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Prosecco Spumante

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Product category: Prosecco Frizzante


Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. – Prosecco Superiore
Brut Nature – Millesimato
Rive San Pietro di Barbozza
All of Bortolomiol’s experience in the sparkling wine field was used to accomplish this additional challenge: continuing the exploits of Giuliano Bortolomiol as a skilled sparkling-wine maker and great experimenter, always looking for new ways forward in the name of high quality. This Grande Cuvèe is dedicated to him, the first one to make a Prosecco Brut, a Rive which is exclusively produced with grapes from the San Pietro di Barbozza vineyard, a Millesimato in order to present the particular characteristics of each vintage in the best possible way, and a Brut Nature method, a zero dosage. These characteristics inspired the colours of the new packaging: the dark brown of the earth and the light blue of the sky.

The owery bouquet demonstrate an austere, not aggressive character, a prelude to the dry, vibrant and powerful avour. Here you can be daring with accompanying dishes: apart from being a classic accompaniment to sea food, the good structure of this wine means it is perfect with white sh such as turbot, and white meats such as delicately prepared suckling pig.

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Product category: Prosecco Frizzante

SUPERIORE DI CARTIZZE Valdobbiadene Superiore D.O.C.G.

There is a particularly precious hillside area in Valdobbiadene called Cartizze. It is a place of breathtaking beauty, its allure ancient and timeless. The Cartizze hill is a genuine Grand Cru. It is said that in the rive of these few hilly hectares the best grapes are grown. For its unique exposure to the sun and the mineral-rich soil, here the vines produce more rounded berries, swollen with juice and with a sugary taste that makes them of superior quality. These grapes are only ever harvested by hand.

This Superiore di Cartizze has a fine and persistent perlage, a real invitation to drink. But first one should take a moment to enjoy its pleasant, inviting fragrance, the main feature of Prosecco Superiore. Here we have aromas of fruit cocktail, hazelnuts and sweet acacia flowers in an exhilarating fusion. In the mouth the characteristic sugars are balanced by a freshness and notable density and creaminess. This is a wine for special occasions which can be enjoyed alone or as the perfect accompaniment for fine, subtlely sweet pastries.
(Tasting & text by Michele Bressan)

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Product category: Prosecco Frizzante


From the hills of the province of Treviso comes a simple, fresh, highly drinkable Prosecco Doc Treviso. The semi-sparkling wine is made for everyday drinking. This wine is traditionally rustic but full of the light spirit of an aperitif and perfect throughout a meal taken with friends. Its traditional string closed top harks back to simpler yet extraordinary times. Its quality is guaranteed by Bortolomiol’s solid sparkling wine making tradition.

From the sunny hillsides in the province of Treviso comes this fresh and spirited Prosecco. It’s less alcoholic and with its simple, pleasantly rustic flavour is ideal as an everyday wine. It should be drunk cold and young at the bar with friends or with simple meals made from traditional, unpretentious foods from the local Veneto cuisine. Its strengths are its refined simplicity and adaptability.

(Tasting & text by Michele Bressan)

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Documents dating back to the mid-18th century certify the existence of Bartolomeo Bortolomiol, the forebear from whom today’s family takes its name and whose trade it has plied for generations. Bartolomeo spent his life growing grapes on the hills of Valdobbiadene. Passing his love of the land and his ability to obtain the best from it on to his descendants. His lessons were well learnt by Giuliano Bortolomiol, the founder of today’s sparkling wine company.
He has always believed in the quality and future of designation of origin Prosecco to which he has dedicated his whole life. In turn, the founder’s daughters, Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana have made this mission their own and, together with their mother Ottavia, have invested resources and energy in ensuring product quality and maintaining the company’s strong links with the land and its history.

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