Paolo Rodaro Winery

Via Cormons, 60, Spessa di Cividale, 33043 Cividale del Friuli (UD)

Telephone +39 0432 716066
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Our products

Product category: Friuli Venezia-Giulia

Ribolla Gialla Flower 2015

Sensory profile
This Ribolla Gialla delights the eye with a shimmering, gold-highlighted straw yellow. A rich, seductive bouquet whose hallmarks are remarkable intensity and length opens to multi-faceted tropical fruit, with crisp, ripe pineapple and a vibrant array of sweet yellow peach and mango. The palate exhibits the highest intensity possible of varietal fruit, while an exceptionally-fine balance and complexity are significant additions to its judicious weight. A delicious duet on the finish between sweet and bitterish, absolutely classic to this grape, leaves the palate clean and fresh, and is a good reason for enjoying this wine on its own, even without food.

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Product category: Friuli Venezia-Giulia

Pinot Grigio Flower 2015

It appears a deep straw yellow, with subtle coppery overtones. A near-explosive nose impresses with its elegant forcefulness and peak-ripeness fruit. First to emerge are notes of mixed roasted nuts, apple, and pear, soon followed and enriched by a stylish touch of crisp citrus, which for this grape is a classic indicator of a good growing year. The bouquet lingers nicely, continuing with ripe fruit and hints of tropical flora. The palate offers notable weight for the Pinot Grigio grape, as well as superb balance of all components, while the terroir contributes a tangy richness. A lengthy finish ensures prolonged savouring of the wine’s fruit and mineral qualities.

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Product category: Friuli Venezia-Giulia

Friulano Flower 2015

Deep gold-yellow. Notable aromatic balance and integration are immediately evident on the nose, along with ideal ripeness of all components. Elegant impressions of well-ripened peach and pear are backed by warm sensations of roasted nuts and marzipan. This expansive, long-lingering bouquet effectively presages a wine that is richly complex and lengthy. Radiating vibrancy and warmth beautifully characterise this Friulano, as do the supple minerality and intriguing impressions of roasted nuts that fuel its progression into a near-endless finish laced with bitterish almond.

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About us

Company details

Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a region in northeastern Italy bordering Austria, Slovenia and the Veneto, extending from the Adriatic Sea to the Alps. It possesses historical sites of immense fascination and pristine, gorgeous landscapes that are almost unknown to the mass tourist. A secret garden, waiting to be disovered.
The Rodaro winery, located in Spessa, is surrounded by the hills of the Colli Orientali, just a few kilometres from Cividale del Friuli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The benchmark official document of the Rodaros is dated 23 March 1846. Registered with the seal of the then-Austro-Hungarian Empire, it testifies that the Rodaro family even in that time was dedicated to the cultivation of the land. The notarised act is a gift within the family: Paola, widow of Antonio Rodaro makes a gift of a piece of land to stepson Giacomo Rodaro. The Azienda Rodaro is born.

The Rodaros were a hard-working family, known for their tenacity and for their commitment to hard work. The family were a true benchmark among the farmers of the area, and they flourished thanks to their business ability and farsightedness, growing to posses 135 hectares of property, with 57 in vineyards.

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