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KOLBY winery was founded in 1997 in Pouzdřany –South Moravia – a wine region with a rich and long history since 13th century. Kolby is also a name of the single 34 ha vineyard planted in a beautiful panorama of savannah Pouzdřanská step. A core philosophy of KOLBY is to produce high quality wines with an approved origin in Mikulov wine sub-region, Czech Republic, coming from the grapes grown on winery’s own vineyard. A great volume of green works with respect to a long tradition of viticulture in the region is what characterises KOLBY. Our aim is to offer matured wines, and therefore all our wines are aged in perfect conditions of historical cellars for a minimum period of 2 years before introduced to our customers. Minerality, fruity notes, crispy acids, a balanced sugar content and a unique terroir imprint, both on the palette and in the mouth, is what you can find in every glass of wines from KOLBY, wines appreciated by wine lovers home and abroad too.

The greatest treasure of KOLBY is the eponymous vineyard located in the close proximity of a savannah Pouzdřanská step. Preserved natural heritage, loss loam soils and a specific microclimate creates a typical terroir that shows off in aromas and tastes of our wines. On 34 ha of a single vineyard we grow 7 white and 2 blue vine varieties, Rieslings being true flagships of the wide production. Vine has been grown in the area since ancient times as declared by numbers of archaeological researches. Pouzdřanská step is home of many kinds of insects, grasses and lizards. Visit KOLBY and experience an unforgettable view on splendid Moravian vine-landscape.

The name of the Kolby winery is derived from a hill of the same name situated on the edge of the Pouzdřany village. The name comes most likely from German and is liked with a traditional bilingual settlement in the area. In German the expression Kolben has quite a lot of meanings. It was for example a name of sledgehammers or a mace, later also a musket butt. To the less spread meanings belongs, however, an expression for a stick, which could have a link with vineyards because a considerable amount of rods is needed to build them. One of the other theories about the origin of the name Kolby is a possible joining of the word Kolben with an expression Berg, that is a German word for a hill, or with a phrase Kalh Berg or Kolm Berg. These are in the local German names an expression for deforested areas, which are in Czech called 'chlum'. This phrase could have been gradually distorted to the present Czech form. The third possible explanation is the use of the expression Kolben in Czech of that period. Aside from the original meanings it also stood for knight fights man against man and later even war clashes. Up until today the expression survived in the word 'kolbiště', marking an area for a fight or a match. The explanation that there were some matches happening in the Kolby area, however, doesn't have any support in historical sources. Výklad, že v místě Kolby probíhala jakási utkání, však žádnou oporu v historických pramenech nemá. Therefore the first or the second versions seem to be the most probable ones. Kolby is one of the few wooded hills of the Pouzdřany steppes and in this area there was always a significant lack of wood. Trees were therefore mined in a relatively early era and more than for the production of maces or coshes, it was in fact used for the production of rods for wine-growing. That is indicated by a local name Kolben Wald used in the 19th century.

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