Spanish Organic Wines

Erletokieta 7. bajo, 31007 Pamplona

Telephone +34 848 411-267

Hall map

ProWein 2017 hall map (Hall 10): stand F231

Fairground map

ProWein 2017 fairground map: Hall 10

About us

Company details

SOW is the result of initiatives taken within the organic wine producing sector.

At the moment there is not sufficient demand in the internal market to warrant limiting commercial efforts to this area. Hence the need to foment the export sector.

As the majority of the associates are small and medium sized family-run wineries, the work involved in exporting requires a considerable amount of resources, both human and economic, which not all wineries can comfortably afford.

Participating as a group notably reduces costs for the wineries, enabling them to attend fora such as fairs, shows and exhibitions which would otherwise be beyond their means. So it is that in 2014 a group of wineries created the association Spanish Organic Wines which is the tool used by the associated wineries to organise attendance at fora which the collective considers of interest for the promotion and commercialisation of its wines.

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