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Terre de Vignerons SAS Union Prodiffu

17-19, route des Vignerons, 33790 Landerrouat

Telephone +33 5 56613373
Fax +33 5 56614057

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About us

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Terre de Vignerons, the excellence of Bordeaux and the passion for its region
Terre de Vignerons is the production and commercialization union for fifteen cooperative wine cellars in the Entre-deux-Mers (Gironde, 33) and Duras (Lot-et- Garonne, 47) regions.

Beyond its profession, Terre de Vignerons represents a multitude of tales, families, lands, wines... and is proud to carry, both on national and international scenes, the cooperative values : human solidarity, authenticity, performance and conviviality.

Terre de Vignerons, a simple name, yet true and evocative: a tool that reflects our winegrowers and remains at their service.

A history built around the cooperative
It's in the 30s that the wine cooperative was founded, presented as a solution facing the crisis and a way of saving the vineyards, thanks to mutual technical and human means.
The winegrowers came together under cooperative wine cellars. 3 decades later, the cooperative crossed another stage; that of making mutual production means.

Thus, Prodiffu and Union Saint Vincent saw the day, as bottling units at the service of numerous cooperative wine cellars. Prodiffu went even further by combining trade means.

2012 was another turning point, when the two units came together under the same evocative banner Terre de Vignerons.

Bearing the cooperative basics and turned towards the future, it's by uniting our talents that we are now considered as one of the first French cooperative groups.

The vineyards, our landscapes, source of life
Put one foot in our region and without a doubt you will be on a Terre de Vignerons (Land of Winegrowers)... the valleys are covered with vines, which live and breathe following the seasons.

Our Terre de Vignerons is composed of over 15.000 ha of vines, meaning over 150km² ! The vineyards are never-ending, yet never the same.

In fact, each is composed of various grape varieties, which can be differentiated by their characteristics. Depending on the land it is based on each vineyard produces different appellations : Bordeaux, Bordeaux Superieur, Côtes de Duras, Entre-deux-Mers, Cadillac, Côtes de Bordeaux, Crémant de Bordeaux, Graves, Ste Foy Bordeaux, IGP Atlantique...

The winegrowers, our reason to be
Winegrower, the best job in the world ? We think so !

Winegrowers from generation to generation, their vineyards are passed down and evolve through time. Plantation, trimming, cutting, harvests... the seasons, the weather, but above all the passion and pleasure to continue their parents' history and prepare that of their children, gives rhythm to their work.

Our ambitions in 7 points
• Maintain the vineyards in the Entre-deux-Mers and Duras regions, by developing the added value of our wines
• Become one of the main actors elaborating wines sold around the world
• Construct and comfort real partnerships based on strict traceability and quality politics
• Regularly innovate and always be up-to-date with know-how and technology
• Combine territorial and worldwide proximity, using our forces and international partnerships
• Support our collaborators by helping them progress in their work and their passions
• Ensure our future by developing a profit in the respect of social responsibility values

Sustainable development as a common thread
The cooperative model is itself a model of sustainable development as a real lever in the development of local economy and human/social respect.

Beyond this vocation, as an actor of the agricultural world, we give priority to all actions that preserve the environment, especially by converting all our lands to AgriConfiance and encouraging Organic Farming ( AB ) initiatives.

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