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Sarl D. Paul Mas

Domaine Nicole, Route de Villeveyrac, 34530 Montagnac

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Jean Claude Mas



Jean-Claude Mas, founder of Domaines Paul Mas in 2000, has launched a complete range under his own name, wines with true Languedoc character, a sense of place, a history, but most important of all, these are fine wines made to give the utmost pleasure to the drinker.

Those wines represent the diversity of terroirs within the same appellation and also the essence of each traditional appellation in the Languedoc. They are a fusion between the tradition of winemaking and the new approach to wine, embodied by Jean-Claude Mas.

The Crus are Pézenas, Grès de Montpellier and Terrasses du Larzac, the appellations Minervois, St Chinian, Corbières and Picpoul de Pinet.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon



Astélia wines come from the best vineyards across Jean-Claude Mas’s eleven estates, farmed sustainably and according to biodynamic principles.

Astélia Cabernet Sauvignon comes from  two particular vineyards, “Dausso” at Château des Crès Ricards and “darre Le Mouli” at Château Teramas Astruc. The wine is matured for ten months in oak barrels to develop layers of forest fruit and mocha aromas, leading into a rich and elegant flavour.

Astélia Chardonnay comes from two particular vineyards, “Cayrol” at Château Paul Mas and “Las Roquos” at Château Arrogant Frog. This rich and mellow Chardonnay has been aged in oak barrels for six months ; it reveals aromas of brioche, hazelnut and pineapple. On the palate, it is smooth, well rounded and offers a long finish.

Astélia Sauvignon comes from two particular vineyards, “La Plaine” at Château de Conas and “Altros Dos” at Château Arrogant Frog”. This Sauvignon displays delicate aromas of white flowers and citrus fruits followed by honey notes. It is full in mouth, soft and crisp, with fresh lemony notes at the end. This wine has an outstanding personality, it will pair very well with grilled king prawns or salmon gravlax served with asparagus espuma.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

La Forge Estate


La Forge Estate wines symbolize the fusion of the old and the new worlds of wine.

La Fusion

La Forge Estate wines symbolize the fusion of the old and the new worlds of wine, as well as the fusion between carefully selected grapes from our best contracted vineyards and an expressive, round and aromatic style, brightened up by a subtle dose of oak barrel ageing. The range has most classical grape varieties like chardonnay or cabernet, as well as more autochthonous ones such as carignan, mourvèdre, marsanne or viognier.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon, Cremant

Château Paul Mas


On the banks of the River Hérault, not far from Château Paul Mas near Pézenas, the legend of Vinus the heron began.


Languedoc Grands Crus and Grands vins, from our vineyards in Pézenas or Montagnac, at the Nicole Estate, make up this range, which is complemented by varietal wines with distinct character.

Château Paul Mas is made of 2 estates: the Castle and a 25-ha vineyard (61 acres) in Conas, near Pézenas; the cellar and an 80-ha (197 acre) vineyard in Nicole, near Montagnac.

This is where we produce the cuvées Château Paul Mas, Vinus, Vignes de- Nicole, Paul Mas Estate and Paul Mas.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Château Crès Ricards


This estate was created in 1960, at the place we call Crès Ricards, in the village of Ceyras. Fifty years later, Jean-Claude Mas acquired its 28 hectares (69 acres), fascinated as he was by the fantastic terroir of the Terrasses du Larzac, which produce silky wines with intense flavours.

Our “garage” wine

At the foot of the Mont Baudile, this vineyard offers a unique geography, with its red earth, slates and pebbles.

Yields are low and the berry selection is very strict which is essential to produce generous wines! Here we produce the cuvées Oenothera, Stecia, Hauts de Milési, Alexaume as well as a few varietal wines.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon, Cremant

Château de Martinolles


At the end of a path which follows the Martinollet brook, twisting and turning through wild scrubland, vines and olive

groves sits Chateau Martinolles. It is a place steeped in the extraordinary heritage of this region.

“La Perle”

The Saint-Hilaire monastery actually used to adjoin the property, and it was there in 1531, that the method for making sparkling wines was discovered. The first bubble came into being.

