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Ciavolich Az. Agricola

D. da Salmacina 11, 65014 Loreto Aprutino (PE)

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Our products

Product category: Abruzzo


We produce only one Pecorino.

From one hectare of pergola planted by my father in 2000 we have produced, since 2003, this Pecorino.

The boxes of grapes are transported to the cellar in the early hours of the morning.

The grapes are pressed gently and the must is then decanted into stainless steel vats and barrels.

50 hl ferment in temperature controlled stainless steel vats whilst 24 hl are fermented in 4 600 ltr barrels from 2009.

The wine then stays of fine lees in stainless steel vats and barrels until February.

It is then bottled. It is at its best after the summer, and according to the harvest, it improves in the bottle even after some years.

Some notes: bright straw yellow. Aromas of candy and herbs. In the mouth dried fruit, mineral and fruity. Nice acidity and persistence.

In spring it matches well with pasta and asparagus, broad beans and peas dusted with pecorino cheese.

From autumn it’s perfect with mushroom dishes and with baked cheese toasties.

Approximately 9.000 bottles are produced.

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Product category: Abruzzo


Ancilla is young and proud of it. It comes from the idea of creating a wine capable of giving its best after a year of aging in the cellar.
Ancilla, in Roman times, was the young girl who served the wine at the tables of patricians.

The grapes come from younger vineyards of Loreto Aprutino and Pianella.
Traditional style temperature controlled vinification takes place in stainless steel vats, using the rack-and-return  method on the first day, followed by pumpover on subsequent days.

The wine is usually bottled before the next harvest.
Some notes: ruby red with light shades of purple.

The nose: red fruits like cherry and plum.
In the mouth: a good balance between young and soft tannins.

Pairs well with pasta dishes all’abruzzese and roast meat.
Approximately 30.000 bottles are produced.

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Product category: Abruzzo


Donna Ernestina was my great-grandmother. Thanks to her, I continue making wine today in Loreto Aprutino.

The Passerina Brut and like it’s name: fizzy and charismatic.

The grapes come from vineyards grown on trellises from 2011 in Loreto Aprutino.

Temperature controlled fermentation follows the gentle pressing of the grapes.

The transformation from still to sparkling takes place in Veneto care of a specialist producer.

Some notes: pale straw yellow colour.

Aromas of white flowers and icing sugar.

Delicate and silky bubbles.

It’s not only a perfect accompaniment to appetizers but good also throughout the meal especially with oysters and raw fish.

Approximately 6.000 bottles are produced.

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About us

Company details

My last name is Bulgarian. The Ciavolichs were wool merchants who, in 1500, arrived in Miglianico and where, in 1853, the family constructed their first wine cellar, which is one of today’s most ancient winemaking buildings in Abruzzo.  The building is spread over two floors: the ground floor was where the grapes were pressed and where mulled wine was produced.  The lower floor, on the other hand, is where the wine was left to age in the barrel and which could be reached by an underground tunnel hewn out of the earth - a passageway which could be used to escape from the village in times of trouble.

Our vineyards spread over the entire surrounding hillside, and life revolved around the harvest and the subsequent wine production.  When the carts arrived, laden with grapes from the countryside, the grapes were pressed inside the cellar and the must, via picturesque grids in the floor, poured down into the lower floor and directly into the wooden vats to ferment.  The liquid was left to age in great 132hl barrels, purposely built inside the cellar.

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