranillo varietal, that are treated with care to obtain an intense wine, aged in American oak barrels during 6 months, achieving a wine with a deep and complex aroma of red ripe fruits, with a brilliant cherry colour.

L’Alcalatén’s label is classical and elegant, with our Hoopoe as our icon in the center, but giving importance to the contents of the bottle, a wine made to enjoy, taste and travel to Castellón’s landscapes, sea and Nature.

Beautiful and brilliant cherry colour. Intense on the nose with a touch of red ripe fruit and balsamic notes, with a tasty toasted background.

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Product category: Protected Geographical Indications / Wines from the Region

33route - Tempranillo Bonicaire 2013

· Colour: Intense colour, with a brilliant and very nice granate cherry tonalities.
· Aroma: Very expressive Tempranillo. Good intensity to the nose, with reminiscence to red flowers, ripe red fruits, ripe banana touches as well as slight balsamic and alcohol notes. There is background of toasted scents.
· Taste: Good attack in the mouth, with a certain warmth, medium body, correct acidity and good passage.

· Varietals: 70%Tempranillo and 30 % Bonicaire.
· Denomination: Wine from Castellón.
· Planted Area: 80 Ha.
· Age of the vines: 30 years Tempranillo /40 Bonicaire.

· Crushing and destemming: Gently, at slow speed.
· Tanks: Refrigerated stainless steel tanks.
· Fermentation process: Under controlled temperature (20-22º C).
· Malolactic Fermentation: Yes.
· Ageing in Oak Barrels: 6 Months in new finessed, half toasted American oak barrels.

Alcohol level: 13,5% Vol.

Our high quality corks come from sustainable corktree forests in the Sierra de Espadán area, Castellón, Spain, certified under the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label.

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Product category: Protected Geographical Indications / Wines from the Region

33route - Macabeo Chardonnay 2013

· Colour: Beautiful pale yet brilliant yellowish colour.
· Aroma: Fruity and soft with predomination of white pulp fruits (apple).
· Mouth: Young with acid notes and fresh character, characteristic of selected early harvests. Tasty and persistant final.

· Varietals: 75% Macabeo and 25% Chardonnay.
· Denomination: Wine from Castellón.
· Planted Area: 5 Ha.
· Age of the vines: 27 years Macabeo and 10 years Chardonnay.

· Crushing and Destemming: Gently, at low speed.
· Pellicular Maceration: In cold during 3-4 hours.
· Must: Obtained by traditional gravity draining, not by pressing.
· Tanks (type): Refrigerated Stainless Steel Tanks.
· Fermentation Process: Controlled Temperature (14 – 16 ºC).
· Malolactic Fermentation: Yes.
· Ageing in Oak Barrels: No.

Alcohol level: 13,5% Vol.

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About us

Company details

The history of our cellar is a history of a dream, of effort and perseverance, and of the willingness to do things right. Everything started in 1960, when 86 winegrowers of L’Alcalatén county, within Castellón province, gathered to make the dream of producing good wine true.

At that time we had few resources but we had something that motivated us, and it was our passion for the land and the wine. Thus, we started to build the cellar ourselves and we called it after the village where it lies, Les Useres.

It was a slow but steady progress, until in the 90s we decided to maintain our objectives and build totally new facilities to adapt the cellar to new times. This investment brought the incorporation of innovative technologies for wine production, the enlargement of spaces, like the addition of racks for American oak barrels, and the installation of a completely new bottling system.

Under the Geographical Indication “IGP Castelló”, Bodega Les Useres has been the main producer of this quality seal since its creation.

The quality has been achieved year after year, harvest after harvest, by means of understanding the climate of our region and also thanks to the experience and wisdom of our winegrowers, having as a result wines that have their own personality in taste, colour and aromas, all under our brands: “86 winegrowers”, “33 route” and “L’Alcalatén”.

We are delighted to present you our products, our region, our people, our dream. Welcome to our cellar.

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