The Cathares, hunted down by the medieval Catholic Church, have left an indelible imprint on the countryside and

the spirit of its inhabitants. The lie of the land and the unpredictable climate create the most perfect conditions in

which to grow Chardonnay, Mauzac and Pinot Noir.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Domaine de la Ferrandiere


The 247 acre property, Domaine Ferrandière, acquired in 2013 in the Aude region between Corbières and Minervois, 40 km from the Mediterranean sea, nestles within a former maritime lagoon.

This unique terroir is the perfect environment for vine growing and gives that special grape minerality and acidity which characterize the Jean-Claude Mas wines.

18 varietals flourish on this exceptional site, Merlot, Malbec, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Marselan, Riesling, Pinots … And even our very own apple trees !

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Château Teramas Astruc


Château Teramas Astruc, at the foothills of the Pyrenees, is made out of 50 hectares on the appellation of Limoux with 25 planted.

The Winery

This is a unique terroir in Languedoc, where diverse climatic influences converge, the Mediterranean and the Oceanic being the most important. On the hillsides of the Aude Valley, Chardonnay rules supreme but the red grapes : Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec, are not to be outdone.

Our Malras site hosts our main cellar and bottling line.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Mas des Tannes


This 30 ha vineyard (74 acres) in Montagnac prides itself on its privileged setting. It is protected by pine trees and the garrigue and nourished by the mild climate of Mediterranean Sea, which is nearby, and the healthy northern wind.

L’Ultra Rural

It is rich in organic life deep in its clayed-limestone soils, which never came in contact with synthetic chemicals. The vines are naturally resistant and vigorous, the fruits are concentrated and full of life, and the wines are balanced and majestic.

Here we produce Mas des Tannes Réserve red and white, Mas des Tannes Classique Red, and a range of varietal wines, Les Tannes tradition and Les Tannes en Occitanie

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Domaine SIlène des Peyrals

It was in December 2014 that Les Domaines Paul Mas recorded the arrival of a field in the soil and exceptional location: Domaine du Silène des Peyrals (57 hectares).

Located along the Joncastre stream, in the municipality of Saint-Pons-de-Mauchiens, this field undeniable potential, adjacent to the vineyard of Château Paul Mas, Abbey Valmagne and domain Peyre Rose.

It’s a collaboration that began in 1992 with his mentor Giorgio Grai which allowed Jean Claude Mas realize the dream of his grandfather, Raymond Mas.

An area that enjoys a privileged location, protected by pine forests and scrubland, lulled by the Mediterranean climate and salutary north wind.

On this exceptional terroir prepares merging the best of Italy, Giorgio Grai being recognized as one of the greatest winemakers (Price Luigi Verronelli) and the French know-how.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Château Jérémie

Founded in 1876, Château Jerémie is situated in the middle of the pretty, traditional village of Fabrezan in the Aude region, notable for its imposing medieval tower, the former keep of the stately castle.
Having been completely renovated, the winery’s cellar can now receive the whole harvest, offering the best possible conditions for vinification.
The vineyard is right in the middle of the Corbières region, on the route between Carcassonne and Narbonne. The 58 hectares belonging to Château Jerémie are distributed around the village with 6.5 hectares in AOP Corbières Blanc, 19 hectares in AOP Corbières Rouge and 32.5 hectares in the IGP Pays d’Oc appellation.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Château Lauriga

Swept by the Tramontane wind, the vineyard is planted on the sandy, free-draining soils of the Pliocene hillsides so typical of the Aspres region.

Interestingly, part of the Lauriga vineyard is planted on very old terraces where the soils are full of pudding stones which heat up quickly in the sun and have always been valued by winemakers throughout the generations.

The diversity of the Lauriga terroir makes it possible to produce wines with a subtle palette of aromas and flavours.

For Château Lauriga, caring for the environment by preserving biodiversity is a top priority, as well as looking after the people who work in the vineyard.

When the vineyards were restructured in the 1990s, they were replanted in relation to the path of the sun (to optimise the effects of photosynthesis on the complexity of aromas) and also the direction of the Tramontane, to avoid wind damage to the vines.

This ancient winegrowing region is situated in Aspres, in the commune of Thuir, where the aperitif Byrrh comes from.  With 60 hectares of vines surrounding a renovated house and a modern cellar with high-tech winemaking equipment, Lauriga produces top quality wines. 

