Societá Agricola Franchetto

via Binelli no. 22, 37030 Terrossa di Roncà

Telephone +39 045 7460287
Fax +39 045 6549378

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Our vineyards are located in two different areas, both typical for the production of wine. Tradition and territory have always been very important to us, that’s why we cultivate indigenous grape varieties such as Garganega and Durella, that on these soils give their best.


It’s not mere chance if the town is called "Terrossa". In fact, since Roman times, it was called “terra rubea”, which means “red soil”. Not only the color of the ground characterizes these places, another important factor is the richness of the soil: the ground is very rich in minerals and of debris coming down from the rock columns and from the underbrush. Minerals and debris are a valuable natural fertilizer, tehry’re abundant and always replenished, which has always given settlers plenty of harvests, precious tubers and refined grapes.

Our Garganega, with an average age of 50 – 60 years, grows on a little hill that here in Terrossa we call “Capelina”, due to the church that you can see on it.

The vineyards are located at 250 m.a.s.l. on a very steep slope; this contributes in a very decisive way to the flow of water and prevents stagnation and excessive irrigation problems. The nature of the soil is very diversified and presents numerous stratifications with a clayey, sandy structure and, sometimes, a visible skeletal structure with high content of calcium, magnesium and potassium, mixed with basaltic rocks, due to the presence of numerous submarine volcanoes dating back to 50-60 million years ago. This ex volcanos are still noticeable in the cone-shaped hills that embellish the landscape.

Our Durella grape variety is cultivated in Vestenanova, on high Val d’Alpone. The vineyards are located at between 550 and 600 m.a.s.l. Here you can enjoy a typical mountain landscape with grazing and vast green fields. 25 years ago, when Antonio and Mara decided to plant their first vineyard here, they found a big challenge in front of them: in fact the terroir is completely different from the one they were used to. After the first years of “setting-in period” the results started to arrive and their desire of planting new vineyards in this amazing landscape was growing day by day. Today in Vestenanova we cultivate five hectars of vineyards, and we’re proud of having discovered this particular territory, which is very good for the production of grapes.

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