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Product category: Other clear spirits


Grappa Gragnano - O’ Limoncello - O’ Nucillo - O’ Caffè

Anima Verace is a line of spirits that pays tribute to the excellence of the Campania region.
Local typical ingredients, carefully selected, are at the heart of Anima Verace, as it valorises the unique fruits of the Campania land, and offers them to the consumer in a modern style, that encourages the desire to discover productions from the past. Avellino hazelnuts for O’Nucillo, 100% Arabic coffee from the Passalacqua Coffee Toasters for O’Cafè, marc from the prestigious single variety Gragnano dei Campi Flegrei for Grappa Gragnano, are the three testimonials of this tailor made production.
In a land where homemade production is the norm, Anima Verace wants to be the witness of this genuine savoir faire, where antique recipes that have been handed down over the generations are faithfully reproduced with the care and attention of a meticulous craftsman. Anima Verace gives a voice to the local culture, taste and remote flavours, to the typical Campania welcoming nature, the pleasure and conviviality of lively family get-togethers.

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Product category: Other clear spirits


Riserva 15 anni - Riserva 14 Anni - Riserva 7 Anni - Riserva 3 Anni - Amarone Riserva 18 Mesi - Brunello di Montalcino 12 mesi - Veneta - Cartizze Valdobbiadene Superiore Barrique - Gran Morbida

In our distillery the best grappa is always the one that is yet to be made. It is thanks to this method of approach to quality, which knows no rest, that we have become a great reality. “Fuoriclasse Leon” is the epitome of this philosophy of production, of the desire and the passion to go beyond and add experience upon experience to increase our knowledge in the art of distillation.
“Fuoriclasse Leon” is not only a top-notch selection of high range: it is the set of many details. From the unique bottle, exclusively designed with the embossing on glass of the symbol of the Venetian Lion, expression of strength and courage, to the modern dressing with recalls to tradition, to the aging in fine woods that allow, with time, to obtain a grappa which offers complexity of aroma and soft enveloping intense taste and that is able to confront with the best spirits in the world.

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Product category: Other clear spirits


Capolavoro Morbida da Cru Aromatici - Capolavoro Barrique Riserva 3 Anni - Capolavoro Amarone Barrique

Grappa is the fruit of that unique Italian spirit which captivates the whole world - a symbol of “Made in Italy”.
Our Capolavoro grappa stand out as one of the best distillate on the market. Made from the best Italian cru grapes, fermented using the exclusive “Grappa System” and expertly distilled in our own stills, they represent such high quality that they are known as “Capolavoro“ (masterpiece).
Capolavoro Bianca: a smooth grappa with a delicious grape aroma.
Capolavoro Riserva Barrique and Amarone Barrique: aged in cherry and oak barrels, each with their own captivating and highly sophisticated aromas.

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About us

Company details

The Castagner distillery is situated in Vazzola in the province of Treviso, at the foot of the beautiful Conegliano hills in the heart of the best wine country.

The distillery is now one of the most important in Italy with a production equal to 6 million bottles a year, which is around 12% of the total Italian production.

The distillery spreads over an area of more than 60,000 square meters, and with its state of the art technology it is constantly bringing innovation to the world of grappa taking quality to the highest levels.

Production is entirely on the distillery premises, pursuing the philosophy to conserve the purest quality of the grappa in each delicate phase, from fermenting the grape skins through to bottling the finished product.

This philosophy, based on tradition and innovation, is expressed through the scrupulous selection of the best quality raw materials, careful fermentation and distillation in alembics designed personally by the master distiller.

A new generation of grappa has been born under the name of Roberto Castagner, created for a connoisseur who is fascinated by the quality and pursuit of new emotions.

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