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Product category: Gift packaging

Gift packages

A gift package represents not only your company or brand, but also the giver. This places higher demands on your package. It’s important for your package to be appealing and have something extra that makes it special. Because, who doesn’t feel happy when they are given something that’s beautiful or cool? Together we create a package that’s unique for your product and satisfies your requests. With the right material, an interesting construction which offers something extraordinary and a design with eye catching effects such as foil, emboss and different structure varnishes, we can ensure you that your package will pop out against the competition.

We are sure that you already have an idea, which we can work towards. Our mission is to create the best solution for you. We have the imagination, knowledge and most importantly, the opportunity to make your package into reality!

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Product category: Gift packaging


Bag-in-box is today a popular package for beverage, mainly for wine but can also be used for other types of beverages. It’s therefor important to stand out among all of the other boxes, inspire people, communicate taste, quality an all of your other brand values. It’s about reaching out to the customer in an effective way. We bet that you already have some really good ideas on how you want your bag-in-box to look.

So, how can we make this possible? How does it go from your idea to a tops eller on the shelves? That is where we step in. Some of our largest customers come from the wine industry and therefore we have all the knowledge and equipment we need to develop our unique packaging design. Depending on the volume you need, we can do your bag-in-box in several different sizes. In combination with our high quality offset print, we can use different emphatic surfaces and techniques such as foil, partially glistening varnish or emboss to make your bag-in-box jump right in the customers basket all by itself.

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Product category: Gift packaging


Packages get more important even for beverage. Buying decisions are made in only a few seconds in the stores and the right packaging solution is often the reason why a product is selected. Both design and shape are crucial. It is increasingly important to have an attractive deign, both in print and shape. An easy to use packaging is to prefer when it comes to beverage.

Packages for beverages are often seen as value-added by the customer even after it is bought. For example, we have had the honor of producing the package to the Danish Jule Aquavit for many years now, and this is an example of a bevergage package which has become a collector item. In its original package, this package is displayed in homes at fine occations, year after year. 

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About us

Company details

FrontPac is Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of packaging and displays in offset printed corrugated cardboard. We are a complete packaging- and display manufacturer, from the reels through our own conversion to finished packaging or display. We are located in Arlöv near Malmö where we currently have about 100 employees and have a turnover of SEK 160 million.

With almost 40 years of experience and knowledge we offer our customers an unique competence in offset printed packaging and displays in corrugated cardboard an cardboard. Our solutions are created by professional staffs who have worked for years to develop cost-effective solutions based on our customers needs. The whole production are since October 2015 made all in-house, from our creative and responsive sellers and designers, via our fast but meticulous staff, to our flexible logistics to ensure that your products end up exactly where and when they should.

We have many different kind of customers, everything from small businesses to several famous brands in fields such as wine & vodka, car industry, cosmetics and toys. We deliver packages to 22 countries around the world, where 47% of the deliveries are made to countries other than Sweden. It is our customers that allow us to develop and become better at what we do, all thanks to their high demands.

Our goal is to meet our customers wishes and do our best to make sure that our customers are as satisfied as possible!

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