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Product category: Emilia-Romagna

Cesco 1938

Cesco 1938 is a Superior Romagna Sangiovese and is named after Francesco Piccolo-Brunelli (born in 1938) the father of the current owner of the Piccolo-Brunelli estate.

Cesco 1938 begins its life on the hills close to Predappio, a region that cannot help but generate great wines. The combination of the soils, sun and a favourable climate create a terrain that gives this wine its unique taste and personality.

Cesco 1938 is created using the best Sangiovese grapes from select vineyards on the Piccolo-Brunelli estate. It is a young and flowery wine that expresses the freshness and vibrancy typical of the Sangiovese vine. Following a brief period of maturing in Italian oak barrels, a process that increases the fullness of the flavour and bouquet, it is allowed to refine and develop further in the bottle for over 6 months.

The wine is defined by a vivid ruby red colour that frames the typical bouquet associated with Sangiovese such as wild rose, violet, ripe red berries and cherry. Note also a hint of a slightly roasted and spiced flavour close to vanilla and liquorice on the nose. It has a rounded, long lasting taste with a full to medium body and soft tannins. Cesco 1938 is a fantastic wine that showcases all of the excellent qualities expected from a Sangiovese whilst still expressing a distinct individuality. It provides an excellent accompaniment to roasted or red meat dishes.

Best served at 18 degrees Celsius.

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Product category: Emilia-Romagna

Pietro 1904

Pietro 1904 is a Reserve Bordeaux style blend that takes its name from Pietro Piccolo-Brunelli (born 1904) the grandfather of the current owner of the Piccolo-Brunelli estate.

Pietro 1904 is a wine born of the fertile hills surrounding Predappio, the home of many elaborate and memorable wines. The combination of the soil, sun and overall climate create the perfect terrain for producing breathtaking wines. This landscape imbues the wine with an elegance and status that is unmistakably unique.

Pietro 1904 is composed of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes harvested on the Piccolo-Brunelli estate. The wonderful flavour inherent in these varieties of grape is allowed to mature and refine for two years in traditional French oak barriques and larger Italian oak barrels. This maturation process is then continued with over 6 months of in bottle curing that helps to create a rich and complex flavour.

It has an intense ruby red colour with a robust and full body. The layered bouquet gradually reveals fruity scents such as blackcurrant and blackberry along with the floral notes of small red flowers or peony. It is sharp and savoury on the palate with spiced overtones of vanilla and clove expressing themselves in the finish. This wine is ideal to accompany strong flavours such as venison fillet with juniper berries or sautéed goat cooked with artichoke.

Best served at 20 degrees Celsius.

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About us

Company details

The Piccolo Brunelli estate is made up of 350 hectares out of which 20 are vineyards.

Great care has been taken in the choice of the vines, the majority being the Sangiovese, native variety “par excellence”; the very special microclimate allowed us to add Syrah, Cabernet Sauvigon and Merlot.

The vineyard’s altitude and temperature range create ideal conditions for structured wines, rich in aroma and ideal for ‘in bottle’ maturing.

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