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Product category: Puglia


2015 was a challenge, but we have such special growers that they pulled off a miracle: they had the patience to wait until they could deliver excellent ripe grapes.

What is so special about Primitivo? Well, it is genetically identical to California’s Zinfandel, BUT it is Italian, and like most of the Italians that I have met, it is warm, generous and friendly.

A Mano Primitivo is Italian in its heart: elegant, fruity, fresh, complex, interesting and DRINKABLE.

And when I make A Mano Primitivo I feel almost Italian: I make wine like Elvi cooks, with great care for the gorgeous ingredients and lots of respect for tradition and heritage.

Around mid-September, when the ripe grapes arrived we crushed and refrigerated them, then allowed to ferment with their own wild yeasts. The very cold fermentation (16 °C) proceeds for several weeks. The wines then rest underground before bottling.

Open a bottle and share it with friends over a plate of pasta: penne all’arrabbiata or spaghetti alla carbonara, but remember: whatever you can grill, roast or stew we guarantee it will go well with A Mano Primitivo!

As an Italian chef wrote “Primitivo goes so well with food because the peppery notes actually the season the morsel in your mouth”. Enjoy.

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Product category: Puglia


Fiano Minutolo 60%
Falanghina 30%
Greco 10%
2015 was a very nice harvest in Puglia. We love Fiano Minutolo with its pure ripe peach aromas. Falanghina is a beautiful match adding citrusblossoms, muscles and minerality, and Greco is awonderful grape that brings structure to the blend.

A Mano Bianco combines crisp and cleanflavors with concentration and length.The aromas of ripe pears, orange blossoms, whitepeaches and a whiff of jasmine are seductiveand rewarding. I love the balance between depthand energy.Ripe grapes were pressed and fermented clean andcold for a very long time (10 weeks). We also driedsome of the Fiano until the end of October andblended this super juice into the wine at the veryend of fermentation.

This is the most unusual white wine that youwill try from Puglia, maybe even all of Italy. It is a fresh, delightful aperitivo. A perfect match forseafood, chicken and salads, we adore it in spring with asparagus and in the summer with a freshpasta like spinach ravioli. Yes, it is delicious fordrinking on its own, but when you have aslightly richer dish it really shines.

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Product category: Puglia


Primitivo 75%
Aleatico 25%
Rosato is a difficult wine to make as it needs special color and full flavor at lower ripeness.Not easy to find in Puglia. We typically change vineyards and composition every year to keep the style consistent. We chose a Primitivo and an Aleatico vineyard this year. The Primitivo contributes that lovey blackberry character and the Aleatico has a ripe peach and tropical fruit aroma that gives complexity and interest to this delightful wine.

A Mano Rosato is pleasure in the bottle.It wants to stimulate all your senses and leave you wanting more. The wine is immediately and hedonistically enjoyable, then offers wave upon wave of flavors that evolve. It jumps out of the glass with exotic tropical fruit aromas and a hint of crystalized ginger. Rich, lush citrus flavors follow up and combine with creamy fruit to balance the vibrant acidity.

Rosato is the most versatile wine in the rack.It goes with everything! Aperitivo, seafood, grilled meat, cheese, spicy Asian, Indian…. We bet you cannot come up with a meal that does not show how good this Rosato is. We showed it to one of our very good customers right after bottling and his comment was “You’ve done it again!” Nice praise……

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Product category: Puglia


Negroamaro 100%
The last vintage of A Mano Negroamaro sold out very quickly and our clients asked for more. In 2015 we wanted to make a really expressive and concentrated Negroamaro. With the help of a very dedicated grape grower we made a real powerhouse! Delightful in its youth with all the exuberant fruit flavors, A.Mano Negroamaro will also age for a very long time and develop the complexities of mature Burgundy.

The intense aromas of crushed berries –juicy and sweet, then black cherries and spices jump out. Look again and you find a floral note, like the heart of an apricot colored rose. Floral notes are common in white wines, but rare in reds; A Mano Negroamaro is one of the few reds that have it, and it is seductive.

Keep a few bottles in the fridge for those hot summer days and enjoy a chilled glass while firing up the coals. This wine will shine with spicy sausages, fresh pasta with homemade meatballs, or barbequed chicken.

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Product category: Puglia


This the strangest question Elvi has asked me in our 15 years together. Only after a while I understood what she meant.

There is no doubt that the wines that I make bear my signature. Winemaking is such a deep passion for me that I dedicate myself to it with all my soul.

So how could we make a wine that truly reflected my personality? 2012 gave me the opportunity to do it: a big, bold wine ready to give you a warm strong hug and a smile: IMPRINT.

IMPRINT is red, made from dried Primitivo grapes.
It is certainly young, and yet already velvety and supple, with a soft long finish that envelopes the high alcohol (14,8%).

I made IMPRINT with the desire to reproduce the style of an Amarone, one of the Italian wines that we most love, elegant and powerful at the same time.

I am most proud of this wine and now that I have become a grandfather, I know that IMPRINT will still be gorgeous when my beautiful grandson turns 21.
To Gabriel.

Enjoy it with us

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Product category: Puglia


Susumaniello is a rare, ancient red Puglian grape, grown in the Salento Peninsula and until a few years ago was used mostly as a blending component.

Its name comes from the local dialect and it means “Little Donkey”. Old timers, the keepers of wisdom, told us that the name comes from the enormous load the vines bear when young, so heavy that they could only be carried by a donkey, but others say that it is so called because it is difficult to manage, almost stubborn.

“Finally we have a grape with the same personality as the winemaker” Elvi told me… (I hope she meant hard working and reliable, but she may have actually meant stubborn). I could not resist the challenge of working with this precious and unique variety.

In the glass the wine has deep, inky, purple-black color. It offers extraordinary aromas of blueberries, violets, spring flowers, creme de cassis and Mediterranean herbs in a full-bodied, voluptuous and massively textured package.

While a big wine, it carries itself beautifully and has fantastic freshness, fine tannin and a seamless finish that keeps you coming back to the glass. It is noted for its deep color and enormous tannins; when treated gently the tannins balance an intense red fruit flavor. This is a wine where the earth, people and the terroir shine.

Pure Puglia, Pure Mark, Pure Susumaniello. Enjoy!

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About Puglia
Puglia is not only Old World, it is Old Italy. A place where there is always time for a visit, where families eat together every day, where you know your neighbors because you grew up with them. It is also the home of simple great cooking. Everything is fresh, in-season, harvested ripe and prepared simply to accentuate the intrinsic taste. We adore Puglia and make A•Mano the same way a great Puglian cook prepares a meal – with Love!

We work with the best vineyards and do everything possible to maintain the purity of their flavors. Tradition is vital in Puglia, and our winemaking is traditional, natural and respectful. We use the native yeast that grows on the grapes. Our fermentations are kept cool to preserve the flavors of the vineyards. Everything possible is done to preserve the flavors, not manufacture them.

Elvezia is from Friuli in the far northeast of Italy, and Mark is Californian. We made Puglia our home because something is still possible here that is fast disappearing in the rest of the wine world – hand made (A•Mano) great wines that are affordable.

Here times runs slow, family and friends still get together for a long lunch even in the middle of the week; quality of life is important.

You shop for the most wonderful, fresh, ripe seasonal fruit and vegetables and can find extraordinary homemade bread baked by grandma in a wood oven.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? That’s why we adore it, made it our home, chose this region to make A•Mano.

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