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Product category: Rum

Gosling's Rum

The history of Gosling's Rum and the Gosling family began long ago. In the spring of 1806 James Gosling, the oldest son of William Gosling, wine and spirits merchant, set out from England on the ship, Mercury, with £10,000 of merchandise, bound for America...

Gosling’s Black Seal rum 40% (80°) is an original recipe dating back to the mid 19th century. It has become synonymous with Bermuda. It’s the national drink and the island’s most widely exported product. A blend of aged rums distilled from
molasses, it is the key ingredient in Bermuda’s National drink, the Dark ’N Stormy®.

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Product category: Whiskey

Rebel Yell Bourbon

Since 1849, The “Rebel Yell” brand was created for Stitzel-Weller by Charles R. Farnsley (a former mayor of Louisville) around the 100th anniversary of the original Weller company, with the idea to distill it in limited batches for exclusive distribution in the southern United States.

Award winning recipe using only the purest Kentucky Limestonefiltered water and new charred white oak barrels for aging. The original timehonored recipe with a big, round body and full flavor.

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Product category: Whiskey

Ole Smoky Moonshine

A true moonshine experience. Ole Smoky’s Original Moonshine is an unaged corn whiskey made from corn grown by local farmers in East Tennessee. Our century-old recipe proclaims a grain bill of 80% corn, with the remaining 20% a secret that gives Ole Smoky the distinct character and bold flavor of Tennessee moonshine. If you like whiskey, you don’t want to miss this one. Best drank from the Jar!

Master distillers use only local ingredients, pristine Tennessee water and 100% real fruit juice. They take pride in their extensive line of small batch handcrafted Moonshine.

The Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery, “The Holler”, is America’s most visited distillery. #1 Moonshine in the world!

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Product category: Whiskey

Jefferson's Bourbon

Trey Zoeller, founder of Jefferson's Bourbon, continues a family legacy of distilling. Handcrafted in "very small batches", using traditional techniques, his bourbons appeal to novice and experts alike.

Very small batch bourbons are produces by skillfully marrying a selection of 8 to 12 barrels in various ages. It achieves the precision of a single-barrel bottling, while ensuring the complexity and the consistency expected by fine bourbon and rye aficionados.

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Product category: Whiskey

Knappogue Castle

Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey named after a beautiful 15th century castle built in 1497 by Sean MacNamara. In 1920’s, the castle was purchased and restored by Mark Edwin Andrews. In the 1960s, Andrews began buying casks of fine pot still whiskey from
the top distilleries in Ireland. He aged and bottled them under the Knappogue Castle label. His last batch of Knappogue 1951 is revered by connoisseurs as the oldest and rarest Irish whiskey.

Knappogue Castle is a superb single malt made exclusively from malted barley. Triple distilled one batch at a time in copper pot stills, the whiskey is the aged in bourbon oak casks for twelve years. The delicate distillation process, along with the moist and temperate Irish climate, yields the distinctive flavor of this special Irish single malt.

Previously, Knappogue Castle was vintage-dated and changed each year. Previous vintages included 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995. The 1951 Knappogue Castle is considered the oldest and rarestIrish Whiskey.

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Product category: Whiskey

Clontarf Irish Whiskey

Clontarf 1014 Irish Whiskey is named after the famous Battle of Clontarf in 1014. It uses only the most premium ingredients: barley, maize and the purest Irish spring water.

The blend is a combination of pot-stilled single malt whiskey (approximately 15%) and column-stilled grain whiskey.
Triple-distilled and filtered through Atlantic Oak charcoal to provide a pure, clean and distinctive taste. Aged for at least four years in charred oak bourbon casks. Smooth, approachable and mixable taste.

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Product category: Whiskey

Ezra Brooks Bourbon

Still bottled and aged the old fashioned way – in new charred American white oak barrels, Ezra Brooks is then charcoal filtered for an unmistakable, unforgettable mellow flavor.

