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Shaman Spirits Oy Ltd.

Tehtaantie 5, 91800 Tyrnävä

Telephone +358 40 1514444

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Our products

Product category: Vodka

Laplandia Eclipse

As its name suggests, this product is a rare phenomenon that is witnessed only by the most privileged enthusiasts among us. Darkened by the Eclipse, this black coated bottle together with its gold decoration is a demonstration of glass art at its finest.

In order to ensure the content of this phenomenon to be unique as well, we infused it with one of nature’s own sweeteners, found deep in the forests of Lapland, Xylitol. This vodka holds all of Laplandia’s well-known pure attributes, along with an additional smoothness and mild sweetness.

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Product category: Vodka

Laplandia Super Premium Vodka

This product is the Flagship of the Laplandia brand and is the cornerstone of Shaman Spirits’ portfolio. It’s the perfect compound of pure neutral grain spirit and the above-mentioned best water in the world. To enhance its already insane level of smoothness, we add a drop of natural heather honey.

Laplandia Vodka’s undisputed quality and purity has been proven and confirmed through multiple international tasting awards. And to complement those contents, the bottle is beautifully decorated with white and wintery elements in order to bring out its authentic identity. To make it perfectly represent Lapland’s essence, we gave it a nice touch of real 24 karat gold as well.

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Product category: Vodka

Laplandia Lemon Shot

Laplandia Lemon Shot is a super premium vodka enriched with a delicate and sweet touch of lemon making it go down smoothly whilst being refreshing at the same time.

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Product category: Vodka

Laplandia Lingon Shot

Yet another nutritionally rich wild Nordic berry, the Lingonberry, is one of the popular ones amongst the northern people. A bit like its cousin, the Cranberry, it has a slightly sweet initial taste, followed by a mild bitter kick. Combined with Laplandia’s most essential quality from one of the Northernmost Distilleries in the World, the award winning ground water, this flavored vodka produces a clean taste preserving the berry’s authentic attributes. Best served straight and chilled.

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Product category: Vodka

Laplandia Coco Shot

Laplandia Coco Shot is a result of a long and devout development process, in which we perfectly managed to combine the subtle and mild coconut flavour with our vodka’s pure essence. The end experience consist of the coconut’s well-known refreshing tropical qualities together with a hint of citrus.

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Laplandia Vodka

About us

Company details

By Shaman Spirits

Laplandia brand is owned by Shaman Spirits Oy Ltd which is also the producer and distributor of the drink. The distillery and headquarters are located in Tyrnävä, Finland.

Shaman Spirits’ story begins as early as the late 1800’s, when Finland was still a part of the Russian Empire ruled by Alexander II. On February 18th 1860, a local potato farmer called Juhan Matinolli was granted an official distillation permit for the premises known today as Shaman Spirits.


Shaman Spirits was founded in 1998 and began distilling soon at the turn of the century. From the beginning the main vision was to be a boutique-like distillery which is known for its product quality. Today, it is the home of award winning, globally distributed brands such as Finntastic, Moses Vodka and Laplandia.

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