Azienda Agricola San Cassiano

Via San Cassiano 17, 37030 Mezzane di Sotto (VR)

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Our products

Product category: Veneto

Valpolicella San Cassiano

Valpolicella is produced by late harvest of clusters which are cut in early September and left on vines to dry for a week. We use 15% of Molinara, an ancient grape variety abandoned by many producers, that guarantees a salty taste with spicy notes. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats, without addition of yeasts. The wine is bright red and smells of cherry and red fruits. It has an elegant and fine taste, with a good persistence.

  • Land of production: Monte Paradiso, Mezzane, Verona
  • Altitude: 400 mt above the sea
  • Varieties: Corvina 70%, Molinara 15%, Rondinella 15%
  • Vine training system: Pergola, 3300 vines per ha
  • Aging: Stainless steel vats for 12 months
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Bottles: 15000/750 ml

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Product category: Veneto

Le Alène valpolicella superiore

Valpolicella Superiore Le Alène is produced by partially dried grapes. We select the best clusters of Corvina and Corvinone from Alène wineyard and we put them to dry on plateaux. After forty days, grapes are vinified and the wine is aged for about two years in barrique and tonneaux, in order to obtain a "baby Amarone", as we like to call it. This wine is very balanced, with a good tannin due to limestoned soil and it has notes of red fruit, vanilla, chocolate and spices.

  • Land of production: San Cassiano, Mezzane, Verona
  • Altitude:   400 mt above the sea
  • Varieties:   Corvina 70%, Molinara 5%, Rondinella 25%
  • Vine training system: Guyot, 5000 vines per ha
  • Aging: 24 months in barrique and 12 months in bottles
  • Alcohol: 15%
  • Bottles: 6000/750 ml - 100 bottles/1500ml

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Product category: Veneto

Recioto San Cassiano

Recioto San Cassiano is produced with grapes of the oldest vineyard on Monte Paradiso, planted in 1965 from grandfather Albino. Typical varieties of Valpolicella reach the perfect balance here.

Usually grapes are very matures on September, with a smell of jam, observed also in the wine.

Grapes is harvested by hand with one hundred-sixty days of plateaux drying and the vinification takes place with the addition of yeasts for fifteen days. This wine is sweet, traditionally used for special occasions. It is not produced every years, but only when climatic conditions of vintage and soil, they give typical smell of Recioto to grapes. It presents notes of jam and red fruits and its taste is sweet but balanced, full and definite, with a good persistence.

  • Land of production: Monte Paradiso, Mezzane, Verona
  • Altitude: 400 mt above the sea
  • Varieties: Corvina 60%, Molinara 10%, Rondinella 10%, Oseleta 10%, Dindarella 10%
  • Vine training system: Pegola ancient vineyard, 3300 vines for ha
  • Aging: 24 months in new barriques and 12 months in bottle
  • Alcohol: 14%
  • Bottles: 3000/750 ml

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About us

Company details

We take our name from the little village San Cassiano, in the core of Mezzane Valley. It is the hamlet of brave bikers, between the ouses of people who love nature, where olive trees are caressed by an  mazing sun.It is hamlet where the ancient name of Valpolicella is blended with a young enthusiast estate.

The hamlet where wine has a special personality, made with patience, attention of nature and love.

In 1964 Albino Sella ransomed some hectars with his job of tenant farmer. From 80s the ownership has expanded and in 2000 it reaches three thousand olive trees and four hectars of vineyard with the entry of Albino's grandson Mirko Sella.

In 2004 Mirko founded Azienda Agricola San Cassiano including the oil mill, the cellar, fourteen hectars of vineyard and seven of olive trees.

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