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Product category: Other clear spirits

Herbal Vodka

An original and unique product created for sophisticated gourmets. Herbal Vodka is produced on the basis of a macerate of over 30 herbs mixed together with aromatic roots and other natural ingredients. It delights with its perfect balance of taste, strength and dryness based on a precisely selected mixture of undeniably beneficial herbs. It owes its flavor to monastic knowledge and a well-guarded recipe.

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Product category: Other clear spirits

Pepper Vodka

The recipe of Pepper Vodka is based on a macerate of six types of pepper from all over the word. Pepper extracts the taste from dishes and has a beneficiary effect on the digestive system. Pepper Vodka should be served deeply chilled to ensure a feeling of freshness and elevated mood after a meal. This vodka has extraordinary potential coming from the combination of tradition and alcohol of highest quality.

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Product category: Other clear spirits

Pure Vodka

Pure Vodka combines the latest technologies with tradition. It is based on carefully prepared cereal spirit from ecologically clean regions of Poland and exquisite crystal water. Pure Vodka is received after a six-stage process of distillation and filtration, which results in unique delicacy and smoothness of taste. It is a perfect combination of opposites: strength and subtlety.

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About us

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The history of Gutt Vodka

According to the family legend-the recipe comes from the Lviv region, where the great grandfather of the owner received from his friend-a monk and herbalist-a recipe for pepper and herbal vodka. It is said that the monks received the permit to produce vodka from prince Bolesław Jerzy II himself. Both types of vodka, craft manufactured in the Podlaskie region in Poland are a living history of both the family and the Polish distillation tradition. This is how the still alive family tradition of producing alcohol started.

„I have been familiar with pepper and herbal vodka for a long time”– says Michael Gutt-the founder of Gutt Vodka – „My grandmother used to give my mother several drops of pepper or herbal vodka either mixed with a glass of water or served with a teaspoon of sugar to aid digestion.” If we delve into the history of vodka in Poland we find out that for several hundreds of years vodka Served rather as a medicine than a drink, used for example to remedy stomach aches, cold and many, many other ailments.

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