Ezra Brooks is distilled using high quality corns and ingredients, employing very specific temperature control settings. Aged in charred white oak barrels, this genuine sour mash bourbon delivers a beautifully smooth flavor and finish.

This careful process ensures an exceptionally smooth and subtle taste that is pleasingly soft and balanced, and preferred by bourbon connoisseurs everywhere.

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Product category: Gin

Bluecoat American Gin

American Dry Gin, unique in flavour profile and unsurpassed in character. Five Times Distilled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. BLUECOAT American Dry Gin is craft distilled using organic juniper berries, giving it earthy, spicy juniper notes.When combined with
a proprietary blend of organic American citrus peels and other Organic Botanicals, the result is a gin with a flavour worthy of the term American Premium. Bluecoat’s innovative small batch, Micro Distilling Process calls for extremely slow heating of the
copper pot, allowing for Maximum Purity.

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Product category: Whiskey

Blood Oath Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

That every batch of Blood Oath is the undertaking of one man — a student of both bourbon and science. Loyal to no one family, favoring no one distillery and bound by no one philosophy – this bourbon connoisseur has one goal in mind – to seek out bourbons rare and wonderful, famous and forgotten. Then bottle them in combinations previously unimagined for a lucky few. Not to cater to anyone’s loyalties, he has sworn to never reveal where he finds his bourbon, but only to promise to choose and make the best he knows. Loose lips never tasted something so special.

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Product category: Whiskey

David Nicholson 1843

In the private back room of a grocery store on North 6th Street in St. Louis, Missouri,
unbeknownst to its forefather, a legacy was born. The store's owner, David Nicholson,
created the famed ‘43’ bourbon recipe. Little did he know that his recipe would be
passed on and passed down, remaining unaltered for almost two centuries. Still
possessing the outstanding character for which it earned its original popularity in 1843,
the David Nicholson legacy lives on unchanged, unfettered, and unmatched. An extraaged
‘ryed’ bourbon that provides full-bodied flavor and a distinct, spicy taste. Pour a
glass and taste the heritage.

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Product category: Whiskey

Bastille Handcrafted French Whisky

First hand-crafted Luxury French Whisky made in the Cognac region.  All grains (barley and wheat) are grown in France.
Born Out of a rich heritage, Bastille 1789 has taken many years to Jean-Marc Daucourt to distill a singular Whisky with a unique French "Savoir-Faire" and a perfect Balance.
After Bastille 1789 Blended Whisky Success, the master distiller wanted to offer a new taste experience for whisky conoisseurs introducing Bastille Single Malt Whisky.
Uses water from Gensac Spring, which has been filtered through Grand Champagne limestone.  Aged from 5 to 7 years.
Aged in three types of casks - in Limousin oak, traditionally used in best Bordeaux wines and cognac making and finished in acacia and cherry wood casks.

Bastille Single Malt Whisky is the result of a fine selection of malted spring Barley grown in the Northeast of France distilled with traditional and cutting edge techniques. Then, Bastille Single Malt is matured in various casks that previously contained prestigious eaux de vie and wines.
The perfect selection of each cask combined with the local Savoir-faire make Bastille Single Malt an exceptional whisky with a distinctive flavour profile. Amateurs of new taste sensations as well as whisky specialists will be charmed by its intriguing aromas of fruits, sweet spices and leather, finishing with a slight peaty-smoky note.

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About us

Company details

MAS is the independent global brand building and distribution partner for premium, crafted, authentic, distinctive and consumer relevant brands.

Founded by industry professionals who have more than 55 years combined international experience coming from all major players, such as Diageo, Bacardi and Pernod Ricard.

We believe a craft spirit revolution is sweeping the world and while celebrating and cherishing local authenticity, MAS is striving to provide Brand Owners with a global reach.

Working from a central warehouse for consolidation purposes, MAS today serves more than 70 activated markets across the world representing only the best authentic brands. A portfolio that can be made available from various warehouses across the world at a competitive price.

Brand building support, best practices and years of experience to help you grow the brands.

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