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Limonio S.A.S.

Contrada Ingastona, 90047 Partinico (PA)

Telephone +39 091 8907044
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Nature respected, Nature bottled.

Respected nature, bottled nature: this is the claim of a firm that reflects life values, which from generation to generation, are hand on in time and that still today the Russo’s brothers, owners of Limonio, consider a must, to respect daily.

It is sufficient to think that the name, Limonio, represents a homage to the traditions that grandmother, and still before her grandmother, has always held alive in the Russo’s family.

The Limonio is born in the first 90’s from a brilliant but unexpected intuition of the brother Vincenzo that suddenly says to his sisters: “what about producing u' limonio ra' nonna (our grandmother's liqueur)?”.

The agricultural family company, that produces citrus fruits, mulberry, pricley pears, olives and wine grapes from two centuries, already destined the own products to the market ortofrutticolo and to the transformation of fresh fruits, but it had never experienced the production, the bottling and the commercialization of liqueurs made up of fruits and spices.

Such activity, however, was a natural consequence deriving from the fact of possessing not only the top quality of raw materials, but also the receipt that grandmother’s grandmother guarded jealously and that still now the Russo’s are engaged themselves to maintain secret.

These are the elements that distinguish the products of the Limonio (lemon, orange, tangerine, mulberry, prickly pear, cinnamon, spices, laurel liqueur and extra virgin olive oil) and render them so unique as unequalled: only the best fruits, cultivated with care and respect for the environment without the use of pesticides or chemical elements; only the best alcohol, the one deriving from Italian grapes; only the best cinnamon and the best spices; neither adding colouring nor preservatives.

For this reason the labels of the products are therefore short, essential, but at the same time they succeed in communicating the high quality of the product, sending back to the Sicilian ancient tastes, and showing inspiration and a care for the detail that no other competitor possesses.

The personal and familiar values of everyone of Russo’s brothers, the respect for the work, for the earth, for the life in general, represent a plus that is more reflected as in the products as in the business values, creating a company of quality rather than of price.

The high quality of the products but at the same time the extreme simplicity which they are made of, meets the tastes of the most demanding consumers able to recognize the deep differences between what the market offers.

The Limonio products, exclusive and incomparable, address to a target of connoisseurs and not, who know genuine and natural qualities that emerge from the taste, from the sense of smell, in the intense and decided scents of essential oils of the fruits, but still before from the sight: it’s enough a glance to realize the simplicity of the product, totally lacking in colouring.

The costs? The Limonio doesn’t save itself. And this is not only a vision and the business philosophy, but it corresponds to a way of being that doesn't compromise: quality at first place; and quality, we know it, costs.

But quality also rewards. And in this case it is ever true; a proof is the great attention and the remarkable interest that since the first launch on the market, the press, and still more the consumers, have shown towards Limonio.

Today the company, after the results obtained in trading field, but aware of the difficulty of more and more compelling challenges, is ready to consolidate its own presence in the foreign markets, which moreover have already demonstrated a favourable consent, proposing, on one side, an big range of products able to respond to the various distributive requirements, and on the other hand, an intense plan of communication to support sales, concentrated initially, above all, in foreign country printing activity beyond that Italian.

In particular, given to peculiarity and refinement of the products, a particular focus is given to channel, wine cellars and wine bar, normally attended from our target.

Also locally, actions are previewed in order to push the spread of the Limonio products, through promotional and communicative plans, such as the participation in local events, sponsorships, in store promotion in sales points of OD, that are highly specialized in the field of wine cellars / Sicilian.

Currently Limonio has a turnover of approximately 350.000 € in constant increase from birth till today, for a total of approximately 60.000 bottles, produced and entirely sold, (the Limonio does not put into effect stock policies).

All the products are available in bottles of 20 cl and 50 cl, (except lemon liqueur, commercialized also in miniums size of 10 cl and in the maxi size of 70 cl) demonstrating of being absolutely online with the market.

The constant availability of raw materials, guarantees the possibility to make forehead also to huge orders.

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