Dewazakura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

1-4-6, Hitoichimachi, Tendo, Yamagata, 994-0044 Tendo

Telephone +81 23 653-5121
Fax +81 23 653-0600

This company is co-exhibitor of
Miyasaka Brewing Co., Ltd.

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ProWein 2017 hall map (Hall 12): stand D92

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ProWein 2017 fairground map: Hall 12

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
  • 01.05  ASIA
  • 01.05.07  Japan
  • 03  SPIRITS
  • 03.07  Other clear spirits

Our products

Product category: Japan, Other clear spirits

Dewazakura Junmaishu Ikkou

Grade: Honjyozoshu(53%)
Nihonshu-do: +3
Acidity: 1.4
Rice: Miyama-Nishiki, Yukigesyo
Yeast: Ogawa
Alcohol: 15.5%

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Product category: Japan, Other clear spirits

Dewazakura Ouka Ginjyoshu

Grade: Ginjyoshu(50%)
Nihonshu-do: +5
Acidity: 1.2
Rice: Miyama-Nishiki,Yukigesyo
Yeast: Ogawa
Alcohol: 15.5%

Unmistakable fingerprint is the massive ginjyo bouquet for which this is well-known: more floral even than the label with its pink cherry blossom petals. This uses Association No.10 yeast, which is widely used in ginjyo brewing in the northern prefectures, though rarely to produce such a powerful fragrance as this.

Floral rather than fruity, though there is atouch of pear, and perhaps melon.Soft-feeling on the tongue, and has atransparency of flavor to match the clarity of the colorless liquor, which has a bitter focus.Extremely popular standard; ofen used to show sake newcomers what ginjyo-ka is.

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Product category: Japan, Other clear spirits

Dewazakura Daiginjyoshu

Grade: Daiginjyoshu(40%)
Nihonshu-do: +6
Acidity: 1.2
Rice: Yamada-nishiki
Yeast: Ogawa
Alcohol: 16.7%

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About us

Company details

Sake has played a central role in the life and caluture of the Japanese people for about two thousand years during which time the knowledge and skills required for sake producton have spread to every region of the country. Today, some 2,000 breweries of all sizes are engaged in the prodution of sake. Together, they produce more than 10,000 brands of Japan’s national beverage.

The purpose of this web is to inform people from other countries about the characteristics and varieties of sake and to give them some insight into the methods employed in its production. The history and traditions of sake brewing and consumption are so closely bound up with other aspects of life in Japan that some knowlege of sake can also contribute to a better understanding of Japan’s history, culture, and social and physical environment.

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