Poderi Dal Nespoli S.r.l. Azienda Agricola

Villa Rossi, 50, 47012 Nespoli (FC)

Telephone +39 0543 9899-11
Fax +39 0543 9899-99

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To talk about our wine, we can start with our land: Romagna.
It is here that we cultivate our vineyards and have our cellars, in the Bidente Valley. Here we live every day, in tune with the spirit of this generous land, welcoming and full of flavor.
For almost a century winemaking has set the rhythms of our lives, but over the years we have also chosen to ensure the quality of production by using the latest technology. This has allowed us to develop and implement a global vision for our enterprise, so that today we are able to export our wines to tables around the world and to cover the entire production chain. From the vineyard to the glass.

Our story, the magic of a territory
Almost a century ago, in 1929, in a part of Romagna between the Apennines and the sea, Attilio Ravaioli planted the rows of vines on the first vineyard he bought in the village of Nespoli, named Prugneto; this was followed by others, which are now part of the 110 hectares owned by the company.
The location is the Bidente Valley, which has territorial characteristics which are unique, almost magical, and the Sangiovese that is produced here is unique as well. The exposition of the vineyards and the geography of the valley, which keeps the vineyards well ventilated, contribute to a microclimate that is exceptionally ideal.
The resulting wines - Sangiovese in particular - are its most authentic expression.
To our history and our land we can add our present, and the cutting edge technology used to move our company towards a successful future in the global market.
We want to tell the story of our land
through what we produce.
We want to be the most authentic, innovative,
and genuine expression of our territory, while
operating at a very low environmental impact.
Our wine is the spirit of Romagna.
In it we concentrate the essence of a land that lives for conviviality.
Cultivating the land, for us, means loving the land.
For this reason, respecting the environment comes naturally to us.
We are committed to minimizing the impact that our production has on the environment by implementing the recycling of heat and water and by reducing noise pollution. In addition, we provide 95% of our energy needs with the use of solar panels.

From local tradition to global innovation.
The model of private agricultural entrepreneurship that we have chosen to employ has deep roots in our territory and its traditions, but also takes into account modern production systems, cutting edge technology, and the latest machinery. In addition, we are experimenting with the cultivation of non-native vines.

Generous and welcoming, like Romagna.
With our wine we bring Romagna to the world, but if the world wants to come to Romagna, we are ready to receive visitors in our cellar and guests in the hospitality structures that we have created in order to welcome them in style, with a gazebo for important events and an amphitheater.
In addition, in our Bottega del Vino, you can taste and buy many other local products, made with love in Romagna, that we have patiently and carefully selected for our home, which is always open to welcome new friends

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