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Firriato SRL

Via Trapani, 4, 91027 Paceco (TP)

Telephone +39 0923 882755
Fax +39 0923 1982100

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ProWein 2017 hall map (Hall 16): stand A77

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ProWein 2017 fairground map: Hall 16

About us

Company details

The name FIRRIATO takes its origin from the rural material culture of western Sicily, where the term was used to indicate the area close to the main house. A well defined and protected area where the most valuable crops were planted, starting with the vineyard. Firriato is an Italian term meaning enclosed, which by some strange linguistic trickery relates to the term Clos used in reference to French estates.
The history of the term firriato also lies in the rural districts of Sicily, along the old roads passing through the estates of the island’s noble agricultural families. Crossing the centuries, it reaches us with the pride of years of harvests past, not forgotten by a vine and wine culture that has ancient roots in the region of Trapani. The logo created by Firriato consists of an emblem designed to convey the identity and spirit of the company. The message is expressed in such a connotative and symbolic manner that it appears to enclose the universe in a small, defined space, as if protecting the value that makes it unique and inimitable. It is a reference to rationality, squaring the circle, order ruling chaos. A symbol that summarises the history and philosophy of a company: method, territory, pride and love as strong as steel. The classical notion nomen est omen, that is the theory that a name can have a significant role in determining key aspects of something or someone, has proved right once more, because the FIRRIATO wine production takes inspiration from the French term clos and Piedmont term girato. Behind a great wine there is always a great wine-producing territory with characteristic soil and climate conditions. All of Firriato’s agricultural estates have a distinguishing feature connected with the exposure, microclimate, soil composition or ventilation. Each one expresses its own identity. This diversity is an asset that must be protected and enhanced from soil to bottle.

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