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Podrumi manastira Tvrdos Ltd.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Our products

Product category: Bosnia-Herzegowina


100% Vranac

Petropavlovsko polje, Herzegovina

Aging: 24 months in old monastic oak barrels

Alcochol: 13,5%

Classic Vranac of Petropavlovo polje with distinctive flavors of dried cranberry and pleasant notes of overdone bread. The taste is very refreshing, with particular tones of fresh berries. Acids are living, vibrant, and last to the very finish, in which a pure flavor of ripe cherry is distinguished.

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Product category: Bosnia-Herzegowina

Hum – Cabernet Sauvignon

'Hum' is an Old Slavic word which means a 'hill' (holm) or a 'risen ground'. This grand, widely recognized wine has become naturalized in the Herzegovinian soil and just like the 'hum'  has risen above other  kinds of wine.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin: Popovo polje, Herzegovina

Aging: 24 months in old monastic oak barrels 

Alcochol: 13,6%

Striking aromas of dark forest fruits, with fragrant notes of sage and discrete chocolate tones in the background. It has a spicy and fruity taste, and refreshing acids reminiscent of fresh cranberries. In the end the fruit freshness remains. The wine is ideal for the traditional Serbian meal.

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Product category: Bosnia-Herzegowina

Izba – Merlot

An old poem reads that the Tvrdos Monastery had 'the monastic cellars filled with wine'. 'Izba' is an Old Slavic word denoting a cellar or a pit dwelling. The 'Izba' wine is a product of blending of Merlot from 2008 and 2009.

Grape variety: Merlot, a blend of two different years, 2008 and 2009

Origin: Petropavlovsko polje, Herzegovina

Alchocol: 13%

Fragrant tones of prunes and dried cranberries complemented by spicy flavours reminiscent of mint and sage. The wine is soft, with living and fruity acids and rounded tannins. The taste of dried red fruit with a mild note of nut is distinguished in the final taste.

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About us

Company details

In an old epic folk poem the monastery Tvrdoš and its cellars, or monastic closets filled with wine are mentioned. In the dark times after the collapse of the medieval Serbian state, Serbian monks in monasteries preserved a seed of the Serbian spirituality and culture, and the tradition of Serbian winemaking. After all, just the same as in the entire Europe, in our winemaking the greatest credit for the transfer of knowledge on growing grapewine and producing wine belongs to monasticism. Many famous wine houses of France, Italy, Spain and Germany were established at the old monastic estates or as the successors of their tradition. There are many Serbian monasteries that saved the winemaking reputation to this day: Visoki Dečani, Ljubostinja, Tvrdoš .

The monks of the monastery Tvrdoš started ten years ago a new chapter in the story of the monastic winemaking in our country. They took care of the grapevine in Trebinjsko polje, where the old plantations of the Vranac are located on 70 hectares of land and even built 60 hectares of young vineyards in Popovo polje.

Today the monastery has two cellars. In an old stone cellar from the 15th century, in hundred-year-old oak barrels vranac matures, and only ten meters away, next to the Trebisnjica, a new cellar is dug, equipped with the latest technology, but perfectly integrated into the existing complex.
Modern technological solutions include also a gravitational transport of wine during processing, enabled by height differences between different levels of cellars.

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