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Società Agricola Fattori Giovanni s.s.

Via Olmo, 6 - Loc. Terrossa, 37030 Terrossa di Roncà (VR)

Telephone +39 045 7460041
Fax +39 045 6549140

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Our products

Product category: Veneto

Col de la Bastia - Doc Valpolicella

Grape varieties: 65% Corvina, 15% Corvinone + 10% Rondinella + 10% other varieties

Vineyards: 12 hectars located in Bastia, exactly on the valley between the Val d’Alpone and Val d’Illasi. The shaley clay - subalkaline land, is formed in a broad plateau with slight slopes, produced by the alteration of limestone formations and in particular the white and red scales. The volcano (basalt) is non-existent. Altitude: 450m/above sea level.

Vine age: New plantings and old one of 20-35 years

Vines per hectare: 5200

Production: 60 - 70 Hl/Ha

Harvest: Hand picked during the last two weeks of September

Fermentation e maturation: Stainless steel vats and wooden barrels

At first glance: Ruby red colour

On the nose: Cherry and red small woodland fruits

On the palate: Hints of fresh red small woodland fruit. Balanced tannin.

Service temperature: 14-16°C

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Product category: Veneto

Motto Piane - DOCG Recioto di Soave

Grape varieties: 100% Garganega dried for 5 to 6 months.

Location: 3,9 hectares, all cultivated in guyot, in the vulcanic hills to the north east of Verona in the Soave DOC area, from 250 to 300 m above s/l.

Average vine age: 15 years

Vines per hectare: 5.000

Production: 2.500 Lt/Ha

Bottles: 6.000

Harvest: Starting mid September. The grapes are handpicked, then placed to dry on wooden racks.

Fermentation and maturation: After the maceration, the fermentation occurs in oak barrels (40%) and in stainless steel vats (60%) where the wine matures for one year.

At first glance: Intense yellow with golden reflections.

On the nose: The black graphite accentuates the complex fruity aroma, rounding off the sweet spice and leaving an intriguing sensation of dried apricots.

On the palate: Sweet but fresh and tasty. Elegant with hints of exotic and citrus fruits.

Accompaniments: Traditionally served with dried biscuits, ideal with ripe and well seasoned cheeses.

Service temperature: 12-14°C

Ageing potential: 60 months

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Product category: Veneto

Ronche - Bianco del Veneto IGT

Grape varieties: 50% Garganega (5% of which is dried for 5 to 6 months), 20% Pinot Grigio, 20% Trebbiano di Soave,10% Durella.

Location: The vineyards are located at various altitudes in the vulcanic hills of Roncà (from which derives the name Roncha). Starting from 250 m above s/l for the Garganega to 500 m above s/l for the Trebbiano di Soave.

Average vine age: 15 years

Vines per hectare: 5.000

Production: 6.500 Lt/Ha

Bottles: 6.000

Harvest: Starting at the end of August for the Pinot Grigio, until September 20th for the Trebbiano di Soave and the Garganega. Mid October for the Durella. The grapes are handpicked, transported and processed the same day.

Fermentation and maturation: In stainless steel vats or barrels depending on the grapes.

At first glance: Straw yellow with greenish reflections.

On the nose: A pleasant sensation of vegetal hints which rounds off with a touch of jasmine, sambuco, peach and orange flowers.

On the palate: Fresh, mineral and tasty. Complex with fruits and sweet spices. Persistent and large.

Accompaniments: Ideal with spicy white meats and chicken curry. Perfect with fresh and medium ripe cheeses.

Service temperature: 12-14°C

Ageing potential: 36 months

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About us

Company details

Our surname “Fattori” places us as a someone who worked for a local landowner. I don’t know how or when we became farmer who owned lands.
Our vineyard history was first documented at the beginning of last century when Antonio, our grand father, began to plant vines in the hills around the village of Terrossa. A tireless and headstrong man didn’t loose faith when on returning from the First World War he found his vines destroyed by filossera.

Born in 1888, I remember him already old, always without shoes, with a wiry beard. It was he who started to produce wines, in particular sweet ones, filtered using old Dutch filters. These he sold transporting them in barrels and horse drawn carts to Verona’s and Vicenza’s typical bars called osterie and trattorie.

Following Antonio, came my father, a generous and charitable man, often too timid and certainly a noble man from the past in a world that didn’t always seen to belong to him He left us the nucleus of the actual building, no so many riches, but a big humanity.

We have been running the winery from 1970.

I, another of a long series of “Antonio”, was the first of a Veneto farming family who had the possibility to study and obviously, it was already planned when I was born, I dedicated to study wine making. I immediately had the desire to create, to experiment and to bring modern scientific methods, but also to research the most authentic and original traditions. I imagined creating more attractive wines, less tiredly and more vibrant. I desired both elegant aromas and body.

The results are the fruits of a jurney which gave me the possibility to visit places, to meet people and to experiment with techniques, instruments and methods. New vineyards or saving some of the older ones, cement, wood or stainless steel vats, fermentation at even lower temperatures to search the limits.

Nowadays our vineyards are located between 150 to 450 m a/sl. At each altitude different vines for different wines. The must is processed in a winery where using non invasive methods allows us to eliminate, almost totally, the use of chemicals.

The world of wine is formed by seasons, situations and conditions that are never the same. No amount of experience is ever enough. The important thing is to search, to attempt with determination, humility and a little of patience.

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