The magic combination of the Tramontaine terroir, grape varieties and winemaking expertise has produced a range of wines with complex, subtle aromas and flavours. The range comprises white wines made from dry Muscat, Grenache, Macabeu. The IGP Côtes Catalanes, the AOP Côtes du Roussillon Rosé and Red, ‘Le Cadet, ‘Le Château,’ and the Cuvée Prestige which are matured in oak barrels as well as regional specialities Maury l’Ambre and Muscat de Rivesaltes.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon, Cremant

Côté Mas


Côté Mas Tables & Vins, Domaines Paul Mas’ restaurant, is a haven for food lovers, with the spirit of ‘luxe rural’ at its heart.

Table et Vins

Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, all 5 senses are indulged in this delightful place. There are several spaces within one beautiful building, constructed from the highest quality materials by local master builders and crafts people: the restaurant, the tasting room where we showcase our wines surrounded by the paintings of Emmanuel Flipo and a VIP room for seminars and tastings.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Arrogant Frog


Arrogant Frog

Within a couple of years, Arrogant Frog has made itself the mascot of our estates.

La Mascotte

The humble winemaker shows that with creativity, know-how and a sense of humour, one can make Southern French wines shine around the world and give pure pleasure, at a reasonable price!

Arrogant Frog represents our South of France “Art de Vivre”.

Château Arrogant Frog is made out of 20 hectares (50 acres) in the Limoux Grand Cru. The Arrogant Frog cuvées are Château Arrogant Frog, Arrogant Frog Reserve, as well as single varietal or blends.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Jean-Claude Mas Mas des Mas


Mas des Mas is an invitation to journey into the heart of the main crus and appellations of the region. They are a fusion between the tradition of winemaking and the new approach to wine embodied by Jean-Claude Mas and his partners-vitners.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon



The legend of Vinus, the Heron, started on the Hérault River banks, at the foot of Château Paul Mas in Pézenas.


The story goes that Vinus the heron preferred eating grapes grown on clay & limestone hills of the hillsides of the Hérault Valley to the fish form the river. Domaines Paul Mas adopted Vinus as its emblem, symbolising the quality that this hillside sites can produce. The vineyards yield small quantities of grapes, concentrated in both colour and aroma, resulting in wines wich are true to the terroir.

The character of each grape variety is further enhanced by the skill of the winemaker. Different varieties are planted on the most suitable terrain, schist for Syrah, sandstone for Chardonnay, well drained hillside sites for Cabernet Sauvignon. Our Reserve cuvees and appellation wines are aged in oak barrels, bringing elegance and complexity.

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Product category: Languedoc-Roussillon

Claude Val


Claudeval wines are blends of several noble and traditional grape varieties, enabling us to obtain the maximum fruit expression and provide immediate pleasure.

Le vin sans complexe

These wines are approachable, easy drinking and claim a fantastic value for money! They have no complex at all when comparing them with more pricey wines.

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Company news




Jan 22, 2017

All recent Domaines Paul Mas news

Check out our news page on our website for all recent news of Domaines Paul Mas.

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Jan 22, 2017

Paul Mas: la rare cuvée Astelia AAA Cristal aux enchères

We launched the unveiling of our exclusive Astélia AAA wine, in 30 unique Daum crystal bottles, designed by owner, Jean-Claude Mas and individually painted by artist Chritoophe Heymann.
Containing the very best wine from 11 of our estates, the bottles will be sold at auction world-wide with all proceeds going to charity.

Read what Terre des Vins and Harpers had to say about the unveiling.

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Jan 22, 2017

Domaines Paul Mas Awards

With over 80 gold medals this year, Domaines Paul Mas is the leading French Wine producer for awards in 2016.

Here is a link to just some of those medals!

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About us

Company details


Domaines Paul Mas currently cover around 650 hectares of wine country in the heart of the Languedoc, spread across our 12 wine estates.

Considered a flagship of the Sud de France brand, our wines express all the richness and diversity of the region.

Domaines Paul Mas owns more than 600 hectares of vineyards, and work in partnership with grape growers across an additional 1312 hectares of vines. This means we have access to 40 different grape varieties, both local and international, as well as an incredible range of different terroirs in the Languedoc.

This diversity is all down to the unique situation of the region, bound by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the mountains of the north, and by its geological formation.

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