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Product category: Gin

Premium Colombian Aged Gin Treasure

is based on a unique Colombian fruit Limon Mandarino (Tangerine-Lemon) which blends the exotic sweet taste of the tangerine and the acidity of the lemon to give fantastic balance. The base spirit for the Colombian Gin is made from a neutral spirit distilled up to five times from sugar cane. The berries, botanicals, spices and citrus peels when combined with the ageing process merge to create our unique Gin. Colombian Treasure Gin. To give an extraordinary smoothness to the Colombian Treasure Gin we place the spirit in oak barrels previously used to age our Dictador rums for 35 weeks. The combination of the balance of the exotic citrus peel and the time spent in barrels gives our ginthe freshness and smoothness necessary to be able to savour it with just a few ice cubes.

In the glass it has a slight amber colour reflective of the time spent in a barrel. Its clarity and brightness boasts of a truly revolutionary product.

The initial aroma is of tangerine enhanced with lemon notes. The secondary aroma is of the botanicals that provide the freshness and balance. Mint, spearmint and pepper and a bit of sweetness from the wood and berries – this an intimate fusion of a marvelous new generation of gin for both beginners and connoisseurs.

The pleasant notes and roundness from the tangerine, lemon, mint and pepper, with the traditional flavours of gin enhanced by the time spent in oak barrels results in a truly unique gin. Colombian Treasure Gin. Enjoyed on the rocks. Garnished with a twist of tangerine peel.

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Product category: Rum

Best of

The precious liquids in our "Best Of" range represent a selection from our best and oldest barrels in our collection which has been developing for over 100 years – since the opening of our distillery. The liquids are carefully chosen and mixed by our master blender, as he has chosen the best of the oldest vintages to give you the truest taste of our age-old DICTADOR. For classical Colombian flavours that are rich, deep and luxuriously delicious – you need simply to sip to fully understand the magic of the best.

This bottle is part of a limited series - so be one of the few lucky ones to discover this unique and increbibly rare rum.
Best of Dictador product line is represented by best barrels selected from particular batch of particular year. The bottle contains the best rum blended from selected production batch in a time.

Cask reference
The barrels used for this product line are carefully selected by Master Parra.
We use 3 types of the barrels:
AO- American Oak
SC - Sherry Cask
PC - Port Cask

Number of bottles in the batch
We use only 1 selected barrel for bottling. In result we fill around 300 bottles with this great liquid work of art. Whole process takes place at our Destileria Colombiana.

All labels are handwritten and signed by Master Blender Hernan Parr

% of alc.
Differences in % of alcohol come from organoleptic tests. As the spirt is taken directly from the barrel, it must be diluted, then Master Blander decides which blend taste the best with what alc %. level.

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Product category: Rum

Dictador XO Insolent

DICTADOR XO Insolent SOLERA SYSTEM RUM made from the fermentation of unique virgin sugar cane honey, then distilled in a modern stainless steel alembic. It is then aged in pre-used quality oak barrels from Jerez and Port that every certain time are reburn to caramelize the interior to achieve sweet flavours coming from the oak.
By carefully hand selecting barrels from each years vintage, using the highest level of technoligy and using our secret Solera system, the master blender uses all his skills to create the most exquisite blended rum, which is then approved for bottling at the highest standard.

This rum has a deep, noble mahogany-shine, an unforgettable colour in the glass. When the bottle is opened it releases a hypnotic aroma, intricate roasted honey, pure vanilla, royal toffee, mature oak and parfait caramel. In the mouth it is extremely smooth, with a range of exquisite flavours starting with fudge, intense vanilla, parfait caramel, and Colombian coffee, with a long consistency balanced with light oak giving you the sensation of extreme quality and satisfaction of sweetness and strength. Long rich finish.

Once the bottle has been opened, you will be invaded by a hypnotic aroma of toastedhoney, vanilla, royal caramel, and ripe oak.

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About us

Company details

History and Myth
In the late 18th century, Severo Arango y Ferro arrived in Cartagena de Indias in Nueva Granada (present-day Colombia), he had plans to improve tax collection for Spain in the American Spanish colonies. His strong and powerful nature was quickly recognised and he was soon dubbed ‘DICTADOR’.

Then came the moment when he fell in love at first sight (and taste): he discovered rum. His devotion and affection for the tropical elixir drove him to become a key trader of exotic sugar cane spirits, which at the time were considered a currency in the region.

In 1913, almost 180 years after DICTADOR’s myth was conceived, one of his descendants established Destilería Colombiana. Don Julio Arango y Parra spent years researching DICTADOR’s myth as well as the intricacies of rum production in order to become the finest Colombian rum producer in the Caribbean Zone, while dedicating his life to honouring his forefather’s legacy.

Going Global
Determined to showcase DICTADOR’s success and unique flavour profile on a global scale, the third generation of the family sought to expand and share their beautiful liquid around the globe. In 2009, savvy international investors came on board and helped to make DICTADOR one of the most-loved and awarded Colombian rums in the world.

Dictador: The Concept
DICTADOR is extraordinary, international and award winning. Age-old Colombian traditions are combined with innovative European and Japanese designs to create perfect rum that is rich in both flavour and style.

Geographical Advantage
Based in Cartagena, Colombia - DICTADOR has the privilege of being in the northern region of South America with over 800 miles of coast on the sparkling Caribbean sea. Our location gives us that magical balance of weather and land to be able to produce our range of exceptional rums.

The Setting
Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site deeply steeped in romance with beautiful colonial era antiquity – this city is as captivating as our rum itself. Whether strolling down the cobbled alleys or sipping DICTADOR on the beach, you’ll find that the city’s historic and one-of-a-kind setting provides the perfect backdrop for our production.

Due to its geographical position, Colombia is one of the three largest sugar cane producers, assuring us both high quality and high quantity harvests. Cartagena and its countryside are famous for being the first areas for sugar cane production in South America.

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