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Bodega Akutain, S. L.

Camino La Manzanera, s/n, 26200 Haro

Telephone +34 941 302651

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Our products

Product category: Rioja

Gran Reserva 2004

This is an excellent red wine with the virtues of the great classic wines of Rioja Alta, with a long, gradual and careful ageing. Corresponding to the 2004 vintage, which was rated as excellent in Rioja, this wine was aged in oakbarrels during 994 days.

The perfect pairing for this wine would be all kinds of red meat and even cheese or pâté. We recommend opening the bottle 30 minutes before consumption for oxygenation.

With a tile red color and a thick and consistent tear, this wine is bright and presents great clarity with a high layer. In the nose it is explosive and frank, showing its roast aromas at their best mixed with leathers and tobaccoes, revealing this way its aromatic power in a well- assembled form. As the wine aerates and oxygenates it changes in a chameleonic way, disappearing the leather and the balsamic sparkles, and being the caffé latte and vanilla notes more intensely felt.

This is a very interesting wine in the nose. When we drink it we find the elegance of this wine at its maximum. With an excellent palate and an almost exaggerated warmth, it produces a magical salivation, reflecting a slow and good ageing.

The flavour is enveloping, tannins are very delicate and alcohol is well integrated, being almost unnoticed as well as proving to be a wine where all natural processes have taken very slowly, with a very high nanoproteins extraction. The result is a wine with a strong skeleton, but difuminated with certain fatty touches and well polymerized.

In the end, a long and pleasant aftertaste lasts completing the experience.

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Product category: Rioja

Reserva 2006

Both the power and the roundness of this wine show its classic features, but with a touch of sweetness that gives him some femininity and reveals a long life ahead. The 2006 vintage was rated as very good in Rioja and we decided to give this wine an oakbarrel ageing process of 1,026 days. Being aware that we were allowed to label this wine as Gran Reservaaccording to the characteristics of its ageing process, we have decided to label it and market it as Reserva, appeal more in line with the characteristics of this wine during tasting.

This wine is very suitable to be paired with all kinds of appetizers and meats. We recommend opening the bottle 30 minutes before consumption for oxygenation.

The Reserva 2006 is clean and bright, with a medium-high layer and scoring advanced ruby hues beautifully assembled with red tile colored shadows. The tear is dense and consistent, symptom of a serious and well sculpted wine.

Light balsamic notes attached to understory fruits, nuts and spices appear in the nose, with a slightly vanilled finish. All this is accompanied by a velvety, sweet, very warm and feminine intensity. Despite the time elapsed in this wine, it is significant to discover still some red fruit, especially plum, hidden in that compendium of aromas.

When we drink the wine all those ripe red fruits appear with greater intensity, increasing our surprise so that the previously appreciated warmth in the nose explodes then in the mouth giving the palate sensations of force and liveliness, supported by a well-marked and defined skeleton, presenting some good tannins.

Ii is a frank and fleshy wine in the aftersmell and has a medium - long aftertaste.

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Product category: Rioja

Crianza 2012

The Akutain Crianza 2012 is a Premium Crianza wine that links the complexity and strength of highly expressive wines with the elegance and velvety softness of the great iconic wines of the subregion Rioja Alta. True to the style of Bodega Akutain (using grapes coming from the same family owned vineyards year after year, following the "chateaux" style, enables to appreciate links between the different vintages and different wines), this wine maintains its classic features of long aging in less aggressive wood (not so new barrics), but it somewhat shows a bit more its "fruity" touch than his Akutain older brothers, the Reservas or Gran Reservas. The vintage 2012 was rated as very good by the D.O.Ca. Rioja and we decided in our winery to select part of the harvest, after 639 days of aging in barrels, to make this Crianza wine we now offer.

This wine is great for its pairing with not too light starters, with all kinds of red meats, hunting dishes and even with some mature cheeses. We recommend opening the bottle 30 minutes before consumption for oxygenation.

At sight, Akutain Crianza 2012 is very bright, showing a medium to high intensity and reflecting the characteristic red ruby colors with a well-marked red tile edging. The tear denotes a fatty, well packaged wine, appearing thick, regular and consistent.

Proceeding to the olfactory phase of the tasting, the wine enters very clean in the nose and with great intensity: spicy leather conjoined in a balanced way with nuts and nutmeg appears clearly. As we go deeper we encounter very clean scents of vanilla, accompanied by a slight note of fine and envelopeing roasts. Olfactory it is a tireless, tasty and elegant wine.

The palate confirms in a frank and clear way what we previously perceived on the nose, with a subtle and stylish attack at the beginning. Then your mouth is invaded by a sea of sensations: beginning with a taste of red fruits where the ripe plum is highlighted, then follows a touch of white chocolate well assembled with bitter almond and in the end a medium-long aftertaste with an intense feeling of coffee roasting.

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About us

Company details

Bodega Akutain is a family runned winery with nearly 40 years of experience in the production of quality red wines with D.O.Ca. Rioja * (almost only Reserva and Gran Reserva).

Following the old "chateaux style", all the wine we produce comes exclusively from own vineyards surrounding our winery, which is located in the town of Haro (considered the capital of the Rioja Alta area, one of the 3 areas that DO Rioja is divided in) although very near the town of Anguciana (about 4 km from the town of Haro).

This “chateaux style” is very rare in the D.O.Ca. Rioja (on the other side it is very common in Bordeaux), where you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of wineries that follow this style and where an average of 80% of the production of certified "Rioja" grape is produced by farmers who sell their grapes to cooperatives and large wine cellars instead of producing any wine themselves.

The care and farming year after year, of the same vineyards allows Bodega Akutain to produce its wines in small quantities and this care follows during the craftwork, from the grapepicking until they reach their highest expression in the bottle and get exposed to your enjoyment.

Finally, it is important to add that Bodega Akutain is one of the very few wineries (probably we don't reach a dozen) throughout the D.O.Ca. Rioja that fulfills the requirements to exhibit the subzone of "Rioja Alta" (one of the most exclusive subzones in Rioja) on their labels, since their entire production comes from this subzone.

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