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Product category: Piemont


Denomination: Barolo docg RISERVA
Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Origin: Serralunga d’Alba (CN)
Single-vineyard: Arione
Alcohol: 14 % vol.
Total Acidity: 5.5% g/l.
Dry Extract: 28 g/l.
Vinification: Fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel vats, with daily pumping-over and post-fermentation maceration with submerged cap.
Ageing: After the alcoholic fermentation, Malo-lactic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then aged for 48 months in Slavonian oak barrels. During this period, the wine is racked and then the barrels are topped off as needed in order to maintain the potential the vineyard has to offer.
Bottle Ageing: 12 months.
In the heart of our Arione Estate, an olive tree has survived cold Piedmontese winters for more than 100 years, a testament to the exceptional microclimate of this unique position. In the best vintages, grapes from the Ulivo vineyard (approximately 2 acres or 0.8 Ha) reach a degree of ripeness and intensity of perfume that give the wine its extraordinary bouquet. It is aged for more than four years in the barrel and then the bottle only in the fifth year can the wine legally become a Riserva. Approximately 3,900 bottles are produced (only in the best vintages).
Intense garnet-red with lively orange highlights
Complex, ethereal and earthy. Rich with aromas of licorice, black cherry, dried figs and plums, with notes of clove, smoke and slate.
A powerful structure, warm and intense, as only Barolo from Serralunga can be. Dry, yet balanced and dense, with a long finish and a pleasant aftertaste known in French as “goudron”.
Food Pairing
Meat dishes, such as braised meat (Brasato al Barolo) and game, and aged cheeses.

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Product category: Piemont


Denomination: Langhe doc Rosato
Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Origin: Alba (CN)
Alcohol: 13 % vol.
Total Acidity: 5,8 g/l.
Vinification: Fermentation at low temperature in stainless steel. Short maceration with skins (24 hours) and contact with yeasts (4-5 months). Bottled in the spring.
Description: Soft pressing the grapes gives the must its lovely coppery colour, it is then clarified naturally in the vat for 24 hours until the sediment settles to the bottom. The fermentation is then initiated which lasts for approximately one month at temperatures of 15°C-16°C. When it has finished fermenting, the wine is racked and continues ageing on the fine lees until spring in order to obtain greater complexity of flavour and aroma.

Colour: Salmon-pink with copper hues.
Bouquet: Hints of rose, and fresh summer fruit, especially peaches.
Taste: The Nebbiolo grape gives this wine its full body and its freshness, which comes from its good level of acidity and a lightly tannic note that gives it a pleasantly long finish.
Food Pairing: Cold appetizers, fish and shellfish. Ideal as an aperitif.

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Product category: Piemont


Denomination: Moscato d’Asti docg
Variety: 100% Moscato
Origin: Neviglie (CN)
Alcohol: 5 % vol.
Total Acidity: 5.5 g/l.
Dry extract: 23 g/l.
Vinification: Traditional in temperature controlled steel tanks.
Description: Moscato d’Asti is a sweet white wine that is lightly effervescent with lively acidity and delicate yet complex aromas. The Moscato varietal that produces this unique white wine is cultivated over a wide area that is included in parts of the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria. This golden coloured grape has a sugary pulp and is rich in aromatic components that pass directly into the must and give the wine its characteristic grapey ‘moscato’ flavour. Vinification requires soft pressing in a controlled atmosphere in order to maintain the delicate fragrance of the must that is immediately clarified, filtered and preserved at a low temperature to avoid fermentation. The must is then fermented in stainless steel pressure controlled tanks until it develops 5 degrees of alcohol and approximately 1.5 atmospheres of pressure. At this point, the fermentation is blocked by cooling and the wine is ready to be bottled and consumed.
Colour: Light straw-yellow
Bouquet: Intense honey, orange blossom, peach and apricot.
Taste: Good balance between sugar and acidity, with flavours of summer fruits such as apricot and peach and a lively freshness from light carbonation, which gives this wine its pleasant froth.
Food pairing: Served chilled with dessert or as a summer aperitif.

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About us

Company details

Our winery in Castiglione Falletto, the heart of the Barolo area, is the center of vinification for the grapes which we produce on our four estates.

Each one a cru accurately selected from the exposures most profoundly given to vine growing among the hills of the Langhe.

The experienced choice of the land, the passionate care of the vineyards, as well as the careful selection of grapes during the harvest allow us to have at our disposition approximately 300.000 kg. of splendid grapes each year.

We believe that this, together with our rigorous respect for local wine making tradition and 40 years of enological experience, guarantee an outstanding result for each wine we produce.

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