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Distilleria F.lli Caffo Caffo Deutschland GmbH

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Our products

Product category: Herb liqueurs

Vecchio Amaro del Capo

A symbolic product of Distilleria Caffo is Vecchio Amaro del Capo, a Calabrese, herb based liqueur, the fruit of an ancient, Calabrese recipe further processed and improved with experience acquired over four generations of the Caffo family. Vecchio Amaro del Capo encloses the active principles of plenty of beneficial herbs, flowers, fruit and roots from the generous land in Calabria, infused in the finest alcohol, to aid digestion and give a feeling of wellbeing. Among the 29 medicinal herbs composing the infusions, we recall some of the most widespread in Calabria, due to their tonic-digestive properties, such as bitter orange, sweet orange, liquorice, mandarin, camomile and juniper. Its delicate and aromatic taste also adapts well to more delicate palates, not used to "Bitter drinks" and remember, as the best Calabrese tradition says, they should be drank frozen (at –20° C in small, characteristic "Capo” glasses) to emphasise the characteristics of the particular herbs composing them. Today, Vecchio Amaro del Capo is among the most widespread sold in Italy and boasts the fact it was the first bitter beverage to be proposed frozen in the slogans launched by the company way back in the Seventies when consumption was mainly in the summer and it was only distributed in Calabria. In 2010 Vecchio Amaro del Capo was the only Italian bitter beverage to be awarded the gold medal in a worldwide competition in Brussels.

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Product category: Herb liqueurs

eng Liquorice

Nature gave its best when making liquorice. In fact, it has been known since ancient times for its active principles and the sweet and pleasant taste of its root. It’s known to enhance your voice, cleanse your breath and your throat and has expectorate, soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as working against cavities. It is also present in various aphrodisiac recipes and in the Kama Sutra. It was once used by alchemists in medical potions. Today, it is appreciated by everyone as a natural and healthy sweet and also as a spirit: Liquorice.

Distilleria Caffo was the first to produce “liqueur using pure Calabrese liquorice”, creating a unique and unmistakable product. For this reason, today only Caffo Liquorice is the “original pure Calabrese liquorice liqueur”,...tasting is believing!

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Product category: Herb liqueurs

Caffo Solara

Solara is a prestigious, sweet and aromatic liqueur based on brandy which was aged in oak barrels. Each drop of Solara encloses the fragrance of the best sweet and bitter oranges that grow sun kissed in the south of Italy. Solara is a versatile liqueur which can be drank smooth, on the rocks or as the main ingredient in the best citrus cocktails.

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About us

Company details

Caffo have passionately gathered and processed over 2.000 recipes for liqueurs and elixirs in a century, only some of which have produced and become part of a range of unique products. In some cases they have even created new categories, such as Liquorice, the first liqueur with a Calabrese liquorice base invented by Distilleria Caffo and introduced to consumers in the mid Nineties. Even before that, no liqueur maker had ever made a solely liquorice based liqueur, since liquorice has always been considered “just” an ingredient to use with other ingredients (anise, mint, various bitter and aromatic herbs). Caffo’s revolutionary idea to create the first pure Calabrese liquorice based liqueur was confirmed thanks to a fusion of knowledge acquired over four generations in the alcohol sector and the Calabrese tradition of naturally processing the root to preserve the precious organoleptic characteristics, which make the plant superior to any others, during juice extraction. Liquorice was immediately placed on the market as a new product, tied to tradition, due to its basic ingredient, liquorice, one of the most typical products in Calabria. Thanks to its elegant and sophisticated packaging and its unique taste Liquorice is now recording increasing success, already acknowledged in 2005 with a gold medal at the ISW Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewer Awards. Another Caffo product worth mentioning is the Anise based liqueur, one of the company’s first products, alongside wine spirits and pomace. Today, Caffo offers a wide range of natural and typical liqueurs, alongside the most diffused products, with herb and citrus bases processed in its own plants. These include Limunì- Liqueur made from Calabrese lemons, Finocchietto Caffo obtained from an infusion of spirits made from wild fennel, Bergamia produced with real, Calabrese Bergamot fruit, Cedro della Riviera, a Calabrese citron liqueur with an infused based, Indianello, a liqueur made from prickly pears, Solara, a brandy and sweet and bitter orange spirits based liqueur, Elisir Arabesh composed of herbs and oriental spices, and much more, obtained from processing ancient recipes and new ones proposed by the R & S laboratory. The preparation of infusions and spirits from aromatic raw materials is conducted by expert staff in all phases, as well as the distillation of pomace used to create precious Grappa from over 10 different grape varieties in two plants in Limbadi (Vibo Valentia) and Passons Pasian in Prato (Udine). The Distilleria Caffo was awarded dozens of medals in the main competitions at world level for its grappa and liqueurs, confirming compliance with the motto that encloses the company philosophy: SEMPER AD MAIORA (TOWARDS EVEN FURTHER SUCCESS).

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