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Product category: Beaujolais


Deliberately teasing, cheerful, light fruity and very drinkable, it really delights the taste buds and caresses the palate.

On nose and mouth its taste is characterised by the charm of its fruits and fresh berry flavour, which reminds one of the recent harvest season.

This affable wine adds a little of happiness to each hour of the day.

This appellation covers 1100 hectares and produces an average of 750 000 Hectolitres per year of which 50% will be coming onto the market as Beaujolais Nouveau.

Nouveau Beaujolais
The Nouveau Beaujolais comes from the Beaujolais Gamay grape variety which goes through a short fermentation under controlled temperature with the full grape to preserve the flavour of the berries.

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Product category: Beaujolais

Rose Beaujolais

One night of maceration is enough to give birth to the Rosé Beaujolais.

It keeps its pale colour of dawn and its freshness of an early morning. Awakened, soft and delicate on the palate like a new day that begins.

Stemming from the Beaujolais Gamay Grape , this wine combines the suppleness of Rosé with the taste of Beaujolais’ fruits. Served chilled it goes excellently with light dishes.

This wine is cultivated with the same grape variety and the same soil as the Red Beaujolais.

At Pizay the Rosé is a press wine which passed maceration and pressing without bleeding.

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Product category: Beaujolais

Beaujolais Blanc

The Beaujolais Blanc is a rare treasure in Beaujolais and hard to find within the Pizay vineyards. This exquisitely delicate vintage is the prize piece of the Château.

Its luminous colour and subtle bouquet come as such a pleasant surprise, which makes you fall in love with, at first taste.

The Beaujolais Blanc represents less than 5% of the whole Beaujolais production.

The majority of Beaujolais Blanc is produced in the northern zone, near Mâconnais.

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About us

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Each year, the 75 hectares of vineyards that surround the château produce 5 very different wine :

An enticing Beaujolais red...
Deliberately teasing, cheerful, light, fruity and very drinkable, it really delights the taste buds and caresses the palate. This affable wine adds a little happiness to each hour of the day.

An enchanting Morgon...
The flagship of the vineyard, this full-bodied, robust and powerful wine is readily distinctive through the splendour of its garnet-red robe and strong personality allowing it to be kept for year upon year.

Régnié, the tenth vintage
Château de Pizay owns a share-cropping that produces archetypal wines which stand out thanks to their raspberry aromas.

A charming Beaujolais white...
This rare jewel in Beaujolais country, with its exquisite delicateness, is somewhat the hidden side of the Pizay vineyards, the gem of the Château. Its bright robe and subtle aroma are so unexpected that, from the very first moment, it is love at first sight...

Brouilly, Château de Saint-Lager
The fresh, young robe is graced by the sparkle of ruby. The nose is dominated by aromas of very ripe small fruit. Supple and tender, its appeal is in its opulent roundness.

The entire harvest is vinified, aged and bottled at the Château.

Since the Middle Ages the fine wines of the Château de Pizay have been appreciated by Beaujolais-lovers. Noble descendants of the aristocracy of selected Crus and vinified with every respect given to tradition, these wines are tasted all over the world.

The configuration of the site reminds one of an Roman villa and, indeed, there is an Roman road passing by.

In 1030 the name Pizay was mentioned for the first time in the charters of the Abbey of Cluny. In 1070, a surrounding wall was erected by the Lords of Pizay followed by a robust keep built in the 14th century.

A garden in the french style was added in the 18th century, completing the exquisite charm of the estate.

Since 1981 the estate is owned by the Societé Civile d’Exploitation du Château de Pizay, a subsidiary of the local funding agriculture insurance Groupama Rhône Alpes.

The Château includes a four-star hotel with 64 rooms and a gourmet restaurant. This is an ideal place to discover the charming pleasure of the Pays Beaujolais.

The estate covers 100 ha around the Château of which 50 ha are planted with grapevine. From a share-cropping in the neighborhood of Régnié-Durette comes the Régnié , 10th and last Cru of Beaujolais.

The purchase of the Château de Saint Lager in 1998, an estate of 8 ha situated on the famous hill of Brouilly, completes the range of refined wines with a fresh and pleasant Cru: the Brouilly Château de Saint Lager.


The whole production of the domain is sold in bottles. One third of the wine is purchased by private persons for their own consumption. A second third is sold to restaurants and fine wine merchants. The rest of the production is exported all over the world